October 15, 2019

100 thoughts on “I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

  1. HAPPY 2018 Y'ALL! happy new year! i don't know why i did this, but i did. can't wait for another great year with all of y'all! xo, Saf

  2. You have to activate your watch on the SIM issuer's website (pairing it with the IMEI serial number). It's also a 3G phone, so you will need to get a 3G compatible phone plan to use it.

  3. I gotta give you a huge thumbs up because this was one of the most entertaining videos I have ever seen! Geez, you're hilarious!

  4. I bought a cop cam clone and after deciphering the semi English instructions, purchasing a SIM and charging then ( pant pant) pairing to my notebook. Was brought to tears by the SIM card remaining in recognized. I did a format of the sim and my problem resolved. For the price, I have to say the device is a couple of ticks above adequate.
    Could you do a formation your SIM cards and try again? I was rooting for the Apple Watch nock off, and would like to see it redeem itself. ; )

  5. The camera glasses do work. My boyfriend has had 2 pairs of that brand. You have to hold down the button for 3 seconds to turn it on and then press it again for another 3 seconds to record. If YouTube lets me post it, he has a review of it. You can also buy them on Amazon. https://youtu.be/5WYPweSLmJw

  6. Im going to go out on a limb and say it was user error that stopped the watch working. There are tonnes of variations to this cheap watch but they all use the same internals and they do work

  7. I used had a Wish account but after two purchases I deleted my account forever and thanks for this experimental video it was very useful I feel better now LOL

  8. The past (History of the World) never happened. There never was a President Lincoln, JFK, Jesus Christ, or Moon landing etc. It was created by the U.S. Government to convince someone about something for some reason. One of many obvious pieces of evidence is that there is no one still alive before the year 1900. (there never was). They all just happened to be dead? That's a lot of death. Every last one of them?
    Right . . .

  9. WOW, I'm impressed that you received all 5/5 of your purchases ……. 9 months later and I still have not received my last 3 purchases

  10. The gopro dupe actually works! My dad bought one while being in China and we still use it and has a pretty good quality video

  11. I think the GoPro dupe did pretty good. It might even be a better choice to give to kids to play with. Then if they don't destroy it & are still using it you could eventually upgrade them to a real go pro.

  12. I kind of want a drone. But I want a Nerf type safe drone. The kind that can hit you & not harm you at all. It also needs to be pretty sturdy as well. Because I want to dive bomb my cats with it. Which would immediately lead to their trying to catch it. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately there aren't any drones out like that. Still it's a fun thought. Also I wouldn't hit them just fly nearby to tease them. It would just need to be soft just in case.

  13. I buy a good amount of stuff from wish, but their electronics I stay away from cause they seem to good to be true. I would like to say tho the app has definitely gotten better, but I advise looking at the reviews because as random as some sound REAL PEOPLE like myself do send pictures and or a quick 5 second video to prove it’s actually worth it. Some of the clothes you want to make sure to look at the pictures and the reviews.

    Just saying

  14. What the hell the Sun glasses camera. It’s not real. How come? I can’t believe it. I see your video finish. I feel really disappoint about website Wish. I think maybe I don’t buy anything on wish. Never and ever from now on. Thank you for this video to share everyone know.

  15. I see all the stuff on wish website. Perhaps to say for garbage stuff. All that stuffs just throw garbage only.

  16. Never buy one of these smart phone pairing watches.. You are sending the Chinese all your personal info on your phone.. Not Good!

  17. Many thanks for saving me from myself! "Wish" pops up on my smartphone from time to time and I'm of the opinion that if it sounds too good to be true…
    It probably is. I've not been tempted and you have very kindly reinforced this opinion. Thank you once again.

  18. I can’t tell wether or not people are lying about the amount of time it takes to come. I ordered mine last week and I just got it this week. I didn’t even use express shipping.

  19. So, for the “drone” based on the name it seems to me like you’re supposed to pair it with your phone in some sense, so that you can fly it with your phone showing the camera fov.

  20. i had a knockoff fit bit that needed a software update..it never worked but your smart watch may work if you could update its software.

  21. Is it crazy that I got a wish ad on this video that had a smart watch in it that looked exactly like the one in the thumbnail 🙄🤪😱

  22. Storytime!!
    so I was in my science class, talking about Memes with my friend who sits next to me, and this outline snakes a scene in class. all of a sudden I shout "We need something to record this." and my science teacher walks up, points to the Muscle/Skeleton that has shade glasses and a "I only use Sarcasm Periodically" shirt. she points to the glasses and says " Everybody thinks those are just glasses.

  23. I love your videos try out this app called JOOM it has really cheap prices I got a pair of wireless air pods for four bucks!!

  24. Hi everyone, I bought a travel fridge in green 1month later I received a green striped tea towel , contacted WISH and they shut down the advert and gave me a full refund, can't argue with that.

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