April 3, 2020
I Lost $30,000 Trying to Launch My Product

I Lost $30,000 Trying to Launch My Product

My name is Lisa, I’m the founder and C.E.O of Walkee Paws. And I gave a designer $30,000, and got nothing in return. This is My Work Through Failure Story. It all started when my dog got violently ill one winter after licking salt of his paws after an outside walk. Walkee Paws is essentially the world’s first dog legging. It’s designed to keep dogs paws dry and clean when they walk outside. If women can wear leggings, why not doggies? I started off looking at the web at different sites
that put you together with designers and manufacturers. I found one who seemed really good and she seemed to know what she was doing. And I remember her saying right in the beginning, I was like,
“Well how much with this cost? How does it work?” and she said, “Well you pay to play.” And I guess that should have been a little bit of a red alert for me. But nonetheless we moved forward and I started working with her. This designer was working with us to help us to bring the product to market, and we needed to figure out how would the legging that was on
the floor, the booty part of the legging, keep the dogs paws dry. It would have to be waterproof. And would also have to be pretty durable and
resistant for dogs walking outside. She was working with me every week with meetings and
doing all sorts of fittings and coming up with new proto-types. We had also met with someone once or twice who was
potentially going to produce the product for us. It was a lot of meetings and the bills were piling up. It got to a point after about 5 months were I had spent close to $30,000, with this design company. And I literally was way over budget. We weren’t at a solution yet, we hadn’t really found
something that would make the booties waterproof and have them perform functionally. Initially I was excited. I was like, “Here I am,” “I came up with a,” “concept and someone was really going to take it
to the next level and make it fabulous.” And as time went by I really felt duped, I felt that not much progress had been made. I felt like I was being ripped off which was not a good feeling. And I sort of didn’t see a way out. I needed to get
to move forward to get to the next level but that was just costing so much money. And I remember very well being in a meeting with her and saying to her, “You know we’ve spent a lot of
money we can’t really continue to absorb these huge fees,” “cause what I’d really like to do is, if that’s ok with you is just work,
directly with the manufacturer and let him take it over from here.” I remember her giving me a very strange look and
she said, “Well you go ahead and do that.” Then when I reached out to him which was soon afterwards, was completely shocked when I got an email back from him that said, “Unfortunately we can no longer do business with you.” “We have a very strong association with this designer,” “and since you’ve cut ties with her we cannot work with you,” “and although,” he went onto say, “we have
developed a unique and special heat sealing treatment,” “that would totally make the booties waterproof,” “we cannot share this technology with you.” And that was a moment I will never forget. I was devastated because I spent so much money
and so much time and so many resources and we’d sort of essentially come back to square one. It was actually in retrospect the best thing that
could have happened for Walkee Paws because I sort of went back to a place that I should
have been in right in the very beginning. And probably more importantly this designer
spent close to $30,000 with should probably had thought of. But I went back and researched what was out on
the market and I thought, “There has to be product out there that’s working, that’s waterproof.” And low and behold there were. There was a product that was a rubber. I decided to go in that direction. It was amazing. It just took off. It all came together and at a fraction of the price of what the original product was going to cost. What happened was oh my God like that almost
needed to happen for me to get to the next place. Literally if we had gone out and done the heat sealed
silicon product it would not have been as good a product as the natural rubber we have right now. I think it’s very easy just to give up and at that
moment when I had that issue I sort of felt like crawling into a deep hole, putting the covers
over my head and just saying, “Done, I’m not doing this anymore.” And I think you’ve got to resist that urge and really persevere and very often you’ll find that
something opens up that there after that’s actually better than what you’re looking at initially. Hi I’m Alex and I have a confession to make. I have failed many many times. And so have you. And that is why I produced this WTF story. So that
you and I can feel a little bit less alone. So if you want to learn more about founders who have
overcome their challenges and worked through their failures be sure to like this video, subscribe, and hit the bell to turn on our notifications.

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  1. Turnaround stories are much more interesting. They pose a passive challenge to solve the problem before the video reveals the answer.

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