March 29, 2020
Influencer Marketing | Brand Ambassadors | Online Business | PR Packages

Influencer Marketing | Brand Ambassadors | Online Business | PR Packages

To find influencers, I use the app called
Brand Snob. This is a lot more streamlined and efficient than just
DMing people on Instagram. You decide if you want to gift or compensate them. Here you would post details about your campaign, how long you want them to keep their
post up and the type of post, such as a photo, video or story. When choosing
influencers I use the websites IG Audit and HypeAuditor. IG Audit estimates the
amount of real followers that each Instagram has. HypeAuditor shows me the age group of their audience as well as the gender and location. This also shows
audience interests. So for example, I would want an audience that’s
predominately interested in beauty and fashion. HypeAuditor also shows the
estimated authentic engagement per post. Hi everyone! So I decided to document my journey in scaling and growing my small business. I just finished, or almost
finished setting up my first set of PR packages. I have a set of nine and I’m
sending them out tomorrow. So if you’re in that group you’re getting them very
soon. You can have a look. So it’s been very scrappy having a business because
it’s basically a one-woman show. You kind of take on all the roles unless you have
a lot of capital, which many do not. So yeah here’s the first PR. So if you’re
one of the girls I chose for PR, I hope you enjoy! I worked so hard on them.
I’m launching a couple more styles. I’m wearing one of the new styles right now.
I like to do handwritten notes for all of my influencers and personalize each.
If an influencer feels they’re valued, they’ll genuinely work to drive
results for you and if they truly appreciate your kindness and gesture
towards them you may end up getting even more brand awareness and engagement . It’s important to clearly state their requirements and make sure that the
influencer personality and voice is always maintained. So allow them creative
freedom. Creative freedom also ensures that their audience can relate to the
post that they create for your brand and this will drive even more engagement. So
custom affiliate codes are great for generating new leads and tracking
progress. I always create custom affiliate codes for each influencer to
share with their family and friends. This can help you track the conversions
you’re getting from each influencer. You can choose to offer your
influencers a certain commission for every sale. Don’t expect an influencer collaboration
to boost your sales overnight. Successful influencer collaborations take time to
increase your engagement and improve your sales. They will improve your SEO,
create content, build brand awareness and grow your social following. If you like
videos like this of me documenting my journey, my business and trying to
figure it out let me know and I’ll make more. If you don’t, I’ll probably still
make more.

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  1. Always ensure legitimacy among your influencers, when in doubt, audit with auditing tools such as influencer auditor

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