February 26, 2020
IBM Cloudant overview, NoSQL database-as-a-service

IBM Cloudant overview, NoSQL database-as-a-service

You’ve created an app. Released it into the wild and … it’s a success! Which is great, until its popularity crashes your database servers, resulting in downtime, loss of revenue and loss of customers. Now you’re stuck with fixing the database instead of focusing on your application. This doesn’t have to happen. Your app’s data persistence layer can be durable and highly available with IBM Cloudant, a NoSQL database-as-a-service. On Cloudant, your data is securely hosted and globally managed by big data experts, 24/7. When you sign up for Cloudant, developers get an SLA and an API, and you’re off and coding. Our engineers handle all the ongoing database monitoring and infrastructure maintenance, so you can focus on building your app. Cloudant is designed to ensure that the flow of data between an application and its database remains uninterrupted and highly performant. It’s designed to run across many servers in a database cluster resulting in high-availability and fault tolerance. A starter cluster consists of a load balancer server node and three database nodes sitting behind it. Add new database nodes to the cluster, and performance scales linearly. Unlike traditional database systems, all replicas of your data are available for both reads and writes. The same data replication and synch technology that makes Cloudant clusters so reliable allows developers to put data closer to wherever their applications need it most. Our core storage engine is based on Apache CouchDB™, an open source JSON document store. Cloudant and CouchDB share a common replication protocol, which lets developers synchronize copies of their Cloudant data to a remote CouchDB instance at the push of a button. While Cloudant is API compliant with CouchDB, our software adds additional data management features, as well as managed service options. Getting started with Cloudant’s managed service is easy. Sign up for a free account on our shared infrastructure in the public cloud. Grow into your own Cloudant cluster on single-tenant hardware on several popular hosting providers. And run Cloudant yourself in your own data center with our Cloudant Local option. Cloudant has all the pieces to manage application data as your architecture changes and grows. Put your application data where you need it most with IBM Cloudant.

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