March 30, 2020
Instagram Ecommerce: 5 Simple Steps To Super-Charge Your Instagram Profile & Attract New Buyers

Instagram Ecommerce: 5 Simple Steps To Super-Charge Your Instagram Profile & Attract New Buyers

Instagram ecommerce today I’m going to
show you five easy steps to optimize your business Instagram profile page for
e-commerce so that people can really find information easily it’s all about
navigation you want them to find your information that you’re trying to do
your products your service you whatever it is you want to show them you want to
line up the navigation for them so I did a and I’m kind of doing this video
because I did a video a few weeks ago hundred dollars per day on Instagram so
check out that video I’ll put a link to it in a card here in one of the corners
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just leave them down below and now let’s get on to the meat and potatoes
ultimately you want to keep your Instagram followers happy by making sure
that this navigation is easy so let me jump into the first thing on my list and
that really is using text in your images so if an image says a thousand words
well then you might as well throw a few more words into it so the very first one
that I want to show you is you see how if I’m scrolling down and I just did a
quick search for hashtag ecommerce so as I’m scrolling down through the feed sure
I noticed this and I noticed that one’s upside down kudos to them for making
that a little obvious but I don’t really care about that one it’s too 80s for me
with the neon green but right here tag someone flexible instantly my eyes are
attracted to the text in the image tag someone to try this as I’m scrolling
down and see these logos and mentally I don’t really pay any attention to it I
did catch this focused on this guy’s bag and that’s key all of a sudden if I’m
coming down I’ll take a second to read what this sign says and when you’re
coming on down here these next three boom I want to see what this says this
is couldn’t be more simple this is black text on a white background over here I
noticed this is 130 and you know I think you get the point
this I noticed that this guy was doing something didn’t really matter to me I’m
going right on down and my eyes are really tracking on the text that’s in
the images so if you do that you have a split second on Instagram to catch
somebody’s attention and when you add text to your images you will get that
attention okay so the second thing on my list is to use hashtags now you don’t
want to just go bananas with hashtags be thoughtful and mindful in your hashtag
creation and keep a library of branded hashtags that you use so I’m going to
jump over here to this and you see these guys just kind of went bananas with
hashtags in there in this post but you know really if you’re a store let’s say
you’re Nike right on for you but you want to use Nike Nike products Nike
about us Nike story etc etc and any kind of things that you’re doing you want to
like promotions etc you really want to be mindful of branding with your
hashtags so that they’re not just clickable links for somebody to leave
your store on you want it always to kind of lead back to you so if somebody
clicked on Nike story yes it’s going to leave that post but it’s also going to
take it back to Nike so you want to be mindful of using branded hashtags okay
the next thing on my list is to use highlights for navigation and here this
fresh Beauty these guys do it great they that you know Instagram is really all
about the visual appeal it’s all about storytelling it’s all about imagery and
videos and things of that nature so you want to make sure that your navigation
is clean and clear in your Instagram profile and you do that by using
highlights and you can create any kind of image that you want to go in these
highlights and put just about any amount you want to in here I wouldn’t suggest
going too far overboard but you know be mindful be thoughtful of what it is you
want to to promote here and you know put your categories in here maybe categories
from your Shopify store or things of that nature but you when you use these
highlights if I come in here two rows it really
we’ll show everything that they’ve put in this category and I’m going to show
my followers everything that I want to show them that’s within this category
and it helps people navigate your store it makes them happier as a follower as
an Instagram or is that a term but they’re going to hang around and stay
longer on your profile and in your stream when you make it easy for them to
to navigate okay the next thing on my list number four is to enable shoppable
posts and Shopbop does that really really well now I’m just here on my
computer’s so it’s not going to show up this feature doesn’t work on desktop on
the computer since everything is designed for mobile Instagram is a
mobile first application or platform so I have my Android emulator right here
and when I come in to shop Bob you will be able to see when I come into one of
the posts like this one it says right here tap to view products so they have
their shoppable posts enabled and we can click through this and view on website
and this goes right into being able to buy something on their posts which is
awesome it it really is awesome and we have killed it with this with some of
our other stores that we use Instagram for so be sure and enable shoppable
posts now I know I’m throwing a lot of information at you I just wanted to kind
of give you a 5 easy steps rundown so I think in the future what I will do is I
will take each of these like shoppable posts there’s a a whole bunch of
explanation on how to set it up so I’ll go through that in future videos
probably put it all under a ecommerce Instagram playlist so that we can go
through and you can follow me along and setting all this stuff for your store
okay so let me pull up my deal again here and the last thing to do is to
install a program like link tree you get one opportunity to put one link anywhere
in your Instagram profile not in your posts there aren’t outbound linkable or
clickable links you get to put it one place one time and that’s in your bio a
lot of people will say hey on the post click the link in my
bio and really that is one link that takes them to a particular page on their
store or bounces them over to YouTube or their Facebook profile whatever you want
to do you can put one single link right in here in your profile section now what
you want to do is you want to use a service like link tree or link bio or
camp site and really they’re all the same thing but what happens is when you
include this app when you install this service to and connect it to your
Instagram profile that one link on linked tree it’s exactly what it sounds
like now all of a sudden that creates you’ll see right here they click on this
and it brings up a whole series of additional links so you could put maybe
links to the different collections in your Shopify store that correspond to
the links on your the navigation highlights on your Instagram profile you
could link them over to YouTube or Facebook or whatever but you definitely
want to be able to expand the number of links that you have on your business
profile so use a service like link tree again link bio or campsite there are
some other ones but these have some free pricing I’ll show you right here they
have a free forever plan and then even pro that obviously it lets you do a lot
more is just seven dollars a month so if you find it beneficial when you’re
selling ecommerce on Instagram then you might consider upgrading to the pro
version but you can always start for free and definitely take advantage of
that so anyways this has been my Instagram ecommerce video in my five
simple steps for optimizing your business profile page so if you found
this video helpful useful some good tips in it that you didn’t know before then
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