March 30, 2020

100 thoughts on “Inside The Biggest 2020 Advertising War Against Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Hello, Humans. It's amazing what happens, when you click on something. You never know what might happen.


  2. We have to get money out of politics or we will lose our democracy. Billionaires are not our salvation, they are our problem.

  3. it's sad seeing people in the comments with their TDS thinking anyone on their side has any chance at all. But hey at least you guys "impeached" him lmfao

  4. Advertising war? Let's remember that these same people failed to advertise the fact that the dems approved all Trump's defense budgets, judges, as well as renewing the patriot act. And then they wonder why Trump keeps coming out of this "war" victorious?

  5. Glaude worries about the impact of money in politics! That ship has sailed. Right now we need a lot more money repeating the truth about Trump over and over and over. Advertising in politics requires repetition, especially to break a trained mindset.

  6. Money to provide integrity, this is an interesting approach. Money as a tool is a very effective strategy in undermining any competition strategy. Bloomberg comes out as a peoples champion, and the Status Quo has a darling to get behind. Once elected, here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.

  7. What would happen if the campaign money spent don’t buy your Presidency. It is simply all wasted and could have been used for something to help the country. There should be a cap to the amount allowed. Then everyone would be on even playing field. No more advantages. No one cares how much campaign money one was able to raise or spent.

  8. So missing the point. Bloomberg’s money is going into the economy: editors, copywriters, production companies, TV stations etc etc etc. Circular flow of income – my dollar earned is my dollar spent is your dollar earned. PLUS Bloomberg News? Daaa. He knows about this stuff.

  9. Is nobody going to tell Bloomberg to stop embarrassing himself? You're just going to let this senile libidiot continue? I guess it's tough when he's probably just surrounded by sycophants.

  10. Anything you witches and warlocks do against President Trump will not prevail. His support is much higher than what you people report and his negatives are much lower than what you people report. And the hatred for everything left-wing from the politicians in the Democratic Party to the media to hollywood to sjw companies to the politically correct pop culture is palpable. The stench of the left permeates the air throughout Western Civilization !!! Come November 2020 President Trump is going to destroy any Democrat he runs against and the Republicans are going to take back the House of Representatives and they're going to strengthen the Senate and President Trump will appoint more Supreme Court Justices. The age of the Orc- demokRAT is over. The death of the perverted progressive is at hand !!! The normal people who believe in borders, law enforcement, traditional American values, Western culture, the Christian Church, normal traditional morality are awake and our national pride and patriotism throughout Europe and the United States will bury you all.

  11. Hello MSNBC. I am a Democrat Trump Supporter. But I am not Donald Trump's Supporter. I am Barron Trump's Supporter. I don't know him all that well except being the child of the president. I give respect to that. But what I don't respect from Donald is that he doesn't give his youngest child the love he needs. Not only just that, he never spoke about him. That is the most brutal and sad truth in the history of America right now. And it is not in any article that is on the internet or the news. Can you please make news of the hate that he gives to Barron Trump? This is getting sadder and sadder by the second. Please make this public.

  12. if in 2016 no politician, let alone a democrat, could find "dirt" on trump, then they didn't deserve to win. NO ONE can possibly be that stupid. I really wished bernie had won

  13. I have a simple question…I am semi-literate an suffer from dyslexia: When the Greeks discussed the notion of democracy 2000 years ago and the Founding Fathers just over 200 years ago, did they define it – DEMOCRACY – as "Selling one's vote to the highest bidder?" Just asking.

  14. HRC won the 2016 election by 2.8 million votes. Donnorhea wasn't smart, he didn't convert undecideds. He lost and is now claiming he is the victor. He is a criminal on many fronts and a pawn of Putin.

  15. Let all parties involved ignore the $23 TRILLION dollar U.S. debt. Anybody who can balance a checkbook gets my vote. That isn't a skill any politician seems to able to learn.

  16. When Wall St. Perceives someone as a threat they will move to take her out.
    Bloomberg is returning the money he made in America to save America….that is called patriotism.

