March 29, 2020
Internet marketing and ecommerce with Tom Antion Part One

Internet marketing and ecommerce with Tom Antion Part One

Jeff: Welcome to this edition of Leading Experts. Iím Dr. Jeff Hockings. Today weíre going to be discussing how you
can earn an enormous income either part time or full time, on the Internet with one of
the countryís leading experts. If you want to learn strategies that could
help you tell your boss to take this job and shove it because you have real money coming
in to your computer, then you better stay tuned. This show is going to blow you away. Narrator: Welcome to this edition of Leading
Experts. Leading Experts is informative and exciting. Leading Experts interviews authors, speakers
and entrepreneurs in all areas of business so you become a much more informed consumer. Now, hereís the host of Leading Experts,
Dr. Jeff Hockings. Jeff: Welcome back. Iím Dr. Jeff Hockings and you’re watching
Leading Experts. Iím very fortunate to have with me today,
Tom Antion who is an internationally known author, speaker, and Internet marketing expert
who has personally sold millions of dollars in products and services over the Internet. Even though Tom is an author, he does not
give book reports. Tom will be telling you the exact techniques
he uses to make his computer go ëka-chingí. Tom has been featured on the Australian Broadcast
Network, the Canadian Broadcast Network, and the Tokyo Today show along with hundreds of
radio and TV shows worldwide. Heís the author of The Ultimate Guide to
Electronic Marketing for Small Business, and the founder of the infamous Butt Camp Seminars,
where youíll learn how to make money sitting on your rear end in front of your computer. Tomís Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center
is the only facility of its kind in the world where people actually live with Tom for a
long weekend while studying Internet marketing in the lap of luxury. Tom, welcome to the show. Tom: Jeff, I am thrilled to be here with you
and Iím especially thrilled to be out of that scorching heat you brought me into for
coming out here. Jeff: Hey, weíre in a nice place. Tom: Itís gorgeous. I love it. Jeff: Now first thing I want you to tell people
watching is what is it you want them to know? Tom: Well, the first thing, Jeff, is there
is a whole legion of people around the world selling things from their home over the Internet. This is not hocus-pocus. Itís not get-rich-quick. Itís not any kind of magic. Itís simply learning the techniques needed
to learn how to use the Internet. We all use it everyday but very few of us
use it to make money. And I want them to know they cannot be doing
what theyíre doing anymore. They can be selling stuff and enjoying life
right from their home office. Jeff: We talked before the show, Tom. You told me that you actually have nine different
revenue sources coming in to your home from your computer. Is that what they like to call the multiple
streams of income? Tom: Well, thatís right, Jeff. Weíre going to discuss quite a few of them
today so I want your listeners and your viewers to have sharp pencils because I donít play
around. Iím going to give you exact websites to go
to and great things that youíll be able to, as soon as this show is over, run to your
computer and check out. But we have nine revenue sources. A couple of them, obviously one is direct
sales. I create a product or I have a product and
I sell it to you directly. Thatís just one. Another one would be, and this is a very powerful
one, affiliate sales. This means that I recommend something to you
that somebody else sells you and I get a commission from that third party. Now this is very cool and Iím going to go
into that more in-depth later. But thereís about nine of them that we have
coming in to the computer and it is just awesome when you hear that ka-ching go off. In fact, weíre going to get a ka-ching going
on in here somewhere. I know these techno people back here can make
a ka-ching go off, but weíre going to have a ka-ching go off to see what happens every
time an order comes in to my computer. Jeff: Now, how can somebody — youíve told
me this before too, that you can actually get somebody and teach them how to make money
on their computer in less than two days. How can that happen? Tom: Itís actually faster than that. That brings up another one of our other revenue
streams which is eBay. Now this is just one portion of our entire
business, but you cannot ignore eBay if youíre a savvy marketer because eBay has got 160
million registered users. Forty thousand more a day sign up for eBay. Jeff: Wow! Tom: So not only do we make direct sales on
eBay, itís a lead generator. I get people, probably about 100 to 150 new
