March 31, 2020
INSANE Advantage of Having A Mentor and How To Find A Mentor in 2020 (Must watch for entrepreneurs)

INSANE Advantage of Having A Mentor and How To Find A Mentor in 2020 (Must watch for entrepreneurs)

It’s crazy, when I first started business,
it’s such a … This is 10 years ago, and it was such a tough thing to do, is to find
a mentor because when we start off as a business owner or when you first start off as a budding
entrepreneur, you’re wanting to find a mentor who’s going to validate your thoughts. Who’s going to understand what you’ve been
through. Who’s going to tell you, hey, this is the
right step and give you the confidence in doing so. I just think the mindset that no one has the
answers to your problem, and the problem that you want to solve to the world, no one has
the answer to it. Just because I’ve been there and done that,
does not mean that in today’s landscape, in today’s environment, we can do the same thing
to have the same results. Things change all the time and even if you
coy exactly what I do 100%, you’re not going to be able to achieve the same type of results
it could be more, it could be less, it doesn’t really matter, but at the end of the day,
every entrepreneur, they understand that. People who are successful, they understand
that you can’t replicate the same type of success. Everyone does things a little bit differently
and my whole point in saying that is, as an entrepreneur and as a mentor, we cannot give
answers. We cannot tell you exactly what to do. We can only point you towards the right direction. That’s what we do. Is point you towards the right direction for
you to explore what would work with how you do things and what you’re doing and what technology
you have in place. The landscape is changing so fast, whether
it be selling on Amazon, digital marketing, sales funnels, Facebook ads, everything is
always changing and understanding this fact is so important when it comes to finding a
mentor. It would set yourself to have the right expectation
of when you are to engage with a mentor, how would it feel like, what would it be like. For me, when I first started off, I was always
on the hunt of exactly what I’ve been saying and what I’m sharing with you. I’m on the hunt of someone that can tell me
the answer and I feel like people are keeping everything to themselves. They’re not willing to share. They’re keeping their secret sauce, why are
they not willing to share? They’re telling me the fluff things. Be committed, have determination, just try
thing out and for me at that time, I’m just like, dude, why are you holding out on me? Why are you being so stingy, tell me more? That’s the reason why I reserved back to books. I went out and networked for six months straight. I met so many different people and networking
events, they all suck. What I mean by that is 99% of the people in
that room are in the same boat as you. So, basically it’s like the blind leading
the blind and the 1% seems to untouchable. So, at the end of the day, going to these
networking events it seems like that I’m wasting my time. That’s the reason why I reserved back to books
as my mentors and I read tons of books to learn, to see what kind of trade I can pick
up and the mindset that I should pick up. In collaboration of all the books that I’ve
read, that really formulated the character that I have today. By understanding the different types of mindset
I should pick up, the different types of processes. One book that’s changed my life, that started
my first business, is E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. This book talks about the foundation of starting
a business, which is being an entrepreneur, being a mechanic and a manager and the different
roles that it takes to succeed in these roles. Being an entrepreneur you need to be putting
on different hats at different times. Whether sometimes I’m an entrepreneur, sometimes
I’m a manager and other times I’m a mechanic because you got to have the skill set and
you got to be the jack of all trades. That’s what the book teaches and teaches you
about how to build procedures and processes so then that way it takes you out of the equation
and allows the business to run as an engine itself. For me, that’s how I kick started my first
business and that was my mentor. So, the whole question about finding a mentor
is to really understand the expectation and to set that out right from the get go, is
that no one has the answers for you and no one can you lead you along the way. It’s all you, you’ve got to do everything
yourself and believe in yourself. It doesn’t come easy. Now, you might be thinking, dude, I just started
business, how do I start believing in myself? Who is to tell you what’s right and what’s
wrong? Your manager’s not going to approve your purchase
order because you’re now spending your hard earned money paying $5,000 for your first
batch of inventory sending to Amazon. Your manager’s not going to be like, this
is a go, this is a go, this is a no go. It’s from your pocket and you get to decide
how much you spend, how much inventory you get to buy, where you’re going to send it
to. You absorb the rewards and also you take on
the risk as well. Whether your supplier’s going to scam you. Whether the product has good quality assurance. It’s all you. A mentor’s not going to solve any of that
for you. How you build confidence is making these decisions
every single day. Cautiously making decisions and being accountable
for it and understand that it’s on you and you only that it comes back down to. As you make a decision and as it works out,
then now you gain a little bit more confidence to make the next decision and that stacks
up. When you make the wrong decision, then you
slide back down, but you don’t stop there. You make better decisions in the future and
you make better decisions, better decisions, and that’s how you’re able to gain the confidence
to make the right decisions for yourself and to validate your questions that you have. So, then that way people don’t have to hand
hold you. A mentor is all about pointing you towards
the right direction and to share their experience of what it was like being in that situation,
in that crossroad, that you are now in. Whether it works for you or not, whether it
