April 9, 2020
Instagram Posts for Business (10 IDEAS TO STEAL)

Instagram Posts for Business (10 IDEAS TO STEAL)

I feel like you never know what to say
about your business on Instagram make sure you watch until the end so you can
have a whole Bank of Instagram content that I’ve created specifically to help
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every Wednesday hey there I’m Emma Natter and I help
creatives beat the business odds to create their own success I know how
defeating it can feel to know that what you have to say is important and
literally have no idea how to do it even my biggest clients always ask me what to
post on their Instagram so today I’m going to give you ten of my best
business ideas you can steal so you can always have incredible content now as we
go through these ideas you have to be focusing the entire time on this one
goal or it doesn’t matter what you post it’s not going to connect with your
audience the way you want to hear it is how can I help my audience I know you’ve
heard this before but stick with me the ideal outcome from a piece of your
content comes into three levels that I like to think about and our ideal is to
get to level three so the first is someone reads it and they feel wow I’m
so glad I read that today that really helps me to be able to blank number two
is that they save you the last thing but they actually say it in a comment or
they DM you or they’re so excited or inspired by your content that they share
it themselves either by tagging someone in the comments or sharing it on their
Instagram story so let’s get into the ideas number one tell a story about why
you do what you do there’s a reason each of us decided to
start the business we decided to start there are key moments in our lives that
have led up to the point where we made that choice whether it was learning how
to develop film in a dark room in high school or talking through countless
problems with a good friend that helped you decide to be a therapist we’re
seeing the waterlilies in the Arashi that made you want to be a painter tell
the story tell it vividly and at the end ask a question to relate it back to them
so it’s not all about you when you make it all about you it’s a total snoozefest
for anyone but your mom number two demonstrate a particular feature of one
of your offers all of these ideas work for Instagram posts and Instagram
stories so find ways to use them for both but
one is especially fun for either poster stories if you have a physical product I
will literally demonstrate it if you sell deodorant I am not joking speed up
a video of you putting a deodorant on smelling your pits smelling the shirt
you were wearing all of that the first product I sold was a styling surface for
photographers to create their flat leis on and every week I would demonstrate
new fun ways to style those flyaways almost every time I did that I’d have
new sales and new inquiries come in about that product so this is huge to be
able to do this well if you’re a service like a life coach the way you can
demonstrate a particular feature of your offer is to just share one small part of
your life coaching maybe you tell all of your clients to
use affirmations so you can teach about affirmations and then give four to five
examples for people to try out and they demonstrate up on themselves so comment
below with what kind of service or product do you offer so you can meet
like-minded professionals in your niche number three
show a before and after repeat after me there are a few things people love more
than a transformation why do you think people cry at the end of every queer eye
episode or any of those makeover shows it’s because people can’t get enough
I’ve seen a big change they love seeing the before and after side by side so
that they can compare and be amazed and especially if you have a picture to show
people can judge so much more quickly the value of your offer you could show
someone’s old headshot compared to their new one or you can show what used to be
someone’s quick meal maybe a freezer microwave meal compared with their new
quick meal which would be your beautifully made healthy recipe if you
were a food blogger you could show what their old website looks like compared to
their new their old branding compared with their new their skin using their
old face wash compared with their new their body three months ago compared
with now after using your face program but even beyond that if you’re in the
world of creating transformations that people might not be able to totally see
like if you’re coaching or therapy or copywriting you could write out what
people thought beforehand and what they think now what they used to think about
themselves their body their business the world and how they feel now number four
give it a teaser of you’re creating next as an audience
there’s nothing more frustratingly fun than being teased about something that’s
coming up to know that there’s something in the works there’s some greater plan
that’s coming up that you know is happening but you don’t know what it is
and storytelling this is called a cliffhanger thriller movies and books
are incredible at this when I read Dan Brown’s books I literally had to put the
book down in between chapters on purpose because every time I think I’ll just
finish this chapter and then go to bed then something crazy would happen right
at the end of that chapter so I’d be up until like 4:00 a.m. reading so you can
have cliffhangers in your business too showing previews of your new collection
or ingredients you read going to use or a new recipe for your recipe book coming
out you could show a new shipment of things coming in or behind the scenes of
a new kind of session you’re going to offer or a new product just giving a
little taste and then saying they have to wait people are going to be so
excited to figure out when they can buy that new thing number five a day in the
life slash behind the scenes one of the best things about Instagram as a
platform is that it has the ability to create intimate connections with people
in real time if you were on other platforms like YouTube Pinterest or even
your website it’s a little removed because your audience knows it wasn’t
created with the same immediacy as Instagram so let Instagram do what it
does best create that day in the life and behind the scenes content so you
could take them on a tour of where you work or what your work day is like or
what your process is like or fun outing you’re going on let them see what it
looks like behind the scenes in Instagram stories you can literally take
them on a tour on a post it’s more likely that you’ll have a picture of you