  17. soooo, whoever has the most money wins the race. hmmm , that's not what we were taught school but it's the american way of life.

  18. AMERICA has a CAPITALIST economy. This is at the HEART of the AMERICAN DREAM. This means YOU cannot knock down BILLIONAIRES and CAPITALISTIC enterprises in order to replace them with SOCIALISM which has forced many of the AMERICANS to seek a better system for themselves in AMERICA.. The REASON for this situation is that 325 MILLION Americans organically believe in the PROMISE of the AMERICAN DREAM. Virtually every single AMERICAN believes that a different SYSTEM such as SOCIALISM /COMMUNISM will eventually take AWAY their single DRIVE to self determine the CAPITALIST goal of becoming at least millionaires themselves..The DEMOCRATS are NOT socialists. They are CAPITALISTS with a SOCIAL conscience. There is a HUGE difference between the two SYSTEMS. Pure CAPITALISM is right-wing and ruthless while pure SOCIALISM is naive and degenerate in its maintenance, i.e costly. The SOLUTION put quite simply is LOTS of vegetables and LESS of red meat, economically that is.

  19. Please Democrats!!!! To protect your vote go to your local town office and vote Absentee ballot!!! I urge you to because voting machines will be hacked again by some foreign country,they are doing this as we speak 😩

  20. At least Michael Bloomberg is a philanthropist and they need to get this dangerous and horrible president out ! I believe that is more important then to chose a Democrat who is to much on the left side of politics.
    I am as a European very shocked by the amount of money and time that is waisted on elections in your country. But that has gone on for many years now and of course that money could be spend instead on poverty, healthcare and infrastructure but at the moment you are were you are and this President who takes everyday a bath in nastiness needs to be voted out of your White House. It is as simple as that and Michael Bloomberg has a lot of money far more then Donald Trump. He is also a far more decent person then Donald Trump.
    The whole world can see that ! 4 years more of Donald Trump and you will have a dictatorship in your country. Look at what he is doing at these terrifying rallies he is holding and what a hate and disrespect for people he is spreading the whole time. How damaging is that for everyone in your country and also for the wider world.

  21. Bloomberg is making a valuable contribution to the future of our nation. He has taken his slice of Trumps tax gifts to the rich and he has invested it in defeating Trump.
    For that gesture alone he deserves high praise.

  22. What's almost comical, is the fact that if you have a positive opinion of Trump, you are morally bankrupt, or a criminal, or both!

  23. Bloomberg got Prisoners to call people asking for Donations…… Okay just so you understand a bit better ( some of you won't ) He has CRIMINALS asking for money donations…. So are you going to give to his campaign, by giving CRIMINALS your Credit Card number, or bank number…. ( I see the light going on a bit brighter now ) YES they want your credit card number for Criminals in Prison this WAS happening. That is until it was made Public about what is happening…. Then Bloomberg said " I didn't know that was happening "… Just thought you should know that FACT, because MSNBC a democrat Media outlet will not tell you that FACT, because every Democrat is Squeaky Clean according to them anyway…. Bring on some more LIES

  24. Mr. Bloomberg, if you were serious, then instead of spending millions on criticizing Trump's "character", you should every day, be talking about, and attacking Trump's stubborn refusal of disclosing his tax returns and bank records, which he is trying to keep secret, because he DID commit financial crimes for years!

    Why don't you criticize this, Mr.Bloomberg? Why don't you criticize the judge of the Supreme Court, who is protecting that crook, and helping Trump to hide the records of his financial crimes, by granting him few days ago, the permission to keep his tax returns secret and thus, get away with his crimes, instead seeing to it, that the justice is done?

  25. Bloomberg by default is a CORPORATE REPUBLICAN!!! Why the flip would ANY DEMOCRAT actually vote for this piece of Wall Street slime???

  26. Here are some of the contributors to the person who is president right now.


    Go Bernie Sanders! And here’s why!

