April 2, 2020
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Mistake number 1: Analysis Paralysis You do want to get started you know a lot
of people including myself get analysis paralysis and what that means is you already start to think about all the
challenges that you may face before you even get started and then you already get
overwhelmed and you already get burnt out and you haven’t done anything right
yet even put up a website – you haven’t even created a strategy – you know so you
say I got to do this, aww all is too hard let me not do it. I would say the first
mistake that people make is … they don’t get started. If you have an idea … implement it, and then build from there. Mistake number 2: Getting Rich Quick Mentality They think it’s a get rich quick scheme
and it’s not. I mean you can’t just put up an affiliate site and expect to make
money overnight. You need to promote that site you need to have constant new
content all of the time you need to promote your site. And it’s not as easy
as when I started people wanted work at home like I did and back in 1998 I didn’t
have a lot of competition, now I have a ton of competition so I’ve also had to
diversify. I don’t put all my eggs in one basket … and I monetize my cites several
different ways now. Mistake number 3: Isolating Yourself Not making connections. I really think it’s networking. If you don’t talk, you don’t understand how the industry’s growing, you don’t understand
where it’s going or what you need to do to be successful and you do that by talking to
other people and seeing where they are successful and learning from their mistakes
and their failures – and if your closed off and you’re not using those tools and
that knowledge, it’s only your short coming at that point. Mistake number 4: Not Tracking Analytics Properly The most common mistake I would say is they don’t do proper tracking. This industry is – when you go and walk the show floor, basically, all you hear is … drive traffic to the offer and make money. Well unfortunately, the majority of the people who drive traffic to an offer do not make money. You don’t make money – because that’s just the way it is. I mean that you’ll get the You will get the occasional rare situation that I actually came ahead – but yeah it generally will require you to tweak the offer Changing the copy. Changing the offer. Just changing color – until you get over the hump … where you actually profitable. But you
don’t know the mistake of making on this unless you able to track the response to everything.
Of all things I do, yes tracking and analyzing the numbers is probably the
biggest in terms of increasing the bottom line. Mistake Number 5: Being Overly Promotional Be overly promotional – a lot of affiliates,
they are just selling selling selling instead of being helpful to the audience.
Now I am not saying to people who sell don’t make money – I just don’t see them
making money over the long run. So it may be good like the first-year second-year
but then it slowly dies down. But those people that I’ve known who have stuck around the industry you know the last 7, 8 10 years are the ones who have been
constantly adding value and they’re recommending the products – not necessarily
just selling selling selling, all the time. Mistake number 6: Not Focusing On Value What makes me sad about the affiliate world is there’s not enough people focused on value. I used in my presentation: Why
would my mom come to this website? What what makes your website, what makes your App better than other apps? How do you add value to the customer? Ultimately you want wealth to be some kind of
indicator of the value-added and so in the affiliate space don’t try to trick anyone. Please nothing shady … just try to add value. Why
would a customer want to use this? Is it because you write glowing reviews of
products that don’t have reviews about them do you have coupons that give
instructions on how to stack them that adds a lot of value to the customer. Figure out how you add value to the
customer and you have enough customers … you will figure out how to monetize it, that’s for sure. Keep it real? Yes, Keep it real! Mistake number 7: Selling Before Connecting A lot of people are looking for
information and the sales funnel is big and sometimes can be long it’s great
when you can find somebody who’s ready to buy but a lot of times people are
researching a product so if you can provide really good information and help them through that process you know by collecting their email and creating some
kind of relationship sometimes … what common right now is you can
very easily put up instant chat and push offers to people on your site and
there’s so many different ways do this now. To engage and have people feel
like you’re helping them and that there’s a true relationship there are
more likely to buy from you and convert that sale … when they are ready to buy.
You never want to force it. You want people to be really happy and to be learning
something through the process. You want to be answering their questions
and helping their pain. Mistake number 8: Not Looking Out For Your Partners As an advertiser I was approving
affiliates that we’re just kind of thin affiliates. That’s a new term that I learned
which they don’t have a lot of content they just were like coupon sites – things like that.
And also I wasn’t doing a lot of newsletters or engaging them and telling
them how they can become better affiliates. And now have a lot of information that I
will probably share over many newsletters I mean I have enough
information to share probably six newsletters worth of content with my
affiliate then hopefully make them better which will make the company
better and get us more leads. Mistake number 9: Selling without Solving A common mistake is that people think that they should
sell instead of offer a solution. So they look at the product – they don’t look at
the solution provider or the solution that they’re going to provide because
the product that people think that they have. If you think that my dog bed is
going to be the ‘Rocking” dog bed that you want. Well maybe you’re looking for something
for your arthritic dog – that’s different than selling them a dog bed. It’s totally 2 different levels. and I think affiliates, the problem with affiliates and affiliate marketers is that they’re looking for: “How many sales can I do for that dog bed?” Not if I do this person a
favor by finding them the right dog bed – and they have 20,000 Twitter followers – I can
then get how many more sales? That makes so much more of a difference then can i sell this one dog bed. HUGE difference! Mistake number 10: Trying To Do Everything For Free When your new, generally
speaking you’re not well-funded. When you get started, I don’t know too many people
to start in the industry with $100,000 sitting around ready to invest in
campaigns and software. So a lot of people will try to go online and a forum
start asking – What’s the best way to get free traffic? Well I promise you there’s
no such thing as true free traffic. If its SEO traffic – well eventually, yes it’s
free after you log in countless hours of dedicated yourself to optimization
strategies for your SEO model. That is the biggest hurdle. Being
okay with taking the risk of spending few thousand dollars to get started. Even if
the few hundred I mean you can get things going in some aspect or another –
and run a $10 a day Facebook campaign to a funnel you built out out just to catch your email needs.
It doesn’t have to be that intensive with spending money right off the bat. We just have
the idea in mind that you’re going to have to to get some investment in here. Produced by MilestoneVideo.com

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  1. If you have any other mistakes that you feel were left out, please add them here to the comments.  Thank you.

  2. #12 – Going from Opportunity to Opportunity to Opportunity…. 

    A lot of internet marketers fall victim to the Shiny Object Syndrome!

    Don't let this happen to you!

    When you found a good online business, stick to it untill you make money with it, and don't let yourself seduce by the next shiny object just because it takes 'too long' to build your business.

    A quality online business is NOT  a "Get-Rich-Quick Scheme"!

  3. I really appreciate the info,however, I'm brand new and totally ignorant to the process, but I will become successful at this.
    Anyone n the 33884 area code willing to help please contact me: [email protected]

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