April 6, 2020
Igor Sorokin about e-commerce, remote team management and future of Bitcoin | Binom View

Igor Sorokin about e-commerce, remote team management and future of Bitcoin | Binom View

You paid some traffic with your mom’s credit
card Wait, wait, wait! Let’s figure it out Is that possible to make one million dollar profit monthly? it’s like a unicorn of affiliate marketing How does cockroach taste It’s tough question Hi Igor Hi Thanks for being here today
Hey Roman So the first thing first. How do I introduce
you to our audience. Are you an affiliate, are you an entrepreneur, a digital nomad,
a marketer. What is paramount? I think mostly I consider myself an entrepreneur an entrepreneur yeah Alright. So, Igor, an entrepreneur with us today So let’s start from this: I read in your blog that in a very begging of your career.
When you start profiting you paid some traffic with your mom’s credit card
yeah that’s true And how did you convince her? Actually, my mom is kind of person who trusts in me and she doesn’t ask too many questions. So I just asked her: “please give me your card”. And that’s it. Alright. So you didn’t tell her about an affiliate marketing.
No I mean, she just didn’t ask. She knew I was doing some king of marketing and I just
told her: ” Mom, I need cash”. All right Why did you start blogging man?
Why did I start? aa… first of all to document my journey. I felt like this could be beneficial
for me in order to introduce myself to people and in order to know people from the industry. Because when I started I didn’t know anyone, I mean literally I din’t know anyone who
was doing money from online marketing. So… my goal was to know as many people as I can. And why did you stop then? It played its role. I mean – people on Defo
know me. It doesn’t make much sense now to invest time in this blog, because it won’t
give me more exposure and the things I am doing now are mostly not related to what people do there. So it’s just doesn’t make much sense. All right. So, you went from zero knowledge noob to like kind of super affiliate and that took
you around three years. And I just presume that it is has changed your life dramatically.
But my question is: what has not been changed? Oh.. Such a good question. What has not been changed? hm… That is interesting. It feels like everything has changed in my life Something inside maybe? Something inside – yes. Probably back then
and now it’s still the case I am always looking for improvement. And I am trying to
answer… to ask myself questions and answer honestly. Like for example – it’s pretty
obvious question – do you want to be healthy? Right. Everybody say – of course yes, but
is you think about it and answer consciously and than like if you want to be healthy
why do you drink, smoke, sleep – not sleep enough etc. So that actually how my journey
started, because… it’ s actually started with one way ticket to Asia We will get back to it yeah, but the reason it started is because
two years, one year before that trip my friend was kinda experiencing problems with his job,
his business and I gave him advise: “If you don’t know what to do, just change something – buy ticket to Asia, go traveling, it will change your world view and maybe it will help”. So what has not changed is your openness to changes. So you are still wiling to change
things in a way Yes, yes, but I am talking about a little
bit different. And than – next year, when I faced problems myself like I didn’t
what to do in my job, and I came back to same question. like ok if I gave him that advise
why don’t I follow it myself? Okay, I should follow then
Reasonable Yeah. So that ability to answer question
honestly it’s probably haven’t changed and I hope it won’t change ever. Alright, good. I heard that you took a part in Affiliate World Asia this year. You participated
to panel discussion. Right. Can you just tell a little bit what was your talk about, what
was the discussion about yeah we were talking about dropshipping. And
how it relates to e-commerse business. How does it work? Were you invited or you
applied? Well. I was invited. I was invited. It’s
just lucky coincidence. Thanks to my good friend… who used to leave in Barcelona.
He just offered me to participate. Is that paid?
No… no. I mean maybe for some speakers it is, but for sure not for me.
And straight after the conference you went to that sort of closed party on secret island yes And Mr Green describing that event wrote in
his Facebook that it was pure insanity and I just wanted to ask you – what was so insane
about that party? Overall experience. Like It was private island
only with marketers on it. That is pretty crazy I mean overall it was very good and
solid party, but the setting , the fact that is on a privity island with beautiful pools,
infinity pools Beautiful women I suppose if there were any.. No… that the problem of this industry – not many women Were there any invited No… no… it’s very white hat party Were there many people invited? yeah, around 250 What did you need to do in order to be invited? There were like invitations from affiliate
networks, there were invitation for STM forum members, there for invitations for speakers
and probably… So you could just apply and someone would
consider your application? Yes, yes you could apply as STM forum member,
you can get ticket if you run traffic with certain affiliate networks. Or you can just have friends, who invite you The most funny story from there? Something
crazy? From that island?
