April 9, 2020
Instagram Analytics (Free)

Instagram Analytics (Free)

You want Instagram Analytics that are
free?Let me show you where to find them and how to use them We’ll take you
through the whole process right now What’s up busy people?Welcome to
Five Minute Social Media. If you’ve ever had “figure out” social media on your to-do
list for your brand and then it just keeps getting pushed down the list because
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When I wrote the notes for this video about a week ago I had everything all
ready to go. This morning I went to film and Instagram had totally changed the
way the analytics look! So new stuff is coming out all the time. My name is Jerry
Potter, yes it rhymes with the boy wizard, and by the end of this video you’re
going to not only know how to look at your Instagram analytics, but also how to
use those numbers to help you grow your account – same tactics that I use for all
of my agency and private clients as well. So just like any platform you’re trying
to grow the best strategy is to look at the things that are working and then do
more of those and this applies to Instagram, YouTube, dieting, you know if
you start eating something that makes you feel good eat more of it! Actually
dieting might be a terrible example because ice cream makes me feel amazing
and I probably shouldn’t eat any more of that. So the old way of tracking how your
posts were doing on Instagram was really time consuming. If you were gonna do it
right you’d sit down, open a spreadsheet, put in how each post did,
look for patterns, things like that. Instagram provides you with free
analytics to help grow your account. First step you have to convert your
Instagram profile to a business profile If you haven’t done that yet the good
news is it’s free, takes about 60 seconds to do and I’ve got a video that I’ll put
the link up right here or down in the description if you want to watch that
and convert first. Not sure yet? Let me show you what Instagram analytics offers
for a business profile and then you can decide. So once you have a business
profile on Instagram go ahead and – let me grab my phone here – open up Instagram and
you’re gonna click these lines here up at the top of the screen. They look kind
of like the “how many bars do I have” cell phone signal, but click on those. That’ll
take you to the analytics for Instagram, or Insights, which is a little bit less
nerdy. All right the first thing it’ll come up is it’ll show you
what you’ve had happen in the last seven days. Your actions include people who
have visited your profile, people who have clicked on your website link and
then also people who have maybe clicked on a phone number, directions, email,
anything they’ve clicked on your profile. So as you can see I’ve had twenty four
of those in the last week. That does not include likes and comments. Down below
that under Discovery you’ll see your reach and your impressions. So the reach
is the number of unique people that you reached with your profile in the last
seven days. Impressions is the number of time your posts were seen. So let’s say
you put something up and I saw it five times. That would mean that reach=one
person saw it but for impressions it would count as five. So that means people
are seeing your content over and over again. It could be intentional, it could
be because the algorithm is favoring it because it’s good content so they’re
showing it more and more. If you ever forget any of that down here at the
bottom of the screen you see a little thing it says “What do these mean?” You can
click on that and it’s a little cheat sheet glossary for when you’re looking
at these. These blue bars across the middle show you the reach from each of
the different days. Now considering I post on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays, no surprise that those are the biggest days Now if we click on Content that’s going
to show specifically how each piece of content performed. So across the top
you’ll see your posts and it’ll show you how much engagement you got. So my top
post last week got ninety eight which is a combination of likes and comments. If
you don’t remember what that post was you can click on it and it’ll pull it
right up/ You want to see more about your post you can click See More and it’ll
bring up all of them. So by default this is showing me everything I’ve posted in
the last year sorted by impressions. Now if you want to change that click on any
of the blue letters you can actually go in and you can say, “Okay I want to see
just how my videos did.” Actually let’s do photos because I don’t have that many
videos, and based on likes for the last three months. Hit Apply. Re-sorts it. Here
you go, these are my top photos based on likes from the past three months. You can
really get in and see what your content is doing. A couple of strategies for you
to consider for your brand if you are trying to get more people to follow you –
well that involves getting a profile visit, so I might go in and say, “Okay, in
the last year show me the top post by profile visits.” So I can see
obviously each post itself is not leading to a whole lot but I can see
that photos of people tend to bring a lot more people to look at my profile
and decide whether or not they want to follow me. If your goal is to get a lot
of engagement, a lot of comments, then you might go in and say, “Okay, show me sorted
by number of comments I got. So now I can see which videos or photos got the most
comments and then I want to create more of that content, if my goal is to get
more comments. Now under content below posts you’ll see your stories. It’s gonna
show you your stories there from the last 24 hours. I’ve only posted one thing
obviously, shows you how many people have seen it. If you click See More it’ll
actually show you all of your stories from the past couple of weeks. So you can
then see how many impressions each one got. I like to look at these based on
impressions because if people watched it more than once that’s usually a good
indication. You can also click on the blue words and adjust these by all kinds
of different things you want to look at Impressions and Reach we’ve already
talked about Taps forward means that somebody skipped
ahead before that particular clip was over. Sometimes though that just means they
looked at the picture and read it and moved on. Taps back means they went back
to watch something again because they missed it. Exits means they exited out of
Instagram Stories altogether. Might be a bad sign but down here, Swipes Away, that
means that they were done with your story but they wanted to keep watching
other people’s stories. So anything that has a lot of those you probably want to
do less of or fix the storyline or whatever it might be. And then replies
means they actually reply to your story which is obviously a good sign if you’ve
got engagement somebody reacted to it It’s not like Facebook where people to
reply to everything you post. It’s a little tougher on Instagram Stories. And
down at the bottom you’ll see Promotions If you’ve ever paid to boost any of your
Instagram of posts that’s where that’s gonna show up. And the third tab back at
the top is of course Audience. This is fantastic! You can really get a good idea
of who’s following you and find out if your brand is reaching the right people.
