September 19, 2019
Innovate with IBM to Win the Digital Commerce Battle

Innovate with IBM to Win the Digital Commerce Battle

Right now, Commerce is a battlefield. You’ve been at the top
of your game. But now they say
you’re not relevant. Competition’s
eating your lunch. Those other guys
are changing prices – how you gonna respond? Customers are searching – do you even know
what they want? And they need
that order tomorrow – can you deliver? Ah ha, but that’s right… we see the fire in you. You know what you need
to take back market share – and we got the answers. So, come on! Take back control, ‘cause right now,
you can! Right now,
our modern architecture means less time
managing your platform, and more time innovating! Right now, we have the power
that lets you win customers one by one. And I hear them coming – on repeat. Right now, our AI’s gonna
drop some knowledge on you that’s gonna give
you the competitive edge. You’re gonna be
two steps ahead. Fair? I don’t care. [ There we go. ] [ There we go. ] [ Come on. Come on. ] [ Haha! ] Oh, you feeling it now. Security? Tighter. Response times? Faster. Fulfillment? Make more promises
and keep them. [ Ooh! ] You making some big fans
with that delivery. You got all the tools, time to start winning. So, what do we say to
our competition now? Game on. [ cheering ]

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