Yeah from the party Ahh. There were… there was a table with
Thai bugs… bugs, cockroaches Alright
And all this shit Like you could eat it?
Yeah It was in the middle of all tables, so everybody was going around
Did anyone try that? Yeah, I did, I tried, I ate actually to much.
And next day I got food poisoning How does cockroach taste? Cockroach is pretty awful. But there were normal bugs which you could actually normally eat
with beers or something like that. Okay. Let’s get back in days. Three years
ago or around you lived in Moscow, you were kind of involved in e-commerce business. I
mean you had on-line stores. Am I correct? What did you sell?
It all started that I was air-conditioner installer. I was installing them myself, like,
with hands. And then I just looked at the business model of company that I was working
for and it was actually pretty simple. They were just running Google Adwords on their
on-line store and that was company like 50 people. I thought: “Well, I can do it myself!” So… with my friend we just created online store and we created Google Adwords campaign,
and we started answering calls, while installing air-conditioners. Like we were answering calls,
then we were going and installing air-conditioners and we were like pretending to be different
persons. You know like when you speak with someone on the phone and selling him air-conditioner
the you yourself come and install. And there were some funny stories like when somebody
is not happy with whatever and like “ I’ll call your manager, Igor” And I am like “Wait, wait, wait! Let’s figure it out here”. And did that generate you more money than paid job? Well. Yes, yes. I mean it was… I always felt like I should be an entrepreneur. I was reading books like Richard Branson, Oleg Tinkov and all those entrepreneurial books, which
inspired me a lot. So it was next step fo me. First I started it as a job installing
air-conditioners, then I switched to having your own shop, then I hired guys to instal
air-conditioners and I could just answer calls. Can you remember the very moment when you
decided to leave for Asia? I can not remember exact moment, but I remember
overall setting. I had a loan for car which I need to pay, but I don’t have money to
pay it. I had no income and no idea how to change the situation. Like I had some money, little, maybe 2 000 dollars or something like that, but I wanted a lot more. I realised
that I have no idea how I could change that from my current situations, so I decided that
I need to flush everything: everything I know, everything I do and start from the scratch By that time you have already decided that you are going to do affiliate marketing or
you have decided that in Asia? I knew that there are guys who making some
money on-line. Like I was not aware of affiliate marketing as it really was. I heard that some
people create ads and are getting paid on the CPA basis and I thought: “I would probably
make some money in order to living in Asia, because it’s cheap, then I reload, come
back to Moscow and start real business”. In Asia. After you moved can you remember
the most tough day when you thought like O my God that is not going to work I remember one moment when we were in Vietnam, it was like 3rd or 4th month of our travel
and I thought: “okay let’s go back to Bali” then I calculated my finances and I realised
well looks like we don’t have much money left. It was like 3rd or 4th month and I was
not making any money yet. Only spending only some break even campaigns maybe. And that’s it How much did you have left? By that time Probably around 2 or 3 thousand dollar So, I decided that we settle in Vietnam for a month and I bough
return ticket to Moscow because it’s better to be without money in Moscow than without money in Vietnam. At least I can instal air-conditioners in Moscow. And shortly after you started profiting? After a month yeah. It was pretty tough month
in terms of regime. I think it was like wake up at 6 A.M. Five kilometres run everyday,
then breakfast, then work, work, work, diner, sleep and repeat. Actually your nickname is Mr. Hardwork or something like that. Describes you very well It was pretty new nickname. How you name the ship that way it will sail. I decided. okay I am not a very hard working person. I was never actually very hard working person It’s actually a good idea. You look at that all the time I need to work more. I need to work more. Cool. Let’s speak a little bit about affiliate
marketing. Could you name three persons within the industry who have the biggest impact on your career? I think. There are actually more than three,
because each stage has its own set of people. Like for example, when I started, I read
a lot of Russian guys, like blog of Barsag which was pretty active and pretty popular
in Russian community back then. It was the only blog about international affiliate marketing.
