April 7, 2020

47 thoughts on “Interstitial Ad Best Practices – Mobile Ads Garage #5

  1. to mobile ads garage with honour…. just wonder… which is the correct step… is it… upload an app to google play (for the first),… and wait until the apps is indexed or familiar by user…… then request an interstitial code (for the second)…. and then re-upload the app (unpublish the first app)??? …. or when some app is ready… then request an ads…. and then upload it to the play store???? ……thank you… and appologize for my dummy questions

  2. DON'T USE AdMob! After years of quite good numbers this happened few weeks ago: banner's match rate at 40%, fullscreen at 80%, ridiculous RPM and NO SUPPORT AT ALL!!!

  3. system_process W/ActivityManager: Duplicate finish request for ActivityRecord{c564e48 u0 lawinmyhand.ipcindianpenalcode/com.google.android.gms.ads.AdActivity t222 f}

  4. Sir, I used your method when interstitial ad is ready, i show them to the user, but now ads click rate are reduced almost from 30 to 3 clicks per day, before i was using onAdload overrided function to show ads, there i got more clicks and revenue, plz give me some advice how can i earn revenue now, as banners are not making good money, after that problem i was earning from native express which was pretty good, but now it is depreciated too.

  5. Click on list item to play radio in background after clicked should intertial ads and in the bottom of the activitie click pause button to stop radio then show intertial ads,is this correc

  6. How exactly does the goToNextActivity() work onAdClosed? The user can click any of the 10 buttons and each button loads a different activity
    I have 5 buttons in main activity on clicking button ad appears. onAdclosed I want to start the clicked link(activity)
    please help me I have searched all google but not found any answer.. Please Please help.

  7. Nice video…..but I am still confused where to put ads in a browser app can you please help me putting ads in my browser app?

  8. Sir I have a own app which name is Twitbook. Sir but there have a problem the problem about google admob.
    Sir admob ads do not show on my app no banner no interstitial.Please help me to solved my problem

  9. can i put interstitial after one button click means after an action when there are no more action sudenly

  10. I want to place ads in between activity1 and activity2! So, which is the best place? when activity one end? or when activity two starts just called and not load?

    Please guide me guys with this if anyone has a proper answer for this.

  11. That is nice, I really like how you edited yourself to look like twins.

    The guideline was very well understood.

    But I have a problem that I did configure well my App and placed it well they should be but sometimes the ads are not showing kindly help me.
    My App has more than 500 hundred users but I can't make even &1 in a day.
    Can you help me how? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wapo.radio

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