April 7, 2020
I got a New Toy by Erik Hammond | #ErikVlogs 36

I got a New Toy by Erik Hammond | #ErikVlogs 36

Oh, man. I can’t believe it showed up yet. It’s here. Oh, what’s in the box? Hint, hint. It’s got lithium batteries. It’s gonna be awesome. OK. So I’ve been trying to decide which
one of these I want for the last. I don’t know. Maybe month and
a half, maybe two months. I’ve been wanting one of these
for, I don’t know, two years. This is gonna be exciting. So I bought this. Let’s see. It was trauma of the. 10 days ago. And it officially was shipped to
the United States on November 11th. And they said it should be
delivered by Wednesday the 13th. And then I checked my Amazon order and they’re
like, we’ll know when we’re gonna be able to ship it. We don’t know where it is. It’s just gonna be delayed. And they checked everywhere else online and
they were sold out at Best Buy. They were sold out at Wal-Mart. They were sold out everywhere. And then when you look on Amazon, they’re starting
to sell it for like two to three hundred hours more than I
already paid for it. Oh, my gosh. Okay. So this is my first unboxing video. So I’m really excited about and I’ve never open a
box on camera and I buy a lot of stuff. But this is definitely one
that I’m excited to open. I feel a Casey Neistat here where
he just like rips the thing apart. And I’m def. not going to
do that, but I’m excited. So let me cut it up and and just
show you guys what fun toy I got. So this is also my 40th birthday
present that I bought me early. Oh, man. Big mystery. Can you see it? It’s a magic mini drone. Super excited. So this thing literally just
launched the United States eight days ago. And I just finally got it today. And that’s it. There’s just some air bubble.
So that’s the box. It comes with it’s basically the drone and some
protection stuff and a case and a battery charger. And the controllers
and three batteries. So I got the flight combo mode. So I paid $100 extra for
two more batteries, a case. And these like winged propeller things. So this is the first drone
that I’ve actually ever owned. I’ve flown a couple of friends and
there were just so much fun, actually. But my dad won like six or seven years
ago is like the cheapest one I could find. It was like a hundred hours and the battery
lasts for like five minutes and it’s dead. And so anyway, the cool thing about
this drone is I’m in United States. So you don’t have to register it completely. But there’s a lot of restricted
areas that you can fly. And as you can see on this one right
here, it’s two hundred and forty nine grams, which the legal limit in Canada right now where you
have to register them is two hundred and fifty and over. So that’s why
they made it to forty nine. So this thing I’m going to open
it, but it’s supposedly super small. So let’s pop this thing open
and see what it looks like. All right. I threw the Saran Wrap. Exciting stuff where. The just set up, so it’s gonna get loud,
but oh, keep making this fun video casts too many things. This is like more exciting
than opening my last Mac, I think. It just smells like came from China. OK, so here is the box that comes in. Pretty cool. It’s like a heart fabrique box. Pretty cool. And I think this
is the fly or package. Oh, that’s the that’s the
little wing protector stuff. And then they dump it down here. Let’s say you got to open this
up so you guys can see. Ok. So there’s some instructions. There’s a charger, it looks like. And I think that’s the battery charger. Here’s the typical batteries you get. So this is the fun part. And I don’t know how this is going to work. Fine on an airplane. You
got three D batteries. Let me just pull them out and
show you what they look like. These things are supposed to last for
like twenty to twenty five minutes. So they’re pretty small. They’re like,
I don’t know, three inches long. And then the charging tip, which
is super obscure, is right there. So that’s where the connections are. So it’s pretty cool to slide
in the back of the drone. Just some of the stuff here that that Chander
I’m guessing the drones in here open this up. This is gonna be amazing. I’m so excited. Most drones you see are like
12 to 14 inches wide and like that tall. Right. Check this out. That’s the drone. Is that not insane? It’s so small, so it’s got
a bunch of tape on there. I mean, they there’s the little blades. They’re super small. So there’s my hand like that’s
how big this thing is. So this is made by DJI, which they make
a hundred all our drones, which are pretty much like fixed like you can’t do anything. This is called a foldable drunk’s. You can fold it up and
shove it in your pocket. And then they have bigger drones that are like
that size that are like two plus thousand dollars. So anyway, we’re not
going to fly it indoors. We’re going to see where
the batteries are charged. Basically, you get the drone. Here’s the camera. It’s got a three axis
gimbel, which is really cool and interesting, this tape. I’ll show you. So here’s the protective clear case, things that
you can travel with it, not damage the camera. And then that looks like it
is going to pop right off. Break the propellers right off
the bat in your lunch. Pull that out first. It’s
always like QR codes. Someone’s calling me. Part two, because someone called, so there’s always
like QR codes on here that you should pull your watch before taking this all apart, but
you take the wings off and then it looks like they think folds off. And then there’s your little camera. So it moves around in 3 axis so that
basically as it’s flying along, hovering, it’s going to get a nice stay shot. So we’ll probably link up some
of the footage right here. Maybe we’ll put some of the post footage of
the drone flying around so that you can actually see what it looks like. But anyway, I’m glad you’ve taken this thing