Then actually the first course that I took about affiliate marketing was a course of
Oleg Reshetnikov which actually helped me a lot in order to start. I got my basic knowledge
from that course. It was like fundamentals of what I knew about affiliate marketing back then. Then… regarding… It was like first period. Now I’am switching more from affiliate
marketing to e-commerce and actually to entrepreneurship, so now I could probably mane Lorenzo Green
he is a very inspirational guy for me who is very successful entrepreneur and who might
really… I’am really grateful to him for all his advice. He just used to live in Barcelona
for summer and lucky coincidence. I just approached him and offer him to go wake surfing and he
said: ” Why not”? How many campaigns have you launched for last
three years yourself? I don’t remember actually. I mean it’s
definitely more than hundreds. And maybe around thousand. Do you still launch campaigns yourself? No, no, no, no. I try to delegate everything now. Okay. How many people do work with you? Right now there around nineteen Nineteen? Yes remotely or you have an office? Now all hundred percent remote. I’m thinking about office now. But it’s tough question. I haven’t made decision yet. I’ve heard many times that it’s very beneficial to
have an office for companionship, for employees productivity Is that difficult to manage people remotely? No, but I have no experience with senior people.
I have only junior kind of employees now and no it’s not complicated. There are many
tools like Hubstaff which tracks time, tracks screens, so… I think it’s very important
to hire properly not to manage then. I mean I focus a lot on hiring and it helps. How do you hire your employees? I use professional websites like Head Hunter
in Russia. I don’t use freelancers websites because it’s different segment of people.
And we have very strict hiring procedures. Like if it’s junior people there are a lot
of small tricks that help to distinguish people who can read, who can follow instructions
from people who just… So you now kind of interested in human recourses? Yes. It’s where I am transitioning now. As an entrepreneur you have to focus on people not on campaigns. Speaking of success, you wrote once that
in order to become successful one has to sacrifice something. And I just wanted to ask you: what was your biggest sacrifice for success? I think for me it was to abandon my old life.
I mean I sold almost everything… Were there any people who you abandoned with
your No. I mean, I don’t like how it sounds.
I did not abandon anyone. But for sure the people I… My surroundings are completely
different from it was back then. But it’s not because I don’t want to talk to them
or whatever. Just because we live in different worlds now. So of course when I go back to
Moscow I meet with my friends from back then, from those times. But.. What do you miss most? Nothing Nothing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was the best
decision of my life. I could not imagine myself Well, but maybe there are some aspects of
your old life that you miss about. No. Come on! No no. No aspects. So your biggest sacrifice was your old life? It was..I think… I would put it… it was
not a sacrifice, it was like leap of faith. Now when I am looking back I don’t think
I sacrifice anything, because I got a lot more in return back.
But I am pretty sure I am ready to if I see a point. What are you not ready to sacrifice fo success? Family, friends. It comes… It’s bows down
to the point what is success? What is success? For me it’s not about money for sure. That’s more about being a better person today than
you was yesterday Great. I actually… My next question was
meant to be about that. I wanted to ask you if there are any people who are poor but successful?
Your thoughts on that? Maybe there are. For sure there should be.
But I don’t… I can not name anyone. Because… I mean if you’re following..If you’re asking
yourself right questions and you are answering them consciously, money would come. About money. The most expensive purchase of 2017? The most expensive purchase of 2017… Probably… Yeah we bought a car. Mercedes Benz A class Was that new? No, no it was second hand And overall? Overall? Probably it was the most expensive
purchase overall I am not a big spender. I don’t like. I
don’t enjoy spending money. Why do you make money? What does make you
going? It’s like a game
Game of..? Game with… in which money is just a score.
I mean, for sure It would be lie if I would say that I don’t need money, everybody needs
money. But likely, like… I think this is… this year is a first one when I came to a
point when I don’t have to think about money in terms of survival, in a broad terms. Ok. I presume that your income has been growing with times for last three yers let say. Could you remember three most significant points in your income when you could really see the difference. O yeah for sure. First moment was when I got
first successful campaign, it was back in 2015. It was… it was… end of April 2015,
I was in Vietnam. We had a ticket back to Moscow in like one week, we were living on
like 40-50 bucks per month. And I have my first ..
