April 1, 2020
Increase eCommerce Sales With This Video Marketing Strategy

Increase eCommerce Sales With This Video Marketing Strategy

Do you have an e-Commerce site or sell products
and services online? Well if that sounds like you, stick around
because in this video I am going to share with you how you can use a simple video marketing
strategy to get more dollars in the bank. Hi guys, Joshua Van Den Broek here, Founder
of Video Marketing Done For You and in this video we are talking e-Commerce and how you
can use video to get more dollars in your bank account. Now there was a recent article put out by
MediaPost, who indicated that online shoppers, 57% are more confident in purchasing a product
after watching a video. Now I want you to think about that for a moment,
because if you are currently selling something online and there is no video attached to it;
there’s a chance you are going to lose a few dollars there. I’d like you to think about the typical
buying behaviour of a customer, whether it is online or offline it is typically the same;
because say that you’re offline and you go into a retail store and you see a product
you like. You are visually seeing, but then you might
want to pick it up, shake it around, see what it does; and basically have an experience
with it. Now online, unfortunately you can’t physically
feel the product. But you can demonstrate what the experience is going to be like for
the buyer. So if you use a demonstration video to accompany
a product or a service, then you’re giving the viewer that experience of already purchasing
the product. So it makes sense that people are going to
be more likely to purchase after watching the video. So as far as MediaPost says, it is 57%. Another thing in that same article was that
those same buyers are more likely to be happy with their purchase. So not only are they
more confident up front, but they are happier with their purchase and they are less likely
to want a refund, or request one. And this is something that is of concern to
e-Commerce sites. The rate of “churn” or the rate of refunds is something that you
kinda factor in a little bit, but if you can reduce that level of refund rate then you’re
going to have a better outcome at the end of the day. So if you can use a demonstration video, to
not only make someone more confident in their purchase and more likely to purchase; and
also be less likely to refund. I think that’s a bit of a win-win. So if you are an e-Commerce site and you are
currently not using video to market those products or services, then you might want
to consider changing that. Now if you have a website selling products
or services, well I have just given you an indication of what you can do to demonstrate
a product. You might want to open a box and show exactly
what comes in the box. They are the “unboxing videos” that are quite popular on YouTube. But you can also demonstrate exactly what
it looks like when assembled, how to assemble it. There’s a few different types of videos
that you can create that will give that experience to your viewer. Now if you have a service, this is a little
harder to demonstrate. But you can be face to camera and explain all the things that
happen in that service. So you might go through a checklist of all the things that happen. You might want to include a testimonial video
to be as part of this as well, to further demonstrate the benefits of having this service. So there’s a few ways that you can use video
to market your products and services, whether you are just a regular Joe-Blo who has a website,
or someone who has an e-Commerce site. Take away those tips, implement them into
your business. See your conversion rates go up and get more dollars in your bank account. Did you like this video? Well if you did,
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