March 28, 2020
#InvespCro Episode 8 : Create a conversion plan for your whole website

#InvespCro Episode 8 : Create a conversion plan for your whole website

Hi there Khalid Saleh here with another
conversion rate optimization minute today will continue talking about
creating conversion roadmap for your website and if you missed the first
video talking about conversion road maps please click over here to view it now
assuming that you determine the performance of different pages on your
website the performance for example if your homepage the performance of your
category pages if you’re an e-commerce one side or the performance of your
search result pages if you are an aggregator you the promise of your
article pages if you are a blog next we want to think about how visitors
navigate from one section of the website to the next year some key concepts that
you want to keep in mind not one final but many finals in order for you to
persuade visitors to convert an order for you to get that big yes the visitor
must go through a series of smaller funnels more yeses you need to gently
guide the visitors toured the conversion now and are free to do that you need to
anticipate and provide the visitors with what they need at the theater moves from
one final to the next she will need different pieces of information which
you have to provide true copy or design now the conversion but roadmap that
you’re creating for your website covers three to four months of testing do not
plan on doing anything longer than that some will cover the reason and later
videos now another point that I wanna keep in mind determine possible problem
areas at a high level your conversion plan will look something like this first death is going to be the homepage
focusing on the value proposition the second test will be my search result
pages focus on funds peers uncertainties and doubts 33rd test will be my
registration page focus on incentives fourth test is going to my product pages
focus on Prasanna remember this as a set this is not set in stone plan it’s rather dynamic document that
guides your testing process it is the compass of your conversion rate
optimization program so here’s your homework until our next video stop
putting together your composure roadmap put a test plan for the next three to
four months there a few more aspects about the
conversion roadmap which we are going to cover and our next videos but until next
time make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and happy testing

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