Fifty? No, no, no! Per day, per day. Sorry. I mean
it was with hotel, with food, with restaurants, with coffee. A lot of coffee. Then I got my
first campaign which quickly scales to like 500$ per day and I was like, holly shit,
live would never be the same. Okay, the second point then? Second point… I think it was no that influential. I mean the first one it’s like the most life
changing then it was probably first like $10 000 day profit. Was that sustainable? No! Fuck no. It was completely unsustainable. Then it come back to zero as it usually happens. But it was like an important point. You know
5 figure a day income it’s like a unicorn of affiliate marketing. But unfortunately
of course it’s not sustainable, at least for me. Third point, I presume, is, as you mentioned, the point when you don’t need to think about
money in terms of survival anymore Yeah
Can you elaborate on that? Yeah. I mean, I was always big believer in
bitcoins. And I started investing maybe one and a half years ago. Before the big hype. Have you cashed back? No… I don’t see… I ‘am still a believer.
I don’t see any point cashing back, because like what to do with US dollars? Do you possess more than hundred bitcoins? I wouldn’t answer that question. Ok. But that is more than one, I presume. O, yeah… For sure, for sure Yeah, I saw in your Facebook that you put two bitcoins aside to buy coming Tesla car I like it! Do you really believe that by 2022 that will
be enough to buy. Two bitcoins will be enough to buy a car. I think with current… current adoption of this technology I think it will be too much. Okay, about money one more question: with big money coming into your life. Well considerably big. Don’t you think that it limits your freedom in a way? Can you elaborate? Okay. The more money coming, the more it tightens
you up. Am I correct on your opinion? No. In my case it’s quite opposite. I so
not associate myself with money. I am not my money, my money is not me. So I just have
more opportunities. More things to do. I have more freedom to pursue goals Can you buy a ticket and fly wherever at any time, at any point? Yeah, yeah. And that will be working all as it meant to
be? Your business I mean will be still operating? That was initially the goal. So now my team
is one hundred present remote, so I can go and fly anywhere. But of course it’s not
one hundred present automated yet. So I need to work. Not too much, but if I wanna this
to grow, I need to work for sure. So the more money you have the more freedom
you get? At some point it’s not related that much.
Like starting at certain point, increasing your income is not changing your life much. And then you can start actually doing what you like The most amount of money you generated within a month. I am not meaning investments, but
you just generated, made. Low six figures. Low six figures? Yes Profit? Yes Okay. About traffic arbitrage. Could you name me three verticals that have really made your bankroll? I started with app instals. Then I tried myself in like nutra space, but without success, then e-commerce. So you are hundred present focusing now on e-commerce? Yeah I don’t have any campaigns like pins..and No, no, no, on. I am very radical guy. So if I switch to something, I switch completely. When did you switch completely? A little bit over a year ago. Year and a couple
of month. Most, let’s put it this way, misleading
angle that you’ve ever used in order to make that working. In order to make money. Most misleading angle. Probably in app-instals vertical. I mean everybody used that. What was that? Like you phone is damaged. Your phone is in troubles yeah. You need to
instal this application. Okay, working with pins and sweeps, did you
use that “ You have won iPhone” stuff. Yeah, but “ you possible won iPhone” stuff So you always put word I always tried to be compliant of course. Did you? Yeah. I mean I tried. I don’t say I always
was, but I tried. So what was the most non-compliant campaign? I mean as I told it’s app instals. App instals. Alright. I mean, it’s not completely non compliant. It was Just misleading I would say Kind of, kind of. But that how that vertical
works. Like if you are working with app instals vertical, I’m talking not about games,
but I’m talking about Cleaners and launchers – that king of stuff. Yes. Yes. That the only way you make it works. So and it became actually non compliant only
at the time when I started. Because I was a little bit too late in that vertical. And
when I started it became non compliant according to Google rules. But it absolutely… But how do you think if it generates, if it creates any value to the people? Oh for sure no. Is that important for you to bring some value into this world? You know, yes. For sure yes. But… Do you bring any? Yeah I’m that is a good question. I don’t
think so. I don’t think I bring much value now.
