April 4, 2020
“I’m working 24 hours a day to KICK YOUR ASS!” – Mark Cuban (@mcuban) Top 10 Rules

“I’m working 24 hours a day to KICK YOUR ASS!” – Mark Cuban (@mcuban) Top 10 Rules

– He’s an American businessman, investor, television personality,
and philanthropist. – He’s the owner of the
NBA Dallas Mavericks and Landmark Theaters. – He has an estimated net
worth of $3 billion US. – He is Mark Cuban, and here are his top ten rules for success. (whoosh) (thump) – You know, personally,
I think every time’s a perfect time to start a business. There’s no bad times. If you do the work, if
you do the preparation, you’ll know when it’s time. And it doesn’t mean that it
won’t be a little bit scary, but, you know, you’ll know. And you don’t have to quit the daytime job if you don’t feel all that comfortable, and you can give it a run at night. But whatever works for you. Now, with the Internet, you’ve got all the choices in the world, and you can just go out there
and do your own thing and, you know, set up a business part-time. The passion I’ve always had for business and being an entrepreneur,
that transfers into the Mavs. I’ve always been passionate. Some people thought, you know, it’s more OCD than anything else, which I think is a great
trait for an entrepreneur. When I, you know, I
mentioned the stamp business, I would stay up ’till
three, four in the morning even though I had to
get up and go to school and read Linn’s Stamp News
and Scott’s Stamp Journals and to have them all
memorized and use that to give myself an edge. Even when I was in college,
I’d be in the library reading business books and just looking for business biographies and just reading all I could about business. When I had MicroSolutions and, you know, I started with no money, you know. I’d pull all-nighters in
front of borrowed computers teaching myself software
and how to program. Just to go after it. I mean, the thing about
being an entrepreneur is it’s just all to you. You know, a lot of people
like to make excuses, I don’t have connections,
I don’t have money, I don’t have this. But, you know, if you find something that you like to do or love to do, be great at it and see if you
can turn it into a business. And worst case, you’re
going to have fun doing what it is you love to do, and best case, you can turn it into a business. I’m just not big on excuses. I just think if you’re really, everybody has that
opportunity to go for it. They’ve just got to do it. One of the things that
companies do or startups do, they come up with an
idea, they’ll Google it, and if they don’t see it
in the first two pages, they think it’s original. You got to go back, right,
because over the past 15 years, there’s so many different businesses that have have tried and failed. You have to go back and find
those and learn from those. So you’ve got to understand
all the implications, and you have to learn from history. And so the best advice I can give you on a video before talking
to you or emailing with you is that you’ve got to find out the history of people who have tried your idea. Because there’s a 99.99999% chance that your idea has been tried before. That’s not a good reason not to start it, ’cause you might be
able to outperform them, but you better learn from
the history of your idea. Because you know what
they say about people who don’t learn from history. I’ve always just really enjoyed just the competition of business. I think, you know, in the sports business, I’ll talk to our players,
and it’ll be like, well, you guys compete for 48 minutes and you practice a couple hours and you work on your game
independently a couple hours. But the ultimate sport is business, because you have to
compete with everybody. And you have to do a 24 by seven
by 365 days a year forever. And there’s always somebody out there trying to kick your butt. There’s always somebody who
looks at your business and says, I can do that better,
I have a better idea. And you have to compete with that person, and all the while, you have to make your customers happy,
your employees happy. It’s the competitive side of
me that, in any entrepreneur, that I think that that has to drive you and I think that carries
over into the Mavericks. I want to win, and I want to compete. 99% of small businesses you can start with next to no capital. It’s more about effort. You know, small businesses
don’t fail for lack of capital. They fail for lack of brains,
they fail for lack of effort. Most people just aren’t willing to put in the time to work smart. I mean, they go for it in a lot of cases, but they just don’t recognize
how much work’s involved and if you do the
preparation, if you know, if you start a business, you’d
better know your industry and your company better than
anyone in the whole wide world. Because you’re competing, and to think that whoever it is you’re competing with is just going to let you come
in and take their business, obviously that’s naive. And I think most people
don’t recognize that. If you’re going to compete with
me and one of my businesses, you better realize that I’m working 24 hours a day to kick your ass. One of the big things that all startups do is they lie to themselves
over and over and over. Mine’s faster, mine’s
cheaper, mine’s better. Mine’s this, mine’s that. No it’s not. And the reason it’s not is because whoever it is you’re competing with, it’s not like they’re ignoring you. It’s not like, oh my goodness, this guy just started on Shopify
