April 5, 2020
HubSpot Update: LeadDyno Integration

HubSpot Update: LeadDyno Integration

Hey, you know what time it is, let’s go ahead and get into this, you know what time it is It’s HubSpot update time brought to you by Alright and today I’m super excited because we get to talk about a topic that shoot I’ve done a lot of HubSpot updates and I don’t know if we’ve ever ever talked about affiliate marketing but today we have an integration with What is called lead Dino and lead I know makes affiliate marketing easy for us as marketers Affiliates and influencers can see the progress of their affiliate commissions in real time in their own Affiliate dashboard if you have a lead Dino integration or if you have a lead Dino account right now You can get this HubSpot integration like it’s Absolutely free If you’re a HubSpot user and you’ve always thought about starting an affiliate program Then lead I know might be the way that you want to go. If you go to their website, which is lead, I know.com You can see some very interesting things They position themselves as being an easy affiliate marketing and social media sharing tool the best affiliate marketing Software just got even better. It’s easy to set up There’s a free 30-day trial if you’re a HubSpot user now if you’re listening this and you’re a lead, I know Look, you got a check out How about because the things that you’re going to be able to do the way that you’re gonna be able to communicate? With your context because they get brought right into hub spot You’re gonna get all of that lead Intelligence in the contact area and all of the cool tools that US marketers have loved for so long but marketing folks You really want to check this out. There is an integration guide that you can check out I’m gonna put a link in the description below and I will say this about lead I know this is very interesting to me as well is that I did some searching them. They have a YouTube channel It’s two years old the last time they posted a video 10 hours ago meaning they keep their content updated. It’s fresh It’s for you its affiliates If you’re a marketer using HubSpot, you might want to check this out if you want to work with affiliates if your lead I know Person then definitely check out the HubSpot update Integration with the tool that you’re already using this my friends might be a match made in heaven For those people who want to make money through affiliate programs. You got to check it out until next time This is your boy Jorge be from Impulse creative aka sprocket talk saying happy hub spotting

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