    Democratic Socialism actually means using taxpayers money by government to either promote/subsidize/incentivize/bailout any socioeconomic activity not wholly owned by the state or provide basic necessities of livelihood protection for citizens in addition to catering for other civic responsibilities like the armed forces as well. That’s the common sense definition of democratic socialism in totality.

    With that said, in reality prejudices borne out of ideological differences compounded with human tendency to discriminate has over the years made application obscured instead of wholesome.

    Human tendency to be influenced by the glamour of self aggrandizement for power created immoral ruling class in government who chose to redefine democratic socialism in a selfish manner that ultimately dislodged wider population who actually pay taxes that provide the fund.

    So obscured that their new definition now means giving huge tax breaks to corporations and their billionaires owners even with proven republicans misleading intent that otherwise claimed to create trickle down economics pushed through over the years without any positive effect but instead tends to nurture endless poverty.

    Again remember those corporations tax breaks actually means that the poor workings class people will now pay more than necessary if the tax system was fairly regulated proportionate to everyone’s income to cover the huge tax breaks given to the RICH and their CORPORATIONS, amazing right?

    Yes, in republican obscurity Democratic socialism now also means propping up capitalism model that discriminates by bailing out failed banks with taxpayers money when they go bankrupt for making risky investment because they are too big to fail and their executives who made this reckless decision for toxic investments never get jailed but instead given millions in allowances as bonus while keeping blind eye to exploding budget deficit which they decried under Obama administration.

    When Democratic socialism benefits the upper class and their cronies with republicans obscurity it’s called incentives for promoting businesses in capitalism but when it means providing basic necessities like free tuition, affordable healthcare and free water and subsidized accommodation for ordinary citizens it’s called communist socialism. In republican obscurity.

    This is the reason why Bernie Sanders is uniquely qualified to be the next president of the United States because he is the champion of Democratic Socialism that works for everybody from bottom up within the definition of pure and applied principles of true capitalism which meant free market economy and the promotion of fair justice.

    Elizabeth warren will make a formidable vice presidency team setting a stage for woman president in 2024.

    My message to Mike Bloomberg is to use the wasteful ad money to build affordable if not free accommodations to keep homeless people out of streets and I believe you will be better loved and blessed!

    Billionaire politicians are not helping poor masses.

  28. Warren will just have to tap into her Senate wine party money. But that was way back in 2018 before she became pure. She cleansed herself and the wealthy donor money too… it's magic.

    June 2018 Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren had a fundraiser at the City Winery Boston, where guests who contributed at least $1,000 received a souvenir wine bottle. The event featured a performance by Melissa Etheridge and remarks from Warren. The fundraiser also included a VIP photo reception and premium seating for donors who contributed or raised $5,400 per couple or $2,700 a person.
    Past Warren donors say she was an engaging presence at those events, asking questions of her wealthy patrons and listening intently to what they had to say.
    She also made it personal. She bestowed awards on those who were successful at tapping their personal networks to raise money for her. Those who bundled large amounts under $50,000 for her Senate campaign earned a silver pin, while those who brought in more were awarded a gold one engraved with her signature.


  30. Mayor Pete, denigrating the past judgements of past politicians made to make decisions by the information had at the time. Mayor Pete, apologizing to his own city for dropping the ball in the shooting in his city, denigrating a political opponent within his own party in order to win; we already have someone in office that does that. Mayor Pete, showing us that he is not so different from what we have now, and not what we looked for in 2016, and certainly not in 2020. Yang is the clear cut choice.

  31. Bloomberg is a globalist yes girl, Warren is a joke, Biden and his son are criminals. No one believes burny at all. I love it… the democrats have destroyed any chance of any Democrat getting elected for quite a while. Trump 2020 is how it is! so you can start crying now…

  32. Joe and Mika Two biggest Corrupt liars in the fake lying media.Your war has already been LOSTand none of u stand a chance in 2020 against our great Winning president trump and the Q ARMY. Fake lying media READ the Q drops your in them and that's Bad News.A TRAITORS JUSTICE IS COMING

  33. You can spend every nickel you have to war against Trump. But Trump has won the hearts and minds of the sane and he will be reelected in 2020.

