April 8, 2020
Increase Mobile Checkout Conversions Up To 56% With This Strategy

Increase Mobile Checkout Conversions Up To 56% With This Strategy

hey Justin Christianson here the
co-founder of president of conversion fanatics today I wanted to talk about
how to engage visitors more easily and get them engaged in that buying and
shopping process with you as quickly as possible now that’s our goal is
ecommerce store owners is to essentially give the visitors exactly what they want
take them down that path of least resistance to the end goal that we want
achieved and for us to do that we need to engage them in that shopping process
as quickly as possible and I have two examples today of the same type of
application that increased the conversions dramatically so if you want
to increase your mobile conversions this could be a very good way to start doing
that so say you’ve got you know 20 or 30 products in your e-commerce store you
want to position your best selling products or maybe just you know the
80/20 principle that you have two products out of ten that are the highest
revenue-generating and the highest you know highly sought-after products and
that most customers actually purchase that product instead of hiding it
further down we had one store that had you know hundreds of products but they
had one main line of product that they had that was very sought-after but they
were hiding it way down on their homepage so what we did is we just
simply moved it up into a better position so visitors can then find those
products a lot easier and engage in that shopping process much quicker another
example is we took it on a catalog page so once you click on the shop now’ page
and you go to all products we positioned the top three selling products in the
top section of that page and just emphasize that hey these are the best
selling and showcase some of the top selling products so those are the first
products those visitors see and they know that you know those we know because
of the data that it’s the most sought-after product and the most
purchased product so we just positioned that in the the main sections of the
site to then position it and put it in front of the visitors quicker so they
can engage in that process and that should be our whole goal is to just
quickly engage those visitors into the shopping process too and then the faster
we can do that the more engaged we’ll be in the more they’re gonna shop
with you on your store and the results of that it’s actually quite shocking but
once we move that mobile conversions at sales conversions increased 53% on one
of the stores and they increased just over 56% on the other store and on
desktop they increased about 33% in about 36% all because we just took the
main selling products and the most sought-after products and put them in a
place where the visitors can find them more easily so then they can engage in
that process so test out where you place your products the best selling products
the most sought-after products test the placement the size the positioning of
those products to see exactly how your visitors engage with that if 30 plus
percent of your revenue comes from just a handful of products which most stores
that is typically the case you need to showcase those products so hopefully you
found this video of value be sure to like share comment and subscribe and
we’ll talk to you again on another video thanks

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