I mean now I’m on pretty neutral area. I don’t bring much value I don’t do anything
bad. That’s perfectly fine. But in order to bring value – not yet. But also like we
employ almost twenty people. You give them a job It brings value to them. We employ people in South America, in Philippines. It brings
value for sure. Into their families It’s not in global terms for sure, but in local, in local terms – yes. About your company. Is that called Singlead? Am I correct? So what do you exactly do? Singlead is not
an affiliate network, it’s just a company when you working on your campaigns? Singlead actually started like, you know, business card type of website. It was just
easier to apply That is still in that way! Yes, yes. Absolutely. It was just easier to apply for affiliate networks if you have a
kind of website and you’re pretending to be a company, not a single affiliate. It’s
still in that state so. I found that description of Singlead somewhere
in internet: using most innovative business models. Tell me more about your innovative
business models? Honestly all the texts from that website
Just generic text? Yeah. They were just googled from different
websites from the industry. Like I opened five websites of different affiliate networks
and just copied the most broad explanations of what do we do. Do you follow any business strategy to run your company? Everything is so dynamic. You can not follow one strategy for like long time. It always
changes. When I first switched to e-commerce, I just wanted to make it work in order to
proof to myself that I can make it work. Then… Now I’m trying to switch from just making
it work to, for it, being a real business, with real… I think with real goals. And
in order to do that I need to switch from what to do questions to who questions. Who
will do what we need to do? So that’s what I am facing right now. Speaking about e-commerce business, biggest issues that you face day to day? Probably finding new products. Finding new successful products. Winers as we call it. How does it work? How are you looking for products? Right now it’s pretty unsystematic. We just look in spy tools, we just look on websites
like Taobao, Adsee, Amazon Best Sellers and just test it What kind of product do you sell? It could be anything or you are specialising
on something? Is there any niche? It could be absolutely anything, but it should match certain criteria, like it should be easy to ship, it should be not more expansive
than 5-10 dollars That would be an average price?5-10 dollars?
Or it’s a price for you and not for.. That’s price for us. 5-10 dollars And how much would you top? At least 3 times. Because like 30% is for
products, 30% for ads is for profit. And biggest advantages that it gives to you
if comparing with what you did a year ago? Comparing with traffic arbitrage, with mobile? Well, first of all, it’s developing niche. Developing vertical. It’s very fast growing
vertical. It’s completely compliant with Facebook and Google. Is that possible to make one million dollar profit monthly? Fo sure! For sure. Yes. Do you have a goal for 2018 in terms of profit? I try to set goals in terms of revenue, because profits are sometimes… profits sometimes
not depend on you that much, but for revenue, for sure, I do. Yes, yes, actually, we would
like to make 8 figures revenue. So you drive traffic from Facebook only? We use Facebook, a little bit of Adwords. And yeah… By Facebook I mean of course Instagram as well, but yeah it’s mostly Facebook Do you have much..like, we all know that you’re
hard worker, do you have much free time? Now I prefer work smart, not hard. I do not
work more than 3-4 hours per day, bit I try to make it as much productive as I can. Any advise on productivity you could give to the people? Like, put it this way –
the really life hack on productivity? Morning rituals. What are? What is your morning ritual? My morning starts with some kind of morning
exercises Like physical exercises? Yes, yes, physical exercises. It should not be very hard if you go to gym as well. It could be just some fifteen burpees, or fifty push-ups, crunches. Something to make your
blood go faster. Then it’s cold shower, then it is coffee and meditation 10 to 20 minutes and morning writing, it’s kind of morning journaling. Do you write for yourself? You don’t post it anymore? Yes, yes, yes. It’s just for random writing. It could be complete bullshit Any plans to get back into blogging? That’s something that is on my mind. Especially
in terms of bringing value to the world. But that is not what I am doing right now. That
is just somewhere in the back of my mind and hopefully I’ll start doing this next year,
maybe not. So you have lots of spare time. Free time.
What do you like to do? Sports, learning, reading. I love reading a lot. My friends always joke that I prefer reading over clubs or whatever. Do you go to night clubs? I hate night clubs. I literally hate them.
I go to restaurants, I like restaurants, because I like setting when you can sit and talk.
