March 28, 2020
Internet marketing and ecommerce with Tom Antion Part Three

Internet marketing and ecommerce with Tom Antion Part Three

Jeff: Hi, welcome back. I have with me today, Tom Antion. Heís an Internet multimillionaire teaching
us how to do what heís doing. So Tom, as we went into the last break, we
had the next trivia question which was, ìHow can somebody get a number one ranking on Google
in less than 30 minutes? It seems impossible. Tom: Well, no. Again, it sounds like itís crazy but itís
a field called pay-per-click search engines. So Google, you know when you search for something,
you see on the right side, it says ësponsored adsí? Jeff: Right. Tom: Well someone has bid on the keyword that
applies to their business. And when somebody clicks on it, pay-per-click,
they pay whatever they agreed to, to Google. So you can bid and as long as youíre willing
to bid higher than somebody else, you can be right at the top in about 30 minutes. Now, this isnít always the best thing in
the world because you might have a crappy website that doesnít sell them when they
get there. So you have to learn a lot but you can easily
be at the top and driving targeted traffic. And boom! Thirty minutes or less. Jeff: Now do most people, in your opinion,
they have a shopping cart? Is it a good one or a bad one? What do you think? Tom: Jeff, are we censored on this show? Itís a piece of crap! It has to be a piece of crap. It was probably given to them for free by
their web host or their merchant account just to try to get their business. Both entities, I might add, never made a nickel
selling anything on the Internet. So no, Iím the first one to tell you when
free stuff is good, this ainít it. Your shopping cart should upsell people. It should sell more for you. In other words, I offer you one product and
you buy it. It says, ìHey, you ought to buy this one
too.î And you say, ìYeah, heís right. I should!î And then you make more money that
way. It should follow up automatically with what
we call sequential auto responders. All my customer service is taken care of automatically. It should have multiple personalized Emails
that you can send without being a PhD. In the old days, it used to take me three
hours to send an Email, now a couple keystrokes. This is not where you scrimp. And over at the site that theyíre going to
go to, we got a whole bunch of extra free videos on that and a downloadable eBook they
can read all about what their shopping cart should have. Jeff: Okay, now what about being an author. How can you be a published author on the Internet
and not even write the book? You told me about that, so explain it. Tom: Well, thereís a think called ghost writers. And these are people — I donít want to step
on any toes. But theyíre dime a dozen. You can go on places like,
which is like freelance but itís on the Internet. So itís People will bid. Theyíll beg to write your stuff for you with
no royalties, no ghost writing credit. We pay five bucks. At a previous segment, I told you to write
an article? Forget writing the article. Five bucks, you can have an article on any
topic on earth with keywords in it, under your name, totally customized. I never paid more than $275 for an eBook,
never wrote a word in them, sell them, theyíre bringing in $30000, $40000 a year, for years
now. Never wrote a word, perfectly legitimate. You come up with the idea, somebody will put
it on paper for you. Hey, itís not even on paper. Youíre just selling electrons. But if you get real good at it Jeff, weíll
allow you to sell protons. Now, thatís an advanced course. Jeff: Okay. Now if somebody sends out promotional Emails
Tom, is that really considered spam? Tom: Well it depends. If the person that youíre sending it to has
asked you to send them Emails, youíre totally cool. Nothing that I teach has anything to do with
spam. If somebody has signed up or what we call
ëopted-iní then you are totally cool to send them whatever they expect without repercussions. However, when you get into big numbers, I
have over a hundred thousand subscribers as we tape this. Thereís going to be weirdos on there that
claim youíre a spammer even though youíre not. So you have to keep good records. Itís all electronic, no problems with spam. Jeff: Now, is it true Tom that people need
to have a really expensive website to make it good or make them earn money? Tom: If I have to come to their house after
watching this with a baseball bat and beat them senseless. No, absolutely not. I have a website that six years ago, it cost
650 bucks. Today, it would only cost 50 bucks. Itís been number one, two, or three on Google. It got ëBest of the Webí in Inc. Magazine. And do you know what the panel CEO said and
why it gave me higher ranking than these three other million dollar websites? This is why CEOís hate me too because I tell
them what morons they are for spending a million on what I can do for fifty bucks. This panel CEO said, ìWell, this site was
easy to get around and we could find what we wanted fast.î Thatís all they cared about. In fact, I tore this out. I wonít read the names on this. I tore this out of the airline magazine. I flew down here. Itís the 10 Best Web Design Firms and itís
got some kind of rating criteria. They have all these taglines that they’re
talking about of what they do for you, not one of them says making money. They donít care about making money. They want to make money off of you buying
bunch of crap. Jeff: Right. Now Tom, the last question I have for you
before this is over is tell us about your Internet Retreat Center, because I know thatís
pretty unique. Tom: Well, I love to do things that nobody
has ever done before so I created a situation. I have one of the biggest — well youíve
been there. Youíve seen this place. This is a big mansion, one of the biggest
in Virginia Beach, and people come in from all over the world and study with me in an
environment where they see all the little nuances. Yeah, Iím giving you the rahÖrahÖnow, but
thereís a lot of little details that you need to learn. So theyíre with me over the course of a year
and they come in and visit the Retreat Center. We have a theatre and a pool, and tennis courts
and all this stuff. But they sit right in my office with me and
learn all the details they need to know to totally change their life from going to work,
to making big money on the Internet. Jeff: And why? Explain to people why thatís such a big deal. Why is it a real benefit to actually be there
watching you do it? Tom: Well because if you see somebody in a
speech or you get a home study course, all of that is good. But when you can actually be there with the
Master, seeing the little nuances that never make it in to any of these big courses or
any of these rahÖrahÖ speeches, thatís when you can really refine your technique
and learn what they know. Plus, Iím with the people over the course
of a year, in what we call a joint venture program. So I get a little piece of their action, not
forever because I donít want to get married to them. I want to get paid for helping them become
Internet experts. So itís a great program and theyíll see
probably a video of it when they visit the site. Jeff: Thatís one of the other treats too,
is being able to actually watch somebody do it, look over your shoulder in essence. ìThis is what I do and hereís how Iím making
money. Hereís where I make my money every day.î
And you actually prove it to people there, right? Tom: Not only that. As theyíre doing their work, Iím critiquing
it. Thatís the highest level training they can
possibly get and they can make very rapid progress. We have a whole team of little propeller heads. I call them propeller heads and techno geeks. Theyíre like little roaches running around. They know how to run the computers and do
all this stuff. So by the time they leave, theyíve made enormous
gains in their careers. Jeff: Thatís great Tom. I appreciate you being on today. Will you come on again and tell us whatís
going on with you? Tom: Hey, Iím waiting. Iím ready. Letís do it again right now. Jeff: Thanks Tom, I appreciate it. Now if youíre ready to start making money
on the Internet by learning from one of the worldís leading experts, then you can go
to When you go to this website, youíll get 40
different free videos that you can watch right now on your computer. Youíll receive over 100 resources youíll
need to know about if you want to be successful on the Internet. Youíll see samples of all the kinds of websites
Tom uses. Youíll get a complete listing and explanation
of all the possible streams of Internet income, and you can register for a free Internet marketing
mini course. Tom is an expert at teaching you how to make
money on the Internet. I know it because Iíve attended one of his
seminars and Iíve been to Tomís Retreat Center and heard his computer go ka-ching
all day long. Iíve personally been coached by Tom. He is the real deal. Take the first step now to making money on
the Internet by going to the website at the bottom of the screen. I want to thank you for watching this edition
of Leading Experts. Have a great day. Narrator: For information on becoming a guest
on this show, please call Dr. Jeff Hockings.

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