works in today’s environment, no one knows. It is speaking from experience that, for example,
if you’re ordering, let’s say, inventory. Instead of ordering 10,000 units right from
the get go, maybe you should be ordering, let say, only 500 as a test run because now
you can test how the packaging works, how the delivery system works, how the storage
fees are working, how your product is selling. Now, these are things that I can share with
you from my experience as to what is working, but at the end of the day, it might be different
for you. It might be different for your product. You could be selling something at, let’s say,
5,000 units and it sells out within two, three day, who knows? So, I’m just sharing with you how I’m doing
things and why I did things my way. It’s up to you to make the decisions and it’s
up to you to start making your own decisions so you can gain the confidence to make your
own decisions in the future. That’s what a mentor is for. Finding a mentor is … See there’s many types
of mentors out there. There are the people who are truly, genuinely
wanting to help and you can ask some one off questions because it doesn’t really take them
that much time. There are the people who actually take payment
as being a mentor and they’re more invested in you and your business. So, I think it really comes back down to your
perspective. Do you want someone in your corner to walk
you through your business with you or do you want someone that’s free? If, for example, when I mentor people who
are free, I’m much less invested. I’m much more surface because at the end of
the day, my time is valuable. Where as when I’m coaching my clients who
are paying me a couple grand a month, I’m much more invested because I want them to
succeed because when they succeed they’ll be paying me. It’s simply as that, right? So, when it comes down to it, if you are looking
for mentors who are willing to mentor you for free, which I don’t think there are a
lot, but if you’re looking for that one off questions, then really adjust your mindset
of asking the right questions. What I mean by that is, you’re not asking
questions of, hey, you know what, I want to start an Amazon business. How do I start an Amazon business? Frickin’ Google it, go YouTube it, there are
10 million different articles out there of how do you start and Amazon business. Be fully informed when you go seek a mentor
and when you’re asking a question. It is about presenting a question with your
solutions and now that gives context to your mentor to be like, hey, I would choose solution
A based upon my experience. Pretty much like do your homework first. Do your homework first, that is so important. So many people come up to me and they’re like,
“Hey Wilson, I want to start and eCommerce business, how do I do it? What’s the different between Shopify and Amazon?” I tell them, frickin’ find Google. I’m like, what’s wrong with you. Dude, I charge people $200, $300 per hour
for consultation and you’re asking me stupid questions that you can find online. You’re just being lazy, that’s the reason
why you’re asking me this question. It’s a very, very different feeling to a mentor
when you go approach them and you ask them, hey Wilson, I have $5,000 and I’m planning
to start an Amazon business and I plan on being in this specific niche selling travel
products and this is my strategy of starting out this whole campaign. What do you think about that? Do you think I should be starting off with
a Kickstarter campaign first or do you think I should be doing 100 free giveaways to gain
that traction on Amazon? Okay, that’s a very, very different question. Now, I can share with you my experience in
doing so- It’s actually helpful. It’s super helpful. I can share with you, hey, in today’s world,
what’s working and what’s not working and how we can tweak your strategy. You were doing your homework, I’m sharing
with you what works and what doesn’t work. That’s very, very different from asking the
question of, hey Wilson, you know what I’m starting an Amazon business, I have $5,000,
how do I start? Do you see the difference? Yeah. Very, very different and mentors are there
and people who are more experience are willing to share. They’re very, very much willing to share. So many people have dumb questions. So many people are not willing to put in the
work, and they want people to do the work for them. That’s the reason why they have so much difficulty
finding a mentor. It is because all in their own mindset and
their perspective, that’s the reason why it’s so difficult. So, if you’re trying to find a mentor, do
your homework. Provide that solution and better yet, actually
invest in a mentor. People who have been there, done that. It’s going to save you so much more time,
energy, and money in the long run. You paying someone $200, $300 or let’s say
$2,000 a month, you’re paying for their experience. You’re not paying for them to talk to you
for two hours and that’s it. You’re paying for their 10 plus years of experience
of running a business and what they have done in the past and them being in your corner
to tell you, hey, potentially this is a good way, potentially this might be a way that’s
going to save you from spending $50,000 on your first batch of inventory, which is going
to go to trash because of the fact that it doesn’t pass the compliance with Amazon. That’s going to save you $50,000 by investing
$2,000. Those are the things that people need to understand. It’s not about that $2,000, it’s not about
the hour that you’re spending with you’re mentor. It is about their experience. It is about the mistakes that it may potentially
save you. That’s the value of a paid mentorship.

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  1. Two of my favorite business books are E-Myth Revisited and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Most of my mentors are from books as well since it's hard finding one. After watching you video, you've convinced me to take the plunge and get a paid mentor.

  2. Great video Wilson!! Having a mentor can be so beneficial! So inspiring! I just did a video over business mentorship on my channel. Whats your favorite memory with your mentor?

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