April 3, 2020
Instagram for Your Etsy Business

Instagram for Your Etsy Business

Do you have an Etsy
shop and you’re struggling to get
traffic on Instagram? I’m Sue B. Zimmerman,
and today I’m going to show you how to
get more eyeballs on each and every post you make. [MUSIC PLAYING] Instagram can be one of
your top traffic drivers to your Etsy shop,
whether you’re an artist selling your
drawings, and there are many here on my
Instagallive account. I’m going to quickly
give a little shout out to some of my favorite artists. Here’s one. Design remix. Here is Johanna
Fritz Illustration. And here is the
amazing Scott Torrance. These are just three
of many artists that I celebrate on a regular
basis here on this account. So if you are an artist
selling drawings or a crafter just like Melissa is–
she is a DIY artist– and showing products
that she’s selling here at one of her craft
shows, you can actually create a lot of buzz
around your shop by sharing pieces right
here on Instagram, just like Melissa does. Now there are five tips I’m
going to tell you, and then one bonus tip. So stay tuned to the end
of the video to hear that. But before I go
into these tips, I want you to jot down each
one of these accounts, and let them know
that @SueBZimmerman @TheInstagramExpert sent
you, because you will get a lot of ideas and
inspiration from them, because they are
doing this correctly. Now before I go into
what to do, the first tip is actually what not to do. So what not to do is
to post any photos that look like web photos,
that are flat, that often have
white backgrounds, that appear to be more
interested in selling you something than
actually connecting with you emotionally. And these are examples
of what not to do. OK? So what you want to do
is create an experience that actually feels very
much like a magazine. So I say that, number
two, you really need to stage your photos. So this is the second tip. Staging your photos means
putting some other elements in there so it feels
like you are actually a part of that experience. Think of it as if every
time you post, think, would this actually
look good on a magazine? Whether it’s the cover of a
magazine or in a magazine. And if the answer
is yes, it’s likely a very good fit for Instagram. You always want to put your
products in an environment where people would
actually use them. And this is a great
example of that. The third tip is to make
sure that your bio gives a clear description
and call to action. You want to give people an idea
of who you are, what you make, and how they can actually
purchase your products. Right? So Illustrator ships worldwide. Here’s where you purchase it. Here’s another
example from Holly, who lets you know
what her email is. Emoji pointing down to the
URL where her Etsy shop is. So this is the third
step to success. The fourth one is,
and I’m just going to stay on Holly’s account
while I talk about this and give you a little
peek of her gallery, is to boost your account,
especially in the beginning, you might want to run
a giveaway or at least have nine photos all
queued up before you start promoting your account. Now once you have several
photos posted and you actually tell your followers on
other social platforms that you’re now
on Instagram, you can run that little giveaway. And this is how you
can start getting some followers to come on over. So that’s number four. Number five is, when you share
your products on Instagram, remind people in the description
on where they can actually purchase what you’re selling. Click the link in
your bio to purchase. Now what I like so
much about Holly is that she does not do
this in every single post. Here is another example. Shop is in the bio. But like I said, she does
not do this on every post. So she’s not overly salesy. But when she does do it,
she does it in a classy way. She lets you know which
size you can select. She lets you know
about the discount. She also has coupon
checkouts to use. Again, she’s saying that
the link is in the bio. So Holly is a wonderful
example of someone who is a Etsy artist
and crushing it. I mean, really crushing
it here on Instagram. When I first met Holly, she
had under 1,000 followers, a little over a year ago. So it is so awesome to
see that the world now sees how talented she is. And I love seeing that
she’s such a huge success. But like I said, these
are five accounts, and you will get inspiration
from all of them. Lara who is a 13-year-old
artist in New York. Trisha who makes
these adorable dolls. And I also showed you Holly. I’m going to go back to
Nima, and lastly, Melissa. So make sure you say
hi to all of them and get some inspiration
for your Etsy shop today. Hey Instapeeps! Please leave a comment below. That’s how I know that you
got value out of this video. Also, subscribe to the channel
and be part of my Instawesome community here on YouTube. And as always, I want you to
have a hashtag #Instawesome day.

46 thoughts on “Instagram for Your Etsy Business

  1. Sue you're awesome and give such helpful advice. I'm just starting to get serious with my personal instagram account so I can drive targeted traffic towards my business instagram and etsy shop. Thanks again!

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  9. Hi Sue, I love your video and suggestions! I am getting started with my junk journals so I need to know how to promote from my new Etsy Shop. My You Tube Channel was just to share my finished books and now I want to start selling vs. going to craft fairs. Thank you. I am going straight to Instragram! Gina

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    I love how you delivered information about what works in a straight forward way without babbling on about your personal opinions. I just got on Instagram (@wickedlyartistic) and etsy (wickedlyartisticart) a couple weeks ago and this will definitely be helpful 🤘

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  17. I like you! Very easy and clear tips and trends. Love it! I am @nzloveag on Instagram. If you have any time that is are you able to have a nosy of my page and any feedback would be so awesome. Thank you 😊 #yourawesome

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