Because in night club you can not talk You can not here Yeah. I am not a dancing person so. There is literally nothing to do for me. And I used
to have lots of negative experiences with clubs Has that always been that way? Yes. Yes So you never liked? I never liked clubs, but I used to go back
then and I was just, you know, feeling negative experience. But that kind of thing that people
go, people enjoy, so I was trying enjoy it as well. But this year I just decided for myself: okay, I don’t like it – I won’t go. Yeah I just won’t go. Simple as that. Yeah. And I feel great. You mentioned that you are big lover of literature, of reading. Do you mostly read like fiction
or non-fiction books? Always non-fiction
Always non-fiction? Yeah Okay. Do you have you favourite fiction book? No. I’ve almost never read fiction. Why? Why is that? I try to read in English now one hundred present
of the times and it is still a little bit hard for me to read fiction in English Okay… And it feels a little bit useless, but I understand
that is not true and I should start reading fiction. So you are trying to extract as much value as possible from reading. Am I correct? Well, yes. It’s mostly about learning. How do you read books? What is the process? I have all my books in Kindle and I am trying not to … not to get stuck on any book. So if the book
is not going I just stop reading and switch to another books. So at any given moment I
am in the process of reading two, three, four books. Do you use like any special technics of reading? Do you highlight stuff? Do you do extractions? No, no. I just highlight quotes I like and that’s it. Okay. How many books have you read this year? Approximately of course. Maybe forty. Forty?Wow I try not to read too much. Like I know some people reading one hundred books per year That’s insane! I don’t see any point on this. I prefer
reading maybe less, but books I’m really interested in or books about things I want
to improve. Three best books that you read this year? This year… Most memorable once. I have a very bad memory for book names. There was a book a read not this year but last year
about Elon Musk. His biography. Just extremely inspiring. Elon Musk is probably my favourite
human on Earth in terms of what he does. And his projects. His abilities to disrupt industries. Okay It’s a first one. Second one is, I really like Tim Ferriss Tim Ferriss work. And his book “Tools of Titans” was
really interesting What is that about? It’s like extract of all his podcasts. So he has like more than 300 podcasts and he
took best advice from all the people whom he interviewed and composed it in a book.
It’s like the most valuable information from each podcast. It sounds interesting. I would read it myself. And third one? And third one…
Coming to your mind? A third one. I have a very bad memory for books You know just let’s put it this way – your favourite books. Books that have biggest impact
on you, on who you are. Books that defined you, that shaped you as a person. Books that you can not imagine yourself without? I remember there is one books that helped
me actually a lot when I was just starting. It’s actually pretty okay self motivating
book, but maybe it was just in a very right time. That called “Edgy Conversations” by
Dan Waldschmidt. It’s very, very, very strong self-motivational book, like, work hard, all
that stuff. In that period it really inspired shit out of me. All right. Can you advise a book on marketing related to what you are doing? There are no such books I think. I don’t know. This industry is evolving so fast that
the only way to stay ahead is just to network and stay in touch with people who work in
the same field. What do you read on-line about the industry? Now I prefer to read – there are couple of facebook groups about e-commerce, about Facebook
advertising. One is called Facebook Ad Buyers Group of Tim Burd. Which is really full
of content regarding to Facebook advertising. There are couple of groups about e-commerce,
but I don’t remember the names. So mostly Facebook groups. Is Affiliate World conference transforming to be more e-commerce conference? That’s for sure. That’s for sure. Is that worth visiting? For sure. This year it was extremely, extremely beneficial for me. I mean in terms of even
value from the speeches Alright. In terms of information? Yes. From the main stage. Like I mean usually all the conferences are 99% about networking
and 1% about new information from the speeches. But this year it was really… It had very
interesting speeches. About Facebook advertising, about e-commerce,
about data analytics. Are you networking kind of person? Do you like to network? I think all people in our industry like 99% I think are complete introverts who just trained
themselves to pretend to be extraverts. I am that kind of person. I am not an extravert
for sure, but I understand that, sometimes it is required to pretend to be extravert.
Because, you know, to communicate with people so, yes I do. I like communicate with people.
It’s just for my personality it’s challenging sometimes. Is that challenging for you to approach people? To start a conversation? I mean everything. It’s not very challenging, but…. Like extraverts are people – they
get energy from commutating with people, and introverts are people they, after a week in
a conference , they need a cave time when they just don’t speak to anyone, they just
need to regenerate. I’m that type of person. If, let’s imagine that, Ilan Musk just,
you know, have an appearance on a conference you are also in. Would you approach him to
talk? It depends. I mean if I have any interesting
question I would like to ask him – probably yes. If it’s just, you know, like a press conference I would not rush to him in order to touch him. take a selfie. Yeah. It doesn’t make any sense. Because
you can not go to… I don’t know, Richard Branson and be friend him, because you are
on completely different level. It won’t work. You can approach people who close to
your level and you can pull yourself to that level. Okay. Who would you want to talk with in 2018? I would like to talk to… probably Tim Ferris.