customers a month that then get exposed to all my other expensive stuff. So eBay is a way. In two days, you can click the sell button
and theyíll give you a whole course on it. And you can clean out your basement at the
same time. Jeff: Okay, now you also told me that you
can actually teach somebody how to make about $43,000 a year with only spending $15 on a
website. Tell us about that. Tom: Now, youíve got to admit Jeff, this
sounds like hocus-pocus, doesnít it? Well Iím going to show you a website here. I have a website called Now look he laughs because itís a sad subject
but people need help with this. Straighten up there, Jeff! And this is the whole legion of things called
information products. Very low risk, very high return. So we have a whole bunch of sites that cost
maybe $15 or $20 to create but they sell an information product. In this case, itís an eBook. They download it directly because you know
funerals come up fast, people are distraught and they need help quickly. They download it to their computer, I get
a ka-ching coming to my mailbox, theyíre reading the book and doing a wonderful eulogy. Everybodyís happy. Thatís just one, I have lots of examples. But one in particular I want to tell you about
and this brings up these pink placemats I brought here for you. Everything is pink today. My shirt is pink, this is pink, I even got
a pink cell phone, the new Razr cell phone to promote a new website called, Jeff: Tell me the story behind that. Tom: Okay, hereís the story behind the poodle. The reason I bring this up is because ideas
for websites can come from anywhere. So we have a Bichon Frise dog. Itís a little white dog and people are always
saying, ìOh, what a cute Poodle you have.î Well itís not a Poodle, itís a Bichon and
the dog is getting a complex over this because everybodyís calling him a Poodle. So we created a line of T-shirts, and Iíll
show you. I brought one here for you today. The dog wears it and it says, ìI am NOT a
Poodle.î People know that the dog is not a Poodle now and saves us all the doggy psychiatrists
and everything. Actually, weíre expanding the site and I
brought a T-shirt for you Jeff. This is, ìMy Bichon is smarter than your
honor roll student.î This is for the owners of Bichons and hereís your personal copy
of it. Jeff: Thanks so much, Tom. Tom: But hereís the lesson learned Jeff. You get a passionate market that has money. Donít go try to be success for the whole
world. You canít advertise on the side of every
bus in America like some of these big companies. But you can clean up on little websites that
fill a need. Now this is a passionate market, Bichon owners
love their dogs, and they have money. This is not a cheap dog to have. I have a whole bunch of stuff on golf sites. We might show a golf site here in a minute. I donít like golf, I hate golf. Unless they have people out there holding
the club for me and an Internet access, I donít want to go on a golf course. People are crazy about golf, so we have a
whole conglomerate of sites selling stuff to people that are crazy about golf. So, these sites only cost $20, $15 to develop,
and thatís how you can bring in an enormous cash flow. This site alone will probably do about $5,000
to $10,000 a month just part time, as a little throw away side business. You can have this for your cat if you donít
have a Bichon. There you go. Jeff: Thank you, thank you. Now you also said that you actually have things
going on, revenue sources where you couldnít turn them off if you tried. So, how does that work? Tom: This is what I really want the viewers
to think about. What if you could say, ìI couldnít stop
the money coming into my checking account if I tried.î What would that mean to their
families? Thatís the way I live my life because Iíve
built things on the Internet. This is not hocus-pocus. This is what we call a residual affiliate
program. Let me give you an example. Letís say, you have a product or a service
and I recommend it to Joe over here. And Joe buys your product or service, and
you give me a commission. Thatís the standard affiliate. But letís say, Jeff, that Joe buys it again
next month. Letís say you have an herbal supplement company
or a tape of the month, or something thatís ongoing. So Joe buys it again and you send me another
commission. I only sold it to Joe once. I only recommended it once but it keeps coming. An enormous amount of money comes into my
business from those types of deals. That can take you from working for a living,
to sitting home and enjoying time with your family, taking vacations just from that one
idea alone, residual affiliate programs. So I want them to get their pencils, big star,
underline residual affiliate programs, how you could make money come in and it couldnít
stop if you tried.

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