April 7, 2020
Importify – Import Products to Shopify with a Single Click

Importify – Import Products to Shopify with a Single Click

This is a video explanation on how to
use Importify So once you installed our Shopify app, go and click on this link to install our Chrome extension when you’ve done, you are ready to start import products to your store Go and right click the Importify link and you’ll find our supported websites pick one of these For example Etsy.com and you are
able to import any products from Etsy Let’s pick one of these And when you are
in the product page, you’ll see the Add button. click on the Add button and you
can tweak, you can change anything… The title, description, pricing When you’ve
done, click the add product And in a few seconds it will be added to your store One more thing that we’ve been working on is the ability to import products from
any Shopify store to your own Shopify store So for example let’s go and find Shopify store Let’s take this one As you can see the Add button appear on the
top left, click on it and you’ll be able to import this specific product to your
store You can choose any Shopify store. Now, if you want to see the history of the
products that you import to your store Just click the Importify icon and
you’ll see this page where you can see the source ok all the products and you can click the links, it will redirect you to the supplier product page That’s it, hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions just go to Importify.net You have the Help Center, you can contact us from here Alright, bye bye

6 thoughts on “Importify – Import Products to Shopify with a Single Click

  1. Great job of simplifying and making it easy to understand…I didn't see the icon in the upper right hand corner and know to right click that then hit "supported websites" …really easy just needed to know what to do so thanks!!!

  2. When people order, how will be the package??? With names of store: aliexpress, Amazon,, will people know that it's from this store???

  3. But if I import from Shopify when a customer buys do I have to buy from there store and then sell it. How can I see the AliExpress supplier they sourced it from?

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