It would be really interesting. is he American right? Yes. I listened to hours and hours and hours of his podcasts. What would you ask him if you had only chance
to ask one question? No. I’m not talking about asking. I don’t have any questions to ask Just to have a chat? I would like to be around him. I would put
it that way. I would like to be around that type of people who are really focused on self
development, on self improvement, on learning I think. Great. Speaking of next year which is approaching what would be the biggest trend of e-commerce
business? Biggest trend of e-commerce business? Can you fell something is coming? I don’t think… I mean e-commerce itself
is a big trend now, especially in affiliate marketing industry. Many – affiliate marketers
sweating to e-commerce, because it’s more sustainable, it’s completely white hat,
you can run without any account issues. So it’s a trend in itself and regarding specific
terms in e-comers, I don’t know I would like to know. I would really like to know. Would you advise to guys who still run like pop-under campaigns, let’s say, just as
an example to switch to e-commerce? It depends on what they want. I mean I was
always looking for work real marketing. I never enjoyed to running pop-under kind of
campaigns, so I always wanted to do some more… yeah more real marketing. Do you come up with marketing ideas or you just run business as a manager or you are
involved in process of campaigns creation? I am completely uncreative person. So I don’t come up with ideas much. Mostly I am more managing type Speaking of cryptocurrencies. You mentioned that you are big Bitcoin believer and any
other coins that you believe in? No! Fuck no! Only one. So you have only Bitcoins? yes What do you think about Bitcoin Cash? Is that going to take over? That’s complicated question, because… I mean when is just happened, I was one hundred
present sure that it’s complete bullshit… I mean it’s 4 000 dollars today! And that is has no chance to live at all. But as someone said: “dangerous is not what you expect to be dangerous. Dangerous is what you’re 100% sure
that is not dangerous but it turns to be”. So I don’t know. I don’t
know, but It’s not natural. I mean all this Bitcoin Cash Have you claimed your Bitcoin Cash? I sold it yeah. I sold it. And it was not
a very smart decision in terms of profit. What was the price? I don’t remember. I don’t consulate any price in regard to US dollar. I always think
of it is in relation to Bitcoin. And in relation to Bitcoin it was less than it ls now. Who did you want to be when you were a kid? like 6 years old. What did you dream about? I said that I wanted to be like farther. He was a manager, like kind of top manager and
I had no idea what he was doing, but I just wanted to be like farther. Like a manager
kind of thing yeah. I never wanted to be an astronaut, or doctor, or… What is your passion? Self-development. Self-development I think. What do you need to be happy? Nothing. I am happy by default. What made you happy? Conscious decision to be happy. What is the best decision of your life? To sell everything I have and go to Asia. Literary it’s the best decision of my life. I still think I can not imagine my life without
that now. Okay. That was Igor Sorokin. Thank you very
much for the conversation. That was a big pleasure speaking to you. Likewise. Likewise. Thank you. What do you really like about Barcelona? I like the weather mostly Yeah. Weather is fantastic here. Oh yeah. That’s true It’s like sunny 300 days a year Yeah, 300 days in a year What is so unique about Barcelona? You know… You don’t need to rush anywhere. You just live your live in a relax way. It’s
a seaside city, but in the same time you can get the shit done here. It’s not like that
you chilling all the time. It’s really possible to work here Good. That’s it

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  1. I've met Igor in 2015 on one conference in Moscow. It's really inspiring to know how life can change when you are doing right things and have right state of mind.
    Keep going!

  2. Thanks for interesting interview! Thanks Igor exciting story, it motivates me for wins in affiliate marketing. Thanks Binom for this channel, waiting for new videos. Hello to Defo members from Sheogorath )

  3. Great interview! I followed Igor`s blog on Defo when he just started affilliate marketing… and now it was interesting to know about his experience from last 3 years 😉

  4. Спасибо! Очень сильно мотивирует! За перевод отдельная благодарность, английский на минимальном уровне пока что. Удачи всем, друзья!

  5. Думаю, полно таких же, как я – начинающих арбитражников из провинций, задыхающихся от недостатка информации, не совсем представляющих, как вообще устроена индустрия, не знающая в ней ни-ко-го.
    Вы показали, что возможно все – было бы желание.
    Парни, спасибо!

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