April 9, 2020
How We’re Using G Suite as a Business? (G Suite Business Solutions Review)

How We’re Using G Suite as a Business? (G Suite Business Solutions Review)

– One of my favorite and most
used tools as a business, team’s most used tools
as well, is G Suite, which used to be called
Google Apps for Work. And in today’s video I wanna show you why it’s worth investing in, the type of value that we get out of it, etc. So, let’s run through
my review of G Suite. If you don’t know, G
Suite is a way to take the free version of Gmail,
Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar and
customize them for your business. We use this for all of
our email address, etc. The reason why we use G
Suite instead of Outlook or some other email software is because a lot of the tools we use, especially Yesware, plug
directly into Gmail. So this is an easy way to use them. It’s also fairly cheap. It’s like five bucks per user per month. Something like that. Very, very simple. So we use G Suite for two main features. One is email and then the
other one is Google Drive. So for email, it’s very
simple to just go in. Whenever we hire a new person, we can just go in and
basically add them as a user. First name, last name,
email address, hit create. And then it creates an account. If we ever need to reset
a password as well, to jump in and see what’s
going on in an inbox, it’s very easy to just
put a password in here and then all of a sudden the
inbox’s password is changed. Very simple. It also let’s us clearly
see who’s on the team, who’s off the team,
the last sign in dates, everything there so we can check how often people are
logging in to their inboxes. And it’s very easy from
there to tell who’s working and who’s not working. Besides the ease of creating the inboxes, there’s also these
reports that let you see who’s using their inboxes, how many Google Drive files are created, what’s going on, how many
video Hangouts are happening, so a lot of analytics around
how active people are being in the company, which I
find super interesting. It’s always interesting to
be able to take a step back and see what people are
doing in their inboxes. The only downside I’ve seen for this Google Apps
email is in order to read other people’s email
addresses on your team, you have to log in or
change their password, which usually requires them knowing that you’re checking the inbox. I’d actually prefer if I
could go into people’s inboxes without showing them
that I’m going in there, but I guess that’s a security
issue or privacy issue. One day maybe Google will
implement that, maybe they won’t. The other thing I love about
G Suite is Google Drive. It gives you access to all
the same stuff you might get in a free Google Drive, but
it’s all here in one spot. You get 30 gigabytes, so
it’s similar to Dropbox in that way you could store files on here. You can even upgrade your storage
to add more if you need it and it stores all your files in one spot. It also lets you grant company access. For instance, I can go
into this Google Doc here. This random traffic source referral doc. Hit share and it’ll let
me share with only people that have an Experiment27 domain
which makes it very simple to share something with the entire team. Anyone at x27 can edit, comment, view, or its got the same sharing settings as other Google Drive apps. which just lets you share
with everybody on the web. Very simple. If you found value in this video, be sure to like it to encourage this type of content on YouTube. If there’s any other tools you
have questions about in terms of what our process is or how we use them feel free to ask below in the comments. And if you need marketing
support for your digital agency, check out experiment27.com. Subscribe for more B2B sales training. Thanks.

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  3. What the??? …access people’s accounts without them knowing? I’m so glad I don’t work with you. My God man. 😡

  4. If you feel the need to go through your co-workers inboxes, you might ask yourself why you hired them in the first place. Tells me a lot about your qualities as a manager.

  5. looking at someone's mail? are you kidding? PRIVACY! how about I read your mail and see if you like it; you move too much —> stay still when recording. BIG thumbs down.

  6. hi alex nice review – which company do you own i'm in hambug germay and thinking of opening my own IT consultancy which will allow me to build the basic infrastructure for startups i.e. website, domain, email, sms gateway, file sharing etc. need your advise have you used file sharing sms gateway feature from any provider – Does google drive allow a common workplace like common drive where all employees can have read + write permisson.

  7. Thanks Mr Berman, appreciate you taking the time to post this video. On my way to SHAPE sponsored by At&T at Universal Studios and made the move to sign up for G suite along with locking in a URL/Domain for myself. Much love brother I'll be posting my adventures to my YouTube. Throw me a sub if you don't mind. God's speed and let's save the world!

  8. Google is an innovative company, we really have to admit that their tools are a trend. But, the "cost benefit" of Office 365 is better than Gsuite. For the business environment, Office 365 is more advantageous for the management tools it has.