or a picture of behind the scenes and then you’ll write a story about what
it’s like behind the scenes or your day in the life
Instagram stories is where it’s at for engagement in 2019 if you want to learn
all of my best ideas for organic Instagram growth specifically for 2019
definitely watch that video next so I can teach you how to quickly grow from 0
to 10 K followers fast number six show your favorite tools and research
says people want to know what you’re using to get great results this is easy
to come up with if you’re a business because you probably see it often from
the people that you choose to follow but if you so if you’re teaching other
ceramic artists you can show them your favorite sponges and place to store your
clay and ways to fry your pieces if you’re a photographer teaching other
photographers you can talk about your lenses and your camera body but I
promise this isn’t just for businesses serving businesses if you’re a baker
selling cookies talk about the best plate to serve your cookies on and the
best way to warm them up in the microwave or oven talk about what milk
tastes best with your cookies I’m serious people love this stuff and
they’ll eat it up if you’re a painter talk about your favorite frames and the
best hooks to put on the wall to hang your paintings if you’re a calligrapher
talk about your favorite online tools to keep track of who has RSVP’d and who
hasn’t number seven teach about your service or product have you ever had
someone ask you so how would I use your product or if I hired you what would it
even be like this is your chance to answer talk about the problem people
have before they find your product or service are they wanting to not use
toxic skin care products are they looking for something to hang over their
mantel are they wanting to feel like they’re doing something important with
their lives or are they wanting to impress their friends and family with a
fun wedding invitation that will get them to come describe what that problem
looks like and feels like and then explain how your service or product
solves that problem don’t go into all the details about what
your offer includes don’t talk about yourself the trick is to really dig into
describing the problem that people have tell their story then talk specifically
about how this service or product solves that real problem memory show success
from other people using your product or service when people are deciding whether
they want to buy stuff from you or hire you one of their first questions is will
this work for me and one of the best ways to answer that question is to just
show people who have had success if they see themselves and the successful people
you’ve helped they’ll be that much closer
to reaching out or visiting your shop with the intent to buy ask for stories
from customers and clients ask for imagery or if they post imagery
themselves repost it you can also share about their experience in a story talk
about how they’ve been able to solve the problems your future customers are
having now you can share pictures or videos they’ve taken a quote from them
or simply telling their story from your perspective help your audience see that
they are like the person you’re staring about number nine share inspiration from
other accounts you love this one I would recommend mostly for Instagram stories
as you’re scrolling through Instagram and you see something you particularly
like if it’s especially entertaining especially inspiring or especially
beautiful just click the button that looks like an airplane under the post
and you can share it to your stories as well if you start to curate fun
inspiring and educational places for your followers to hang out they’ll want
to keep getting those recommendations from you and stick around plus if they
see you doing it they’ll probably be more likely to share your stuff too when
they really like it and find it inspiring comment below with your
Instagram handle so we can share each other’s best content number 10 perform
slash dance I know if you’re an introvert you’re probably just did a
huge cringe I get it I’ve always wanted to be a great performer and I’m just not
but hear me out on Instagram you want to stand out which is another word for get
attention you know what gets some of the most attention some sort of performance
and you know what one of the easiest to pull off without having to go out and do
something big it’s dancing people love to watch you dance on Instagram you
don’t even have to be a good dancer you don’t even have to have a clean house to
dance in you just need to feel confident if you commit to the dance you will get
more engagement I like to especially reserved dancing for when I have some
sort of big announcement I’m going to make it’s my go-to for when I want to
tell Instagram show this to as many people as possible so I want you to just
try it and if it bombs nowhere I’m done it’s going to be gone in 24 hours now
you have 10 foolproof business ideas that you can steal from me anytime you
need something new to post but what about when you got this great idea to
talk about but you’re totally drawing up when it comes to actually putting your
idea into words I’ve got five fill-in-the-blank captions you can use
today to get those content ideas out the link is below also if you want to
connect with me and a community of other creatives just like you come say hi over
on Instagram I’m at Emma underscore matter if you like this video please let
me know by liking it below subscribe and share it with your fellow creative
friends and comment below with using it if you’re planning to steal these ideas
and make them your own

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  1. Thanks Emma! Great video I have 2 products and am really struggling with how to show them on my posts. I have showed them the product but am not getting sales. I'm going to try tip 3!

  2. Emma! Thank you so much for sharing with us AGAIN. Your thoughts in your first video were so helpful, and I am so eager to try out these techniques! Have a lovely day 🥰

  3. Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing. I have been using some of them already, definitely going to include more!

  4. Great ideas!! I especially like "Tell a story about why you do what you do" because i am just starting out and I am thinking about that one a lot. But my favorite, of course, has to be #10 Dance! I love when you dance on your account, Emma! I think you should throw in a little Michael N. dancing in the background a la FOS circa 2013 sometime!!

  5. Thank you for these great ideas! Multiple times a week I am stumped about what to post on my IG feed regarding my business.

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