  34. Mayor Pete, i hope you're prepared to stand by decisions you made 20 years from now. Attacking Biden for decisions made 20 years is a cheap shot, and hindsight is always 2020. How are you going to respond when you are attacked for decisions you made about your police chief?

  35. Bloomberg is a f***king looser and is one who will NEVER win the presidency. And just throwing out money in the garbage on his forced ad campaign (it’s called “negative advertising”, and will NOT WORK.)

  36. The other questions are with Bloomberg advertising blitz and its affect on Federal Legislative races in these States. How will it affect Republican Selling campaign points?
    We know they're (Republicans) morality they're bankrupt and immoral but there policies include dragging in foreign enemies to win elections who our armed forces face! Russian armed forces support North Korea, and Iran.
    Russia supports Chinese aggression in the South China sea by selling jets and parts to them. Our allies question our reliability to support them because of trumps personal business deals while being president but also side with our adversaries who threaten our allies security.

  37. What is he spending for ? Has he even reached 2% polls yet ? The only reason he's getting news coverage is because he's paying up.

  38. While trump profits personally by being the the WHITE HOUSE people drink bad water or polluted water, highways go unrepaired, medical coverage decreases or become prohibitively high. Small businesses watch there profits shrink if your a small soybean grower. Products imported have higher prices because of trumps tariffs on customer goods. Have you priced stoves and refrigerators in Home Depot and Lowe's? Did your tax deductibles on your home mortgages disappear now? Did you get hugh tax breaks of 8 to 10 percent on your pay check? Or did affordable housing get easier? Yes your employed but did you get a 300 percent increase in salaries like the CEOs get this last decade?
    Do you feel more secure when you have NAZI'S waving flags and goose stepping in your community while you go to your grandparents graves who fought in WWII? Are your children in save environments when one of their peers walk in your childs classroom and have a pistol in their backpack? You were save in school but now your child has arm guards walking inhis or her school. Your childs classroom is a battlefield because of weapons?
    Trumps ideas of a great America is a armed battlefield in classrooms with goose stepping thugs in your parks and bombing religious houses of worship. Trump leadership's displays lying, stealing and obstructing laws are virtues if you benefit while you worry about covering your tax bills and he pays nothing. Your son dies in Middle East but trump had bone spurs during Viet Nam. He cheats seniors on bond investments while getting loans from enemies that your son an daughters in the arm forces face in the middle east.
    Kims a great guy but is building more missiles aimed at our troops in Japan and Guam and then our troops cannot practice in war games to keep their effectiveness at cutting edge?

  39. Stop gauging support with $$$$. We are smothering value "People" with an animal "Money" that we birthed. Money went from lifting the heavy burden of transactions too legitimizing character. Please! Make it stop!
    This video has nothing to do with the statement. Just added it because of "Make it stop."

  40. Noo!! We should welcome there $$$$$ for adds against Trump,, the GOP & #DONTHECONS admn caulfers are endless,,, rather than run ads and basic campaign, let them flood the airwaves because Dems are getting outspent on social media. Let them run and have their influence then unify mods & libs @ convention,, Warren didn't show weakness with Medicare for all!! She realized that it's not what the people are "Ready for" yet,,, make it so good that people will flock,, as they do this con-man in Chief!!!

  41. The corporate greed has overtaken this country,,, progression is a fact of capitalism,,, so frickin hypocritical,, socially & morally inept but pro freedom & small gov't?? Find that $$$ to heal this country with basic tax system & shrink the Military Industrial Complex's, BIG AGRO, PHARMAS, OIL&GAS'S & RELIGIOUS BIGOTRIES Stranglehold on our WORLD!! SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS IN OUR CONSTITUTION OR DECLARATION OR BILL OR WHATEVER,, ITS IN THERE!!! 😂

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