Or you might be surprised to find out that people like your brand that you
didn’t think we’re going to. So I can see here first how many followers I have.
I’ve lost two in the last seven days, and if you use hashtags a lot like I do
the followers go up and down because people follow and then unfollow with
their Instagram BOTS. If you’ve seen your followers go up and down that’s the
reason it’s happening. People were following you hoping you
follow them back. They aren’t gonna keep following you though because they want
to keep following other people. You can see my gender breakdown is 39% men 61%
women. Down below here you can see all the age breakdowns. You can also click on
men or women if you want to see if they’re different. Down here top cities,
no surprise, top cities are cities that I live in or have lived in. You can also
see by countries – I’m obviously doing really well in Nigeria – and then down
here, this is the most important part of this audience data, and if you take one
thing from this video this is what I want you to grab. Down here it shows you
when your people are most active on Instagram. That means they’re signed in,
they’re looking at posts and things like that. The first hour that you put up an
Instagram post is crucial because that’s when Instagram is showing it to people
and testing it. If you have your post go up and nobody likes it or comments on it
in the first hour they’re not gonna keep showing it to as many people. They’ll
still show it to some but that’s really when the algorithm decides, “Is this good
content or is “meh” content. By the way, “meh” content, not an official Facebook
term that’s just that’s a me term. So you can go through and you can see like if I
click on days I can see which days my audience is most active, and then I can
decide to post on those particular days I can also then look per day so let’s
say I say, “Okay I want to post on, looks like Wednesdays are good, so I’ll go
over to hours and I scroll through to Wednesdays and see, “Okay, oh they
are most active around 6 o’clock,” so that’s when I’m gonna plan to schedule
my post. Now every account and every audience is different. This is just a
starting point. You can experiment beyond that and figure out when your posts do
the best but if you have no idea when to start use these analytics and start that
way Now another school of thought is that at
those popular times, that’s when everybody else is posting too, so you may,
like I said, experiment and find that another time works for you. But if you
just have no idea where to start, start by posting when your people are
online. So when you’re looking at your demographic information let’s say that
you are a online Etsy shop and you sell jewelry for women. 99 percent of your
buyers are women, 90 percent, whatever, and 45 percent of your followers and people
that engage with you are men, well you might be a little off. Yes the men could
be shopping for their women, or the men could be looking at
photos of women modeling your jewelry I don’t know, creepy right? But that’s just
something to think about. Look at your analytics, see if they’re on point or not,
and if they’re not you might want to change what you’re posting. So maybe once
a week you go into your analytics, you’ll just kind of look and see how things are
doing, but you can also at any time you’re just scrolling through your own
feed you see a post, click View Insights right there under the picture and it’ll
specifically bring up the numbers for you right there. You can see exactly what
happened, how many people visited your profile, how many people saw this post
that weren’t following you, different things like that. I know this video has
gone on for a bit but two more quick things that I think are really important.
One, if your account is medium to small, I mean mine is medium at best, and the numbers
don’t look really big, don’t be discouraged by that. Every
account that has 10,000 followers started with zero and you can be in the
same boat…(pause) with 10,000 not zero. And two: if you do start using your analytics and
looking at things and changing things and you don’t see immediate results,
don’t panic okay? Sometimes it takes two to three months for your strategy. So if
you’re confident in that stick with it. Don’t change strategies like my wife
changes shoes. (off camera) No not talking about you Okay stick with it you’ll be just fine.
Alright, are you using Instagram for your business? I’d love to see what you’re
doing I’m sure others in our community would as well so leave your link down in
the comments. You got a question you can leave that there as well, or join our
private Facebook group. Just go to Facebook and search for Five Minute
Social Media, or I’ve got the link down in the description as well. If you made
it this far I assume you got something out of this video so please give it a
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