February 23, 2020
Import Export Courses – Why You Need An Ecommerce Store

Import Export Courses – Why You Need An Ecommerce Store

hey everyone Alex Ryan here welcome back
to another video today’s video here we’re going to be talking about
e-commerce website so why you should be having and selling products on an
e-commerce website so let’s get started welcome back everyone so what is an
e-commerce website and how easy are they to build while an e-commerce website is
essentially a website that allows you to list multiple products on your store and
enable people to sort of Add to Cart and do the checkout experience and apply
coupons and have alt multiple shipping options available for them because some
people want their product shipped immediately on expedited shipping and
some people want their products pay a little bit less of a price and have
their products shipped via the you know the usual postal service so you that’s
what an e-commerce website is now these days it’s much easier now thanks to
WordPress to actually have an e-commerce website so you can be selling on eBay
Amazon on your own e-commerce website you know on Gavin tree trade me on
Craigslist if you want to go there there’s a lot of ways to sell your
products but having your own e-commerce website is a fantastic fantastic way to
increase your sales and let me give an example
we had a client many years ago that would sell on eBay now he lists the TV
for sale for roughly about $100 that his TV was valued recommended retail price
RRP for about 500 bucks so why would it be selling it so low what he would get a
lot of coverage a lot of a lot of interest from this so on this one TV he
might have about 400 people bidding on this TV now when it was bidded so when
it was in the bidding and the auction on eBay let me ask you a question how many
people win an eBay auction how many people actually win it the
answer was just one see where they’re 400 people bid on this but only one
person would win it so they would get a 500 bucks but those other 399 people
would miss out and we they would have something we call buyer’s remorse so
that what they would do immediately he found that about 10 percent of them
would immediately go to his web saw so about 40 of them will go to his web
store and buy the TV at the 500 dollar recommended retail price of the full
price so he would actually use eBay as a way of leveraging his brand creating
more awareness for his brand and when they miss out in the auction
they were good and immediately two’s website and buy the full price so this
is something this is why I recommend even though eBay sort of changed their
terms its increase its price its listing fees definitely have a store and an
awareness at brand awareness for your products on eBay even if you break even
he was breaking even on his hundred bucks right yes I think his source
products about 80 bucks with the listing fees and he would wouldn’t make any
money but he would make money on the back end when people go to his
e-commerce web store so that’s why it’s important to have an e-commerce web
store it also enables you to do sales so come Christmas and Easter Thanksgiving
you know fourth of July depending on which country you are Australia Day all
that sort of stuff depending on what you know what day is there a Queen’s
birthday for the UK people you could do sales and you can do with coupons and
there’s some really cool things you can do when you have your own webstore you
can derive people directly to a page and apply a coupon and you’ll get some good
sales from that so that’s some of good advantages of having your own e-commerce
web store guys if you’re looking to get again in commerce webstore and when more
importantly you’re looking to get started and you want to get some
coaching for on how to start your own import-export business or Amazon
business give us a call zero to eight thousand and three seven five three four
the numbers on the screen I help Americans
UK people and Australia New Zealand’s get started with their businesses so if
you’re looking for hot product ideas give me a call
connect with me today I hope you build that ecommerce website as well have an
awesome day guys talk to you all soon happy importing

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