April 3, 2020
I QUIT my JOB to produce Tabletop Wargaming Terrain content

I QUIT my JOB to produce Tabletop Wargaming Terrain content

That is a really, really good cup of tea.
That’s the sort of cup of tea the British Army was made on. This is not the first time I’ve done
this. I had my microphone plugged into this [microphone and headphone dongle]
which works absolutely fine if it’s plugged into an iPhone or if it’s
being plugged into a MacBook. When you have it plugged into your camera
the microphone doesn’t pick up [any sound] so this is my second run.
Oh well, onwards and upwards! Easy now! Kevin here, also known as The
Immersive World Crafter or just simply call me immersive. As you may or may not
know depending on where you are viewing this I create tabletop wargaming terrain
and scenery and I’ve got loads of different places all over the internet [where you can find me]. So, your Instagram, your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, my own website; where you can see exactly
what I’ve done and I’ll provide some of the information down below or wherever it’s going to be on how you can access that… …if you haven’t seen it already. So it’s
early morning here in Nettleham, United Kingdom. Just outside Lincoln, and today is a huge
day for me. Absolutely huge. I can’t put into words how big. So I’ve
taken some pretty bold decisions lately and it’s something that I have been
pushed into doing. I’ve had to do this for my own health, which I’ll go into in a
minute. I’ve quit my job. I’ve quit my
nine-to-five. I’m no longer going to be working for an employer from September.
So from the end of August, which is next week that’s going to be my last day and I’m
going to be carving my own path. How exciting is that?
How daunting could that be? How scary could that be? But how exciting? So what
I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be going full-time, essentially, with The
Immersive World Crafter. And for those of you that have been following along,
you’ve watched my previous video perhaps? Then you’ll know that I’ve had some
mental health issues over the past … Blimey, I don’t know how many years? Three, four, five maybe more? Who knows, who knows? It’s one of those things that kind of
crept in and took ahold. But yeah, I’ve been suffering from
anxiety and depression. And a lot of that has been borne out of the work that I’ve
been doing for the career path that I chose to go down. To give you a bit of
context, I have been a what you call a user experience designer for websites
and mobile apps for the past 15+ years. In different [job] titles, different guises as a web designer, interaction designer, usability expert,
user experience designer, and a bit of front-end development. It’s always been
creative. It’s always been [within] a creative role. And it got to a point,
probably about 3, probably longer than that actually, 4 or 5 years
ago. I just lost interest in it. I just got so annoyed, so pissed off with the
fact that I was trying my hardest to do everything for the customer and just
running into roadblocks all the time with the businesses that I was working
in. For instance, I would have a really, really good experience I felt that I
designed for the customer which would really nail a particular interaction and
what would happen is you would have compliance would come in and say no you
can’t do that because we need to do such-and-such so from a compliance standpoint to do this, or you’d have development teams saying “no I’m sorry we
just don’t have the ability to be able to do that within the existing
technology at the moment” or you’d have a business owner who would decide that
no that’s not particularly the way they want to go down. They don’t like the feel of
that [experience or interaction] and they want to implement their own idea because “they’ve got the
expertise” [— sarcasm]. There’s all these roadblocks and it just got so frustrating and just banging my head against a wall all the time. It led to an ill-health, ill mental health and I’ve had enough.
That’s it. I’m done. I’ve been in the user experience design trenches for too long
and it’s now time to do something for me. For me to carve my own life so that I
can provide the quality of life that I deserve, that my wife deserves,
that my children deserve, so I can be present, I can be around. We’ve got two
children at the moment, with one on the way. We’ve got Nicole who’s about
to turn 5 in September, in a matter of two weeks. Not long to go at
all, she’s getting really big. We got Noah he is even bigger, he’s about to turn 9 at
the end of September. And then come due date 2nd of January we’re gonna be
having child number three and I want to be able to provide them with the life
that they deserve I want to be able to give them all of the things that they
deserve in this life and be able to leave a legacy.
I don’t want to be working for someone else and filling their pockets for the rest
of my life. I want to be, I want to be doing it for myself and I want to be
doing something that I really enjoy that really fires me up and that’s that’s
where I am now. So this is how big today is. This
is how huge it is and I hope you will support me in this and you will watch me
grow and come along for the ride. I really hope you will. Over the past
year, I guess it is … I’ve been actually working for my nine-to-five for three
days a week so Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I’ve been working for them and
then Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ve been working for myself as The Immersive
World Crafter and I’ve got that up to a you know a fair level it’s not setting
the world on fire Benny means and I’ve been doing the e-commerce thing which
has been it’s been all right it’s bring it’s been bringing in money to
allow me to up my game within the business so all the money that I’ve
earned within the business has been reinvested into the business in order to
provide new products to be able to provide new services that kind of thing
but it by no means has it brought any money that can sustain our family the
business model I believe needs to be changed up I’ve started the YouTube
channel and I have a huge following of over 10,500 followers now on on
Instagram thank you all so much I can’t believe how much I’ve been able to grow
that over the last couple of years and then Facebook group and Facebook page
again 1000 and 600 followers on the group respectively again thank you so
much it’s just incredible what I want to be doing for you is actually providing
amazing tutorials on how I do what I do and be able to go in depth and make
these amazing immersive worlds and show you how I create them how I make them
and give you the skills give you the the know-how of how I approach these things
and how I build them and I want to be able to do that on both on YouTube
so having free videos which go out there to give back to community but I also
want to be able to provide some more premium services as well so a paid
subscription on a monthly basis whereby you’ll get even more in-depth
step-by-step how I approach a particular project how I go about sketching out and
designing a landscape a terrain a scenery a piece of terrain
and really go in depth on how I do all the all the painting techniques or the
weathering everything like that so for those who have been following along on
my on my youtube channel on my Instagram on Facebook then you’ll probably be
quite familiar with this so this is the the front of the church that I’m
painting up and creating bespoke Sunu for on the inside for foot for one of my
clients Callum and so this kind of think like the the weathering the scorch marks
the barbed wire the scratch bill fence gates at the at the entrance there it’s
that kind of stuff I want to be able to impart my knowledge of on to you and
provide that as a premium service in order for me to be able to do that and
to hit the ground running from day one and this is this is time critical I’ve
quit my job already I’ve got my my last week next week come September the week
after kids go back to school I have time available to me and I’m going to be
doing this full-time this is what I’m going to be doing and I need to be able
to support myself support my family support my children and create this this
legacy of what I do this is this is what I’m going to be doing this is this is me
this is me as a creative providing a creative service to people that are into
the tabletop war gaming hobby so what I’m doing today is I’m reaching out to
to you people who have already given me a tremendous amount of support by
following my channels engaging with me across social media signing up to my
email newsletter all of the things all the things thank you so much amazing
what I’m going to be asking of you today is just a very very small donation
towards a GoFundMe which will allow me to get some education essentially on how
I can market this biz this get it out to more people like you
that are interested in learning this type of thing and being able to provide
much nicer immersive experiences for their tabletop wargaming game and to be
able to advertise it the way it should be advertised so this is all brand new
for me I’ve not done anything like this before
whereby I’ve been reaching out and asking for funding what I’m looking for
today is it’s it’s just to raise two thousand pounds two thousand pounds is
gonna allow me to do the course that I have been researching that I’ve got
earmarked which is going to teach me everything I need to know in a very
short time about how to market how to advertise my business and get a great
return from it if you’re able to donate to me one pound or one dollar today that
will be amazing I thank you so much that will be incredible and what that will do
is that will and that will be you just back in me you’ve got my back you’ll be
saying yes Kevin you can do this go ahead go ahead
we’ve got your back you go and do what you’re going to do but I’m going to give
you some more if you’re able to today donate just five pounds so that’s just
one off just today just five pounds then what you will do is then what will happen is I will provide
you with access to my premium videos my premium content for three months so you
get the first three months for free by just donating five pounds today
and even more if you are able to donate ten pounds today so just ten pounds just
one off again I will give you access to my premium content so everything that I
produce for a whole year a whole year that is a fantastic deal so this premium
content I’ve still got to work out all the particulars but we’re probably
looking at least 15 20 25 pounds per month subscription fee in order to be
able to get into the premium content access all the all the videos that I’m
gonna be having on there they’ll probably be some templates there will be
list of materials that I use where you can get them the cheapest hopefully some
discounts that kind of thing so you begin access to all of that for one year
that’s incredible deal just for ten pound donation today so that’s what I’m
looking for today I’m looking for just a little bit more of your support please
to allow me to to realize this this exciting venture that I want to go on I
want to take you on so if you can if you can donate please do and I’ll see you on
the other side