in the startup competition, he’s doing $1 million this year. Woe is me, I might as
well close up the doors. What are they doing? I’m going to copy what they’re doing. And now you’ve got to stay ahead. And so, you know, you’ve
got to be very careful as an entrepreneur to be
brutally honest with yourself. And those are some of the things that you’ll hear from me as a mentor, that, you know, know what you know, know what you don’t know, but you’ve got to know your
business better than anybody. I think the most important
is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and knowing
what you enjoy doing. You know, if you look at it
as a job, you’ve already lost. It’s not going to be your passion, and you’re going to count the hours. If you look at it as
something you love to do and then you know what your strengths are, then you can leverage those strengths in your business and in helping others, and once you recognize your weaknesses, then you can work with
people that complement you. I mean, every one of my businesses, I’ve had a partner who’s very anal. (laughs) Martin Woodall, Todd Wagner. I mean, incredibly anal
people, perfectionists. ‘Cause I’m a slob, you know. I’m a big picture, think about
what’s around the corner, how’s technology going to change things, how can I change, you know, this industry. And, you know, making sure
that there’s somebody there to dot the Is, cross the Ts,
and keep me in the baselines. And, you know, recognizing my weaknesses is just as important as
recognizing my strengths, my core competencies, and, you know, having a passion to do them. You’ve got to be
differentiated and unique. You’ve got to know what
your core competency is and be great at it. I think what people fail to realize is there’s got to be a defining
feature of your company and you’ve got to be the
best in the world at that. Whatever industry you’re
in, if you don’t know more about it than
anybody else in the world, whoever those other people are that more are going to kick your ass. I had a job out of
college working for a bank for a short period of time, Mellon Bank. And I decided to, well, first, it might have been Inc. Magazine. This is way back when. But there was an article about
using, changing something in how you save social security
from employees’ paychecks. And I literally hadn’t been
working there for three weeks. And so I sent it to
the CEO of Mellon Bank, hey, I thought you might
be interested in this. Literally some guy he’d never heard of. And I got a note back, said thank you, and I’m thinking, okay,
look, my whole job, my whole motive in taking
a job, working for somebody was to help them become more profitable. That’s the way I always looked at it. And then I started a rookies’ club where I reached out to some
executives and all the people who had started at the
same time at Mellon Bank. We’d all go out and get a drink and we’d get this executive started. And I didn’t, like, run it
through my boss or anything. And so my boss at the
time calls me in and says, you’re doing this, and
I said yeah, thank you, and he was going to say, great. He just starts screaming
at me and reaming me. “How could you do this? You go everything through
me, you work for me.” Yeah, so I knew I wasn’t destined there. And then I left. (crowd laughs) And I went down to,
ended up down in Dallas and got a job working for a company called Your Business Software. And we sold software. And I didn’t know anything about software. I took one computer class at Indiana and kind of cheated to pass. But not that I condone that, but. (crowd laughs) And so I had a customer, and
I’d stay up all night reading. I figured, you know, computers were new, and technology was new,
this technology was new. So nobody had a head start on me, ’cause it was changing so
rapidly like it is today that if I just put in the time, I can learn as much as anybody else. And so I taught myself. I’d stay up reading software manuals, taught myself different little
simple programming languages and kept on getting bigger and
bigger and better and better. But it was at a retail store, and one of my responsibilities
was to come in, sweep the floor, wipe down the
windows, and open the store. And I had a customer who wanted me to come out there and close a deal. And it was a $15,000 deal,
$1,500 commission to me. Told my boss, he said, no, you need to be there to open the store. And I made the executive decision that I was going to go get the check. ‘Cause, you know, I was living six guys in a three-bedroom apartment,
sleeping on the floor, and this check meant I could, like not use the same Holiday Inn
towels with holes in them that I had stolen, you know. But anyway, I went and picked
up the check, thank you. When I came back and gave
the check to my boss, all would be forgiven, and,
you know, the sales cures all. Fired me. Fired me. And so those back-to-back
experiences confirmed what I already knew, that
I was a shitty-ass employee and that I’d better start my own. (crowd laughs) (whoosh) – Thank you guys so much for watching. – Now, this video was made because Jose Bergos asked Evan to on YouTube. If you have a famous entrepreneur that you really want
Evan to make a video of, leave it in the comment below. – I’d also love to know
which of Mark Cuban’s top 10 rules had the
biggest impact on you. Leave it in the comments and we’re going to join in the discussion. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe,
and we’ll see you soon. (whoosh) (thump)

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