April 7, 2020

34 thoughts on “Inside Facebook’s Policy To Run Political Ads Without Fact Checking | NBC News NOW

  1. Half the videos on YouTube are about the Annunaki or the Yeti or the Bermuda Triangle or the Man in the Moon or some god or angels or other superstition somebody believes in. What on earth did you expect?

  2. When a powerful platform like Facebook can sway elections through lies, yet doesn’t care, shows you they’re just a money grubbing company.

  3. its not facebook that should or needs to fact check. if a person wants to believe everything they read on the internet without checking it that is the individuals right. facebook is not a news organization. how about we encourage people to be more informed and to research. guess these people probably believe everything the government tells them even if the government is breaking the law. please be smarter and try to gather information from more than one basis source.

  4. Fuckerburg is a lucky man. Facebook's basically been givin free domain by the American public and government. No Corporation has ever had that much power…

  5. #TYTNation

  6. Don't use Facebook, and since new-age Google has chosen to be old-school anti-labor, firing workers trying to legally organize as is their right, stopped using Google. If enough do the same, these tech giants will get the message, right quick, and real change will occur, correcting misbehavior and betrayal of public trust.

  7. TV Ads are not fact checked because the first amendment allows one to express their ideas without censorship. For some reason when you use a computer, your rights magically disappear.

  8. Liberal media is as fake as Facebook. You guys are anti Trump and don’t even hide it anymore. Laughable liberal hack journalists speak on fake stories.

  9. Trump add needs no fact check. Did need one's going in and they will say nothing coming out. It will be trump, if you don't live here you still know the dude tells brainwashed nevermind that takes brains

  10. People need to stop using facebook until Zuckerberg decides to take some responsibility for his willingness to be an influential actor in our politics.

  11. 😴😴😴😴ZzzzzZzzz
    Get off your butts people and do your own fact checking.

  12. Facebook started as a military project and still is. You idiots willingly part all of your personal lives and info on it. Idiots.

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