April 9, 2020
IoT powered Intelligent Retail

IoT powered Intelligent Retail

>>In today’s highly
competitive marketplace, grocery retailers strive to create a seamless
shopping experience that drives sales and builds loyalty with their customers. IoT connected devices
such as beacons, video cameras, digital signage,
and smart shelves, provide access to
huge amounts of new data on customer
activity and present more opportunities for
sophisticated insights and immersive
customer engagement. IoT data is used to track the effectiveness
of store layouts, exposure to promotions,
product interactions, and use of digital kiosks
and mobile apps. This data is analyzed
in real-time to create deep insights into
customer preferences and path to purchase. Digital assistants
allows customers to find the items on their list, interest them in new products and select promotions
to save money. And for marketers,
identifying customer desire, delivering curated content
to up sell and cross-sell, and measuring the success
of promotions has never been simpler and more accurate. IoT provides
service level metrics and enable store managers
to eliminate long queues, schedule staff efficiently through cognitive intelligence, and make sure
customer expectations are being met at every service
point in the store. IoT, revolutionizing
the retail experience.

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