April 6, 2020
Implement Select2 in Laravel | E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

Implement Select2 in Laravel | E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

hello friends in this video we will
implement slack to library inside our large of 5.5 y client and our admin will
add a product here you will implement here for categories for that just go to
installing you have a various option to add this library like a CDN this command
and NPMs so I will use NPM I am inside my folder here and p.m. installed select
– it will reload your directory and installed new library here is library
folder slack – and you have to implement this – folder inside your master blade
because we are using here muster blade let me show you open your master bed
inside your admin view here after your j/s demo yes we are is completing here
you will put script source source you will follow with base URL get F dot URL
slash node module let me show you here is not module and folder is slack to
inside this list and you will up implement GS GS select – dot min toot
yes close your script now you have to put here your ID let me
show you basic uses here you will see simply put this line inside your main je
s script open your ad product blade go to script after this you will put here
just change your ID ID of your drop-down ID let me show you inspect element and
here you will see is your ID here you will see your ID cat dot ID put here
save it reload you will see here is your just
adheres through and it’s your category simply if you put here sweet
it’s your sweet anything you can do it with this library which installed by NPM
okay thank you guys see in the next video

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