November 12, 2019
Infographic Video: Zibbra

Infographic Video: Zibbra

E-commerce is a fast-paced business. You have to deal with all kind of partners. For logistics, payment, marketing, web development,
and so on. Most of them use different software systems
that aren’t integrated with one another. Managing these partners and systems takes
time. And imagine when you want to expand your business
across the globe. You will have to deal with foreign tax policies,
laws, regulations, and so on. Isn’t there a better way? Meet Zibbra, our hassle-free cloud platform
brings E-commerce, logistics and payments together within one software solution. With Zibbra you are taking care of from click
to cash. Wherever you go, we help you to create your
ideal E-commerce formula, without micromanaging everything. Our team has extensive experience in running
E-commerce businesses around the world. Based on that experience and the latest technology,
we developed a platform that helps you save time and focus on your business. With Zibbra you select the services you need,
like marketing or logistics and we manage all the involved partners to make it happen. Our network spreads across the entire E-commerce
chain from top to bottom and across the world. So, expanding to other countries is just as
easy. The great thing is you are free to start or
stop our services at any time. No strings attached. Go to and realize your growth ambitions. Hassle-free. Subtitles by the community

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