17 thoughts on “I QUIT my JOB to produce Tabletop Wargaming Terrain content

  1. A bold move, but a much needed one. Please support me on this journey and let me know about the bold decisions you have made in life?

  2. First time coming across your stuff. Congrats on taking the leap into full time employment!

    I did similar back in 2015 and it's an exciting and terrifying experience.

    My biggest piece of advice is DIVERSIFY! It's going to take a long time to start bringing in a decent income through ad revenue on youtube alone, so you need to be monetizing your content as soon as possible in other ways. It looks like you're already doing that with the online store, gofundme etc, but I cannot overstate how important it is. Get a patreon set up, start reaching out to companies for sponsorship or affiliate links for products etc.

    Of all the social media, I've found reddit to be the best place to promote your stuff. Post your videos to as many relevant subreddits as you possibly can. Each week you probably will get the odd person complaining about spam of videos in their feed, but blast posting in my experience is much more effective for views than trickle posting.

    You need to get the channel over the monetization threshold as soon as possible which means you need to really pump out the content. If you're full time from September I'd aim to get 3 shorter (10-15 mins) videos out a week. Record videos in batches at the start of the week, and edit and publish at the end of the week (or whatever schedule works for you).

    I've subscribed and am eager to see more, and wish you all the luck!

  3. This is ballsy mate, very ballsy. Quitting your job to make content for such a small channel. The very best of luck to you sir.

  4. Yikes, I would have definitely waited for at LEAST 200k subs before I even thought of doing this. Best of luck to you man.

  5. You must be doing something correctly as I hadn't heard of your brand or channel until today. I've been emersed in this hobby for a few decades now, including the building of DIY Terrain. You've got yourself another new subscriber.

  6. Go for it sir! I wish you lots of luck and I am sure you will do great. I am on the edge myself. I do know as a father of 3 late teens, time is your biggest and most important thing in life, and time spent with your kids is by far the most important, worth more than anything else. Best wishes and good luck you brave man.

  7. I can't believe it, I can't feel more identified with what you saya. You've my support mate, and now have a new follower. Best of luck, you deserve it!

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