April 7, 2020
Introducción al community management – Curso online de Ana Marin

Introducción al community management – Curso online de Ana Marin

Hi, I’m Ana Marin and I’m the digital director
of McCann Mexico. I coordinate
social media managers across Latin American at McCann, plus, I’m on the management committee. I’ve won awards at competitions
like the Effies, Círculo Creativo and the Festival Iberoamericano
de Social Media. My job consists of
integrating technology and digital contact points
in brand strategies, either using platforms
like Facebook and YouTube or designing totally new tools. Social media is a window
that lets us see what’s happening globally in real-time and understanding this leads you to
come up with culturally relevant ideas. In this Domestika course, you’ll learn all of the skills
that you need to work as a community manager, either for an agency or independently. As a final project, you’ll do
a complete assessment of a brand’s digital presence, plus, a content plan that meets your consumers needs. I’ll share some of the online accounts
that inspire me the most and some books that have helped me
to understand human behavior. I’ll explain
what a community manager is, what kind of work they can do
and what the teams behind brand’s social networks are like. After we’ll see how Google
ranks content and I’ll explain what
Evergreen content is. I’ll teach you to get to know
and analyze your competition, how to find the conversations
surrounding your brand and from all of this we’ll create
a Gap analysis. After, we’re going to learn
to plan a content calendar, we’ll see
how to take advantage of opportunities in real-time
for your brand’s good and on top of that, we’ll learn
to create and curate content. Later, we’ll go in and see how social media management tools work,
how you can anticipate a crisis, and lastly, I’ll give you
some security recommendations. After this course, you’ll know everything you need
to work with social media and become a key piece
on a brand’s creative team. This course is for those
who want to learn how to use social media as a part of a brand’s
business strategy. To take this course,
you don’t need any prior knowledge, you just need to be interested in
social media, understand people and be really curious. Introduction to Community Management
A course by Ana Marin Sign up at Domestika.org Create. Share. Learn.

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  1. Muy útil, quiero aprovechar estas tendencias para innovar con mis competencias, creando el plan de contenido. Gracias 🌻 Gracias 🌻 Gracias 🌻. Aprender a manejar las analíticas y gestionar herramientas.

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