April 1, 2020
Interview:  Build in Amsterdam wins eCommerce Site of the Year at Awwwards London

Interview: Build in Amsterdam wins eCommerce Site of the Year at Awwwards London

I’m Daan Klaver, I’m Creative Director and co-founder of Build in Amsterdam, it’s a strategy, branding and e-commerce company based in Amsterdam. I co-founded the company now four years ago, together with Tim Weers, and yeah ever since it’s going really well It’s great of course, you’re always gonna say when it’s when your own company, but I think we’ve built a great culture together, that’s I think the part we’re most proud of, like how the people interact with each other, and that they’re not only colleagues but also friends, we’ve got a really nice international team and it’s just great to see them still hanging out in private time as well, and besides the the level of work they make is so amazing it’s so cool to see, so yeah. like I said we do strategy, branding and eCommerce, so we tend to do those types of projects, and we did the strategic part its part to build the identity with, in the identity will extend to ecommerce platforms, what we do is we try to make really brand experience, so from every touch point for the consumer that you gave the same experience. I think that one of the most important tools is just having a pencil and a piece of paper, ‘cos I think it’s always very refreshing not to look at your screen, and just to come up with ideas, not sitting behind a computer, can even be taking a shower, these type of things, I think the best ideas come when you’re not looking at a screen. Besides that of course with we are using all the normal Adobe programs like everybody’s using. That’s an interesting thing, I think you really have to take a good look on every device on itself, and what are the needs of the consumer and the customer the client itself and really make it tailor-made for every device, so it is the same website, but maybe you have to minimize the content or extend the content or the information, so that’s the way we tend to look at it. We’re working now on, we’re actually doing quite a nice project on project with with data and with, I think we’re really analyzing the data now from how people interact with the websites, but that’s only on that side but also now with the wearables like the smart watches and those type of things, you can get lot of data out of that and people like to monitor those kind of things, so for example we have a project now where it’s a slim method so people have to try to get lose some weight, and we have a scale and that is connected to the website and Yap and people can read then all of the information that the scale gets, so it’s your weight but also your percentage how the way things are going, and with that, we can – you get foods, how do you say that? a food schedule and it’s it’s really tailor made for you, and you can even get a shopping list out of the food that you need to eat that week, so these types of things are very interesting For inspiration I think you can get that everywhere and that’s also that’s truly how we get inspiration we can get it like I said you can even get inspiration just by wondering off under the shower, but it’s also just walking the streets even being here in London this week, you know it’s such a new experience you’re getting, but it’s also looking at Awwwards and looking at the other websites, just to get all the inspiration from, but also the the more traditional print media like they’re there around already for decades and decades and they that’s still what we can learn a lot from and try to implement that into the web. Yeah I think that’s a pretty hard one, of course you’re gonna say VR that of the type of stuff and of course it’s gonna be bigger and bigger, but I think also trends are slowing down abit, ‘cos if you also look back if when the iPhone was introduced and the iPad, things changed very rapidly, we all saw new possibilities and other type of stuff for web design and I think that now the last few years things are slowing down a bit, but the website are getting better it’s getting settled and I think it’s better for the experiences, so we’re still growing altogether we’re just growing like new technology was going a bit slower and I think that’s for the design part it’s good. Yeah for us it did alot, because just getting all the exposure that the Awwwards gives you and it helps on the client side, we suddenly, not suddenly now for a few years we work for clients abroad, I don’t know if we would have reached them that quickly otherwise, so we can now we’re really an international company international client base but also the the people that work for us, it’s a really international team and they all find us through Awwwards so it’s done an amazing job for us.

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