October 15, 2019

100 thoughts on “I Bought The First 5 Things YouTube Recommended To Me

  1. HELLO MY FRIENDS!!! what ad did u get before this video (will youtube let me be monetized lol)? And who is here from notif squad?? LOVE U GUYS!

  2. I didn't have an ad. Though I watched your dressing up like it was 1967 video before this one and I got an ad for buying a new house in the downtown area of my city -_-; It's evilly tempting me with things I want but can't afford.

  3. Oh how upsetting,,, I went on one of ur videos, a physic (fortune teller) was b4 it.. that would be great to watch u call and talk to her… 😂

  4. YouTube might be attacking me because it keeps spamming me ads about world war 2 and links to “Are you Depressed ?” quizzes

  5. Lol so I'm watching this after other more recent videos and it cracks me up that you DID wind up changing your intro song to the one from this video! LOL!

  6. Hi safiya, (love your name). First I love watching your videos, they are honest and real. But what I really like, is your voice.

  7. For those of you wondering, safiyasnewintrosong.com still exists, so she's paid $75 ($25 a year, multiplied by three) on a website she never uses….

  8. господи кто делал русские сабы это ужасно. это совершенно не подходит Софи

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