apart and see what it looks like. There’s so far to be the third sticker thing,
and I’m taking them off the wings so that the wings don’t get all
messed around when it’s traveling. And then there’s one on the back here
says open the cover part, the battery. Well, the band is pressed. So the battery goes red in the back there. It just appears the ads can see. Cats are like a little garage
door flap in the back. That’s where the battery goes
in to the battery. It’s the battery just looks like there’s a
groove up top right there with a connection, mate. So it just pops up like that. This is right in. Snot on. That’s cool. And that’s it. So I think all that weighs
about two hundred and forty nine grams Shibata scale. So over here does unfold the front
arms forward and then unfold the rear. Arms downward. So these actually open first I read
so that you can open them. And it’s got these like
little landing gear things. And then these in the back. Like superfriends breaks that slings down her out,
so now both the propellers upwards, so kind of see how they get
certain to become the front lines. Ok. So that’s in its capacity and it’s like my
hand with a cross that way about as wide as my hand is, OK? And then about that way. That way. So it’s I don’t have a tape
measure, but it’s pretty like eight or nine inches this way. And then maybe like seven inches I. And it’s pretty thin. It looks
like something from Star Wars. It’s pretty sweet. I’m so
excited to launch this thing. I’m super excited for this thing because we do
a lot of our vlogs and it’s mostly me holding my camera out and we’re just. And it’s mostly me holding my camera out in
front of me and just trying to film myself. But this thing has a mode called follow me
mode, which will basically allow me to set the drone in front of me and then I can walk
in and fill me and record me kind of getting around and doing things. So it’s going to be
like having a like a full time video crew, just like following me around. Obviously
one of and everywhere I go. But when I’m outdoors, like, you know, walk
along the coast or going somewhere, it’s gonna be kind of cool to
have kind of a different element. So I’m excited for that. So anyway, that’s what you get in here. We throw this down and then it looks
like there’s a controller that comes with it. And I’ve heard that there’s kind of different
versions, this controller that you can get. But this is the one that comes with that
stock, which is pretty much the normal magic controller. So it’s pretty basic. There’s some antennas up on the top
that feel like that and that. So there’s your antennas, there’s the controller
things here for your thumbs and then these things pull out. Let’s see how that works. Yeah. OK. So that pulls out. I think your phone slides in here and then
there’s your controllers for up on top and then you can hold it like that. So we’ll definitely makes a different point of
view references on like how to film this. There’s some little thumb controllers
that are located down here. You can see they’re like right down there. It’s kind of a storage area for them. And then your phone plugs in over here. And anyway, that’s kind of
what it looks like. So pretty small. It’s like the
size of a iPhone 10. I would say somewhere in
there, there’s the back. So you got controls up here for taking
pictures and video and your phone followed up pretty cool. So it’s definitely packable. Like if you think about what you have to
bring with, you basically have this thing and then you have this thing that holds up like
that’s it for packaging into like a backpack or your suitcase or you you’re
going to hydrogen like that. That’s what I think I may
use for a lot to you. Like when you go on hikes and
it’s going to get some family shots. Pretty cool. OK. What I see in here, you also
get the better chargers or so. This thing basically is like a three compartment
battery charger and you only get it on the fly more combo. So normally you just kill one battery and you’ve
got to basically plug it into the drone and charge it that way. But when you buy
the flamewar combo, it comes with this triple battery charger. So these
batteries are pretty cool. They’re like little camera batteries
and they’ve got that little. Or is it if they’re
a little sensor ray, they’re. No, it’s focusing. Yeah, you can see
it’s in there in the light. So that basically just slides right in
here and then it clicks into place. So each of them go in there. And then once they’re in, like
they’re in, they’re not coming out. They’re just doing their thing. And then over here on the side, you’ve got
the plug for the u_s_b_ Micro and then the normal USACA. So there’s a power button, I think. Start charging. It looks
like they’re all dead. There’s a you can’t see right there because
not plugged in, but there’s a light indicator like how much is charged on each one. So it’ll tell you. And then obviously you can
just take them out and they’re kind of hard to get out there like once they’re in. The thing I’ve struggled with already is they’re
hard to hard to pull out of there. They don’t know who’s gonna fall out. So anyway, when you take one out, though. Now I can really get it
out. We take them out. You can charge two at time or one at
the time or all three and they charge sequentially. So it’ll like start with whatever one’s the
highest charged and then it’ll take the next highest charge and the third highest charge so that
I can you know, you can have a usable battery as quickly as possible. So anyway, political things I mean,
the case is super nice. It’s kind of like a nice felt thing inside. Looks like it’s got some other stuff in here. I’m sure what this is accessories. Oh, come to some like extra blades and
some extra screws and stuff like that. So anyway, John, I’m so excited. We’re gonna go charges battery
and take this thing up. Yeah.

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