March 29, 2020
Instagram Ecommerce Strategy [5 Tips To Boost Sales To $100/Day Or More]

Instagram Ecommerce Strategy [5 Tips To Boost Sales To $100/Day Or More]

Instagram ecommerce strategy in this
video I’m going to show you how to do just that with my five tips on how to
help boost your e-commerce sales using Instagram and we’re gonna get into that
right now Before we jump over to the computer be sure to subscribe to my channel so that you’ll be notified every time I put out a new video and now onto
the computer okay so we’re over here at the computer
and before I just dive into talking about my five tips on how to boost your
EECOM sales with Instagram it’s important that step one actually step
zero is completed and that is that you have an Instagram account profile for
your business so I’m going to walk us through that real quick
it’s been a long time since I’ve set it up all of my the EECOM stores and
domains are all set up and integrated already and it’s been a while since I’ve
done this so I don’t since I don’t have an Instagram account for my adventures
in e-commerce YouTube channel I’m gonna go ahead it’s about time that I set one
up so I’m gonna go ahead and set that up right now now there’s a couple of steps
that we have to keep in mind and I started to outline them here the first
thing is that Facebook owns Instagram hopefully we all know that by now and
everything runs through your personal Facebook profile so you have to make
sure that you have a business page set up underneath your personal profile and
I do have that set up here as my adventures in e-commerce Facebook page
and then we’re going to create and link our Instagram profile to it now there
might be some super tricky technical ways to do that on a computer but the
easiest way to do it is on a mobile device and since I couldn’t really you
know record show you that I downloaded and I’m using this Android emulator on
my computer so that you can follow along and see what’s going on so we’re gonna
walk through this real quick maybe if I move this over here
I’m not sure where I’ll put that okay so what we need to do the first step is
let’s go down to our profile this little person is our profile so I’m logged into
my own personal Instagram account which is just logged in through Facebook the
next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to come over here to this little
hamburger stack and go down to settings and then I’m going to add a business
account so let’s let this let’s create a new account create a new business
account and my business email address is my adventures in econ let me double
check that yeah there it is adventures in the e-commerce Gmail got it
I don’t ever a mail myself so let’s come back over here hit next business name is become and let’s type a password okay page title oops
say let’s get real creative there choose a category this is going to be brands
and products yep subcategory hmm see if I don’t have to put a subcategory okay
let’s say category subcategory is going to be brand alright done welcome to Instagram adventures in Econ
awesome so we’ve just created a brand account I’ve just created this brand
account for my adventures in EECOM which is awesome and now we have that done
step one is done let’s come back over here to my document and we’ve done these
things okay now what I want to do is I want to start I want to start following
a few people and kind of flesh out my profile just a little bit so I’m gonna
say ecommerce unique comers ecommerce business so I’ll kind of come through
here and see what’s going on but whatever your niche is go into it find
some people in your space and follow them we’ll come back to my profile and
we can upload an image and do a few things kind of flesh out the rest of our
profile I’ll come back and do this but this way our Instagram profile will be
all fleshed out and ready for us to start using when we want to do things
which I’m going to talk about right now with my five tips okay so the first tip
actually I’m going to say here is a flesh out profile now the first tip is
that we can use this with respect to e-commerce once we associate and
activate our profile Instagram profile we’re gonna get access to exclusive
features on Instagram made for business and what that’s going to let us do is
we’re going to be able to place direct links in images and we’re going to be
able to use pop up links product name and we’re going to be able to click on
them and go straight to our store to be able to people to purchase them which is
going to be awesome now I’m telling you about all this because I found out I
couldn’t do that in this emulator to show you because I’m using my camera and
recording the screen and doing all this on the computer I guess it’s locked out
from using the camera and I can’t seem to access anything in my gallery so I
can’t show you but when you’re using your mobile device and you’re on your
phone you’re going to be able to do all of this stuff if you have your photos
product photos things like that on your mobile device you’re gonna be able to
upload them to Instagram and set up all these links so that’s a really really
neat thing to drive sales for your ecommerce store the next on my list is
to really associate yourself with influencers associate with influencers
and what you want to do with this is you want to go through just like I showed
you a second ago and follow some influencers you want to find influencers
in your niche or niches that would be specific to your products and you want
to make sure that these influencers have a good number of followers associated
with their profile and and also kind of look back at what they do and what
they’ve been promoting and what it is that they really you know advocate
towards because not all influencers in your niche might be appropriate for your
product or your store you really want to make sure that your influencer is
engaging with their audience you want to make sure that there are plenty of likes
and plenty of comment that there’s a lot of interaction
happening on those profiles also you can go through and you can follow a lot of
their followers and in turn you’re going to get a lot of followers back to your
own Instagram account so you need to kind of really build that ecosystem it’s
free it doesn’t take much work and it would really make a quite a difference
in what we’re trying to achieve so associate with influencers you want to
follow followers and you want to really under write their profile to make sure
it’s right so the next thing can I just not spell okay the next thing on my list
is to use Instagram ads Instagram ads are awesome and you’re going to set
these up and run these straight through the regular your regular Facebook ad
manager you’re going to be able to select Instagram ad when you set it up
and then you’ll be able to associate it to your profile that we just created and
linked everything so you want these ads to be coming out from your business
profile so use your business profile sorry and start running Instagram ads right
away god they’re awesome they really really work well okay so the next on my
list is to use hashtags use hashtags in all of your posts and on your ads and
you really want to find out first of all you want to find out what hashtags are
being used that are both widely used because if you use some nondescript
weird unique hashtag that nobody ever searched for it won’t do you any good so
use more comment hashtags also you don’t want to use more than about another four
to five maybe six four to six hashtags per post or ad and you’re going to let
me let me show you a tool that I use I have it in this browser it is hashtag if
I dot M e and hashtag if I dot m e it really lets you do a search I don’t know
I’m going to do a search for I don’t have to type a hashtag in there for let
me see Rolex watches Rolex watches and it’ll do
a search and you can start to see what popularity is and get some good
information on these hashtags to make sure that you’re using the right ones
that are appropriate for your products so hashtags use those hashtags okay the
next and final one on my list is to increase your followers you by using
contests when you’re using contests you want to maybe raffle off some of the
products that you have on your store you are I’m having a hard time it is a
Friday so I’m having a hard time spelling today raffle off products from
your store and increase your followers because on
hashtag at the end of the day it is he who has the most followers wins when you
have the ton of followers you can constantly promote to them while also in
providing valuable content and information and things like that but you
know you really can have great success with sales using Instagram and it is so
easy to do and just aside from the Instagram ads it’s free it’s free to do
so start using Instagram today hey if you found this video valuable you
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