April 5, 2020
Improve ecommerce studio workflow

Improve ecommerce studio workflow

Hi I’m Erik Valind and in this video I’m
going to demonstrate some ecommerce photography solutions that can come from using broncolor. In the e-commerce and enterprise photography world time equals
money. This can be broken down into how many minutes each picture takes from
capture to publication. When you are shooting tens of thousands of images a
year each wasted second begins to add up. In the following videos I’ll show you
the direct and indirect ways that broncolor lighting systems can help save
time and money. I’m going to be showing the differences between broncolor
workflow and the workflow of other lighting systems. Over the course of a
day it might not seem like much, but when multiplied over weeks months and years,
the effort and energy saved will be a welcome relief. Today we are set up with
the Sirros 800 S monolight the Scoro 1600 S Wi-Fi pack and an assortment of
broncolor lamp heads. My lighting modifiers are the 30 by 120 strip
softbox and the octabox 150. For the other set up, we have another popular
brand of flash while using the same light modifiers. From the moment you set
up your lights broncolor makes it simple to control everything from one
central hub using the bronControl app. This can control both Scoro & Siros
units via the phone, tablet or your computer. Now that we have our lights all
set up, let’s take our first shot. As you can see, we’re underexposed
across the board. With bronControl, we can quickly adjust the global output of
the lights without affecting our lighting ratio. With the other brand we
have to manually change each lights output one at a time. Next I need to add two stops to make my
background 100% white. I can just head to the computer and control these lights
individually. The cognition lights on the back of the unit also correspond with
the color swatches on the app. It’s a simple but effective way to make sure
that I don’t lose track of which lights are doing what in a more complicated
setup. It’s extremely important not to waste time with a model or client and
having misfired frames show up is never a good thing.
The right tools save time across the production process as well with quick
recycle times that ensure no wasted frames due to misfiring flashes. broncolor Enhanced Color Temperature Control, or ECTC, also helps with
post-production as constant color temperatures across all images means
less time reshooting grey cards and fixing and correct color and post. To sum it up broncolor will speed up your shoots by providing accurate lighting
from start to finish. When it comes time to edit fewer corrections are needed to
get your pictures ready to export

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