April 8, 2020
Introduction to FinTech | HKUx on edX

Introduction to FinTech | HKUx on edX

[MUSIC PLAYING] DOUGLAS ARNER: FinTech involves the use
of technology, particularly information technology, to transform
the way that finance is being done in global
markets, developing countries, and across startups and tech firms. HUY NGUYEN TRIEU: 20 years ago, IBM
spent $100 million to build Deep Blue, the supercomputer that
beat Garry Kasparov. This smartphone is more
powerful than Deep Blue. If you want to be in finance today,
you need to understand technology. HENRI ARSLANIAN: RegTech, short
for regulatory technology, may be a game changer, as it will
allow financial institutions to deal with compliance and regulatory
burdens, not only more effectively, but also more efficiently. ROSS BUCKLEY: flourishes
where the need is greatest. China leads the world in many regards. YueBao is a money market fund
enabled by FinTech in China. In nine months, it became the
fourth largest in the world. Now three years later, it
is the world’s largest. JANOS BARBERIS: Fintech has
evolved over three eras, from infrastructure to
banks with startups, entrepreneurs today are
building the B2B solution that will be powering the
financial system tomorrow. This course will be an illustration
of how this is happening today. NATALIE WONG: In the
future, finance will be about an experience, not a product. That’s why it’s important
for students today to understand how the
industry is changing, and that’s what this
course will be about. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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