April 1, 2020

53 thoughts on “Introducing App Maker

  1. I always thought that would be the next big thing : the democratization of developing apps. We're starting to get there.

  2. The possibilities for schools is tremendous! Very excited about this.. how can i get it now!?!? EAP's take so long!

  3. Google has a range of very useful resources. I have been using them both for my teaching and learning. Here is the latest example. Here I use google translate to provide Google Glossary in many Indian Languages

  4. When will this exactly be available? I am currently testing G Suite, in trial version and I am not able to to get into this.

  5. How do people wobble their heads back and forth? The people in this video can do it very well, I've been practicing for 6 months and I just can't do it!

  6. it's so bullshit. They will ask you to complete a lot of form, put your credit card before you can discover what stupid things they create. They are God and user should beg for 14 days trial.

  7. hmmm sir nice video we also gives best service At low prices

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  8. New to G Suite and excited to learn about this product and start to use it! Thanks Google! #google4Lyfe

  9. As a kid, we hope we will be able to access it for free. If Google is looking at this comment, please make it public. It really is a game changer:)

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