April 9, 2020
In- Market Buyers Internet Advertising for Dealerships

In- Market Buyers Internet Advertising for Dealerships

[music] Duncan: “Hey guys. Today I want to talk about
a new, really slick form of online advertising that Google recently launched. It’s called
‘In-Market Buyers’ or ‘In-Market Segments’. As a car dealer, why
should you care? Essentially with this form of advertising, Google can narrow down who
is a qualified buyer in the automotive space and we can target those people
specifically. It’s not like paid search where they can just type in some keywords; ‘Ford
Fusion’ or ‘Honda Civic’ and we go out and serve them an ad.
We know people that have been researching these cars using Googles consumer pattern
recognition software. Google determines that these people are qualified and that they are
in the buying mode, and we target them specifically with your ads to get you more qualified conversion
and to help you sell more cars. If based on a cost per click model, it is
just an extension of interest groups in AdWords. You can do this yourself if you are running
a campaign at your dealership. If you have any questions, please feel free
to reach out to any of us at Strathcom, we’d be happy to take you through how to do this,
but this is definitely a new form of online advertising that you want to take advantage
of in 2014.” [music]

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