February 20, 2020


and there’s a lot of reason guys like
I’ll get to copyright strike this is the second time I can’t believe it hey guys
welcome back to my youtube channel so I know I didn’t post because guys
finally and finally I came with one thing that I really want to do in my
life and this is what’s the thing that when I first started on YouTube like I
said do what you like so I was like thinking like what can I do what is easy
like what would make me money so this was the thing that it took me so much
time about two years to just come about like online marketing to make money and
I was taking massive action guys to be honest like I was clicking on every ad
and I was like going to any webinar to learn about all this stuff and finally
now I came with free up tanks Instagram YouTube and digital marketing so I just
want guys thank you so much for 10,000 subscribers I know like I might broke
your heart because at the reaction video that’s like just why I came to this
position 10,000 subscribers but like what I say like I have to do what I like
like now my Instagram page is about marketing my information my education
everything that I spent time is now what marketing you have to sell all that
stuff I have to make my youtube marketing to and I’m gonna be shooting
tips and tricks and secrets and everything that to grow your Instagram
page to grow your YouTube to do digital marketing to grow your business because
as an entrepreneur you have to know all the stuff and I’m down to four new guy
you know so I’m really sorry if I broke your heart and if you have any guys in
it coming any staff present comment I’ll be happy to answer you and I don’t know
like yeah I quit reaction videos and I’m not gonna do it anymore
and there’s a lot of reason guys like I forget to copyright strike this is the
second time I can’t believe it like the previous video about 2020 celebrations
time buddy else copyright my video and I was so so like my heart so Brock and
like instead of giving me a couple extras she could just like write like
please me in your description in there or our
I’ll give you a copy strike but she didn’t even do that and she just gave me
a copy right and and then I was like man like you can’t just do like this like I
I end up with reaction videos like I can’t do reaction videos and people will
just come and they were like copyright and if you get three copyright you’re
done your channel will go forever like it took me so much time to grow my
channel and now like if I get one more I’m done you know that’s why I want to
just do and produce my own content do marketing know what I know and share
with you guys just you know working on things what will work so I hope you guys
understand so I have a greatness effect bit which I do motivation I asked for
this Afghan say this is my personal brand yeah it sounds like so creepy
students Afghan say but it’s just my name I have to put it and also I have
fiber which I shared like if you want me to help you on Instagram I need to burn
other things you go to my Fiverr and you choose an offer and they never help you
and then Unleashed you out so yeah this is now my online thing this is what I
want to do this is what I’m good at it so I changed my YouTube yeah so from
reaction I’m going to digital marketing and from my personal brand which I was
just posting my picture I went to a business page which I’m sharing business
stuff and also I start a motivation page and yeah I have to do this three enough
to become so good at it and then I can make a lot of money from it it’s not
about that it’s kind of money from it coming come on guys like everybody wants
to make money in this world like you have to be good something and then you
have to be you have to know how to study you have to know how to market it you
know marketing thank you so much again for subscribing I know you guys
subscribe for reaction videos but just like how I said I can’t upload more
because if I get one more copy right I’m done from YouTube and I don’t want this
happen because I spent like two years to grow my YouTube channel and now I have
Adsense I made a make some money of my youtube
so I don’t want to go that away so yeah thank you guys again
you guys understand so make sure you subscribe and I will see you on my next
year on my next digital marketing video I’m gonna teach you about Instagram on
YouTube and stuff so yeah I think do that make sure you don’t go and you
don’t have subscribe so yeah thank you and I’ll see you on the next one

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