April 2, 2020
Import a Custom Email Template to HubSpot

Import a Custom Email Template to HubSpot

Hey guys welcome to a new video tutorial
where we’ll learn how to upload a customized email template newsletter to
HubSpot login into your HubSpot account and in the marketing menu find files and
templates and click design tools here we’ll add our HTML file downloaded from
the postcards app click create a new file and here choose the HTML and hu BL
option continue to setup the HTML file by choosing the email and write the file
name here for example index here choose the location of the file and click the
Create button the index.html file loaded with a default file generated by HubSpot
from this file I will use only a few important and required tags for example
the unsubscribe preferences company name and company location tags for this
tutorial I have used the template from our previous tutorial I removed a few
blocks to show only the important parts for this tutorial here in the footer I
inserted the required tags by HubSpot you can see the tags are long and the
design doesn’t look good but the tags will be transformed
automatically in the text after we’ll add it to HubSpot and the email will
look good I’ve inserted the tags directly here in the postcards editor I
have not touched any lines of code you see the tags here for preferences and
unsubscribe buttons insert the tags right here these they will be
transformed in links automatically after I upload the file to HubSpot let me show
you this now export the template and unarchive the downloaded archive open
the index.html file in your code editor or text document and copy and paste the
code directly into the HubSpot editor removing the default code from HubSpot
the HTML file is ready but the images are located on our local computer so we
need to upload them to HubSpot in the HubSpot marketing menu find files and
templates and click files this is where we will store email images open the
images folder and drag and drop the images directly here in the browser
the images are now stored on HubSpot and we can use the images in our email
template we have to change the default image directory to HubSpot image
directory for this click on the desired image and copy the file URL go to the
code editor and find the image directory remove and paste the new file URL right
here okay here is our image when we’ll send the email the image will be loaded
from HubSpot server now I will copy this part of URL and add it to other images
from my email because the path of these URLs is the same for all images I search
the images and copy and paste the new file URL let’s preview the email template
directly on HubSpot it looks very good look how the takes changed to readable
and friendly text with company details now the footer looks better because the
tags are automatically converted to text this text you can change into your
account on HubSpot and it will always appear automatically in all your emails
because it’s required information also let’s test the email on different
screens sizes for example 600 pixels wide or 300 pixels wide looks great
go back to the code editor and click the publish Changes button now your changes
are saved and you can send a campaign let me show you how to do this in the
left sidebar find the index.html file and right click it here in the menu
choose create email or you can open the marketing menu and click email and in
the new window click the Create email button and select the classic editor
here you will find all of your customized email templates select our
template and create an email campaign with the desired name here is the email campaign setup let’s
customize email details by choosing a name email address and subject line click the done button now I want to test
her campaign and send an email in the left sidebar choose the send a test
email choose the destination and click the send button the email is sent now
open your email and check the preview it looks exactly how I built it in the
postcards app now you can send your campaign to clients and subscribers I
hope you liked this video and it was useful for you subscribe to our channel
for new videos and I hope to see you next time

2 thoughts on “Import a Custom Email Template to HubSpot

  1. Just wonderful, I've been looking for "mobile optimized email width" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Jenevi Digital Duppy – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got great success with it

  2. Great video! Thanks! 🙏

    Any chance you’ll do a video like this for Slides? How to import a Slides website into Hubspot’s CMS? It would be extremely valuable.

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