February 18, 2020

I Was Right – And That’s [Not] Good For You

if you’re running Facebook ads for your
e-commerce business specifically a drop shipping business then this is something
that you have to pay attention to and fortunately I was right and this is bad
news for you now what am I talking about I’m talking about these customer survey
forms that Facebook is rolling out to your customers timeline to ask them if
you if they were satisfied with your their purchase dissatisfied with your
purchase or neutral or other so the problem is Facebook is collecting all of
this information on us and on our ads that we’re running to our consumers and
I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but they’re collecting all this information
and posing it in such a way in these customer feedback forms that it really
presents it in a negative light and I’ll go into that in just a second but what
they’re doing is this was rolled out back in June 2018 and they have really
started to push this in the last couple of months we’ve seen here in 2019 really
starting in the summer of 2019 a lot of people have started to see
these feedback forms or surveys in their timeline and and again it asks the
customer did you buy a product from such-and-such marketplace this is
Jasper’s market as an example on here and if you say yes then they start
rolling you through a series of questions on their survey that says were
you satisfied with it we dissatisfied with it was it other or neutral and then
if you answer dissatisfied or satisfied with it the next questions literally
says which of these were you least happy with as if to say that they’re they’re
implying that there’s a negative connotation with your buying experience
with your customers somewhere they could have changed the phrase of that question
because I think that puts it into people’s mind that they’re going to say
oh yeah shipping times and a lot of times that has a lot to do with Amazon
nowadays where you’re getting packages in 1-2 days same day even some cases
with prime delivery and that puts a unrealistic expectation on the
e-commerce market as a whole now I’m not saying that we can’t try to bump up our
standards to those that have set the bar Amazon
but you know then again if I ship something out to a customer and it takes
five days during normal processing and handling time from USBs then that’s not
a bad thing either especially if I tell the customer ahead of time that that’s
coming so if I scroll down here to this is gonna pull up my ads activity tab and
you can see some of the recent ads that I have interacted with right so if I
come over here I can see I can hit this drop down and I can instantly say I’m
satisfied neutral or dissatisfied I’m not going to go into these fields but
let’s say that I’m satisfied with this guy and then here is exactly what I was
talking about product quality shipping speed customer service or something else
I’m not going to answer any of these because I don’t want to affect this
advertisers deal but then I can here’s this we’re glad you had a great
experience I didn’t tell it what I didn’t have so I think that Facebook is
very is making assumptions that they shouldn’t I didn’t necessarily say I had
a great experience they’re just assuming that I did because I didn’t tag anything
on the previous screen so I don’t fully agree with this system yet but this is
what people are seeing and they’re seeing it right in their timeline I
think that these surveys are putting kind of a the onus on the buyer to find
something bad in the purchase so when it asks them it says where you dissatisfied
with the speed of shipment were you dissatisfied with the quality of the
item where you just satisfied with customer service or was it something
else again that’s putting a lot of onus on the customer to find something bad in
their shopping experience and it might not just be there so these are things
that we really really really have to look out for if we are sending traffic
to our ecommerce store by way of Facebook I’m not saying that Facebook
advertising is a negative thing in any shape or form
we do it all the time and we get really good results but Facebook is under a lot
of pressure to have positive customer and just people community
experiences on their platforms and the real reason for this is because they are
starting to scale their checkout option their own native checkout option on both
Instagram and Facebook so they really want to make sure that their sites their
platforms are or feel trustworthy to their people they want to eliminate bad
shopping experiences and I don’t blame them I don’t blame them at all and I
appreciate it to a to a certain point but you know I think as advertisers that
just means that we need to be fully aware of these things make sure that
we’re stepping up our game on customer service make sure that we’re not
shipping out or selling crappy products and make sure their shipping times are
you know up to speed or at least really really let the customer know what the
shipping time and expectation is going to be right up front and not try to hide
it behind some other you know benefit or whatnot of the of your ecommerce store
so what happens is if you as a seller and a facebook advertiser mainly start
to develop a score so let me jump into the how they score you so Facebook is
scoring you based on feedback from these surveys anywhere from a 5 which is great
down to a 1 and actually below a 1 and what happens is if you fall in and below
the 2 range between 2 and 1 then what happens is and you can see here on the
screen they have a little screenshot of of this and it’s and not everybody is
going to be able to see this yet it’s only kind of getting rolled out on
select advertisers but what happens is if you’re at a 1.6 like this shows then
your ad costs start to go up in the amount of reach of your ad starts to
shrink until you can get this above a 2 now what happens if it goes below a 1
well this is what happens your account can get suspended and terminated just
like it did to this member of this group that I’m a part of they sent this
screenshot in and their account has now been terminated Facebook is now
terminating accounts for dipping below a 1 and not take
measures to try to improve it so that’s sad for them I think they could have
done things to really kind of bolster results maybe had better customer
service maybe had better everything clearly if you’re below a1 you don’t
want to drop below a1 so I hope that this video really kind of gave you some
good insight on the fact that the police are coming and the police are watching
the Facebook police are watching so make sure you’re doing everything above board
with respect to Facebook and really everything that you do with your
e-commerce business because it is a business and you have to treat it as
such if you want to have long term long term sustainable growth in this industry
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