  9. I try to enable mail delegation on gsuit but i can’t find and i check my mail i unable to see grant access main in account setting

  10. Thank you for the info, good to know. I like the ability to view employees emails, especially when you have employees that get sick or up and quit, having the ability to access their emails is important. If people think that the businesses they work for don't do this, then they have their heads in the sand. It's called a company email for a reason, they are paying for that email service, it's a business owner's right. That's why there is a thing called "personal email"

  11. please people stay away from g suite it will mess up your computer and get hacked easier stay away warning most people will have a tragic experience if you use g suite

  12. So you're paying your fee only for the analytics and the business email, which starting off you'd have to pay for each and every additional member? Is that all you're going to review? For a starting off a company, this isn't too shabby, as you can get away with not having professional emails for a while before moving to a more professional image surely.

    What about all the other features is there nothing else that improves the efficacy of a project rather than spying and looking good?

  13. Love G Suite for the administration benefits, but this guy is psycho. Clearly a micromanager and complete douche bag.If you check his other videos you'll see how shady he is in sales and managing a company.

  14. Some of the reactions to your employee access commentary are hilarious. I have been in the corporate world for a very long time and all or most of the major corporations I have worked with have full access to their employees email content. They also view their employees social media. People get fired every day for bad mouthing a superior or emailing proprietary company information. Come back to reality folks.

  15. Ouch. If you want to spy on people's emails without them knowing, just add their accounts in Outlook. All the rest is just Google Drive which can be shared anyway. Can't see the point myself.

  16. You had my ears until you had access to change employee passwords and rightfully wanted to snoop into their inbox… WTF? And your metric for employee productivity is Inbox and login records,… Really? And YOU really have people working for YOU?

  17. we use gsuite in our company and we manage 15k+++ users it;s easy when it's small but when it grows bigger you'll never spy on anyone unless they reported that there's something within that user.

  18. hi if I just want a business email but no employees. Can i have just that if i buy just the gmail domain whitout G suite?

  19. This guy spy's on his employees? This seems a bit unethical and shows a lack of professionalism and trust.
    Big brother is watching

  20. As a matter of fact you CAN get into your employees inboxes without them knowing… You have 2 options for that: Set up Vault… It's an add on subscription but you can always use the trial, let it expire and redo it whenever you need… 2. You can set a routing rule for every inbound and outbound message from your users, internally and externally… That will send a bcc to your inbox or if you're concerned with storage… To a group where your user has access to. Simple as that! HTH Cheers!

  21. Great video however some of you are ignorant on what goes on in the business world. I have worked in corporate IT for almost 20 years companies have full control over all electronic communications. To be clear that means they have full access to your email as well as your company desk phone and if you have a company cell phone guess what they have full access to that also. BTW when all of you go to work and connect your phone to the company wireless guess what that's also logged they know what websites you are surfing and it can be traced back to your smart phone. So if you want privacy stay off of company wifi and use a personal email address.

  22. If you, as an admin, maintain a list of all user password somewhere, hopefully encrypted, gsuite has an option to turn off account verification for a bit of time so you can login to any of your user accounts without them getting notified of the login but you must have the current password.

  23. This channel is awesome !! Thanks for all this information.

    I wanted to ask if there is anyway I can get an internship at your company. I know I can learn a lot from you and your team.

    Thanks in advance!! =)

  24. Just came across this video, and after watching it, I wouldn't hire this guy's company. Zero trust. Feel sorry for those working under his watch.

  25. Watch out!!! I signed up for a "Free" trial of gsuite and google charged me $2.04 immediately. And it's not a temp charge to verify my account. It's a permanent charge that google illegally took out of my account. I can't contact google about it either. Google is unreachable. Ripoff!!!

  26. Is there a way to use the g suite accounts to log into company computers. I would like a way to have employee's log into computer to monitor who is viewing certain content. We are a small ambulance service without a lot of money.

  27. Reading people’s email? If you are a business owner, you are a tyrant. If you dont trust your employees, maybe you shouldn’t have any. If i saw you checking mine, you may be “asked” to “reconsider.”

  28. What has been annoying me is that the online doc editor does not support all editing features from Microsoft Office Suite, which sometimes causes broken formats for the docs. There is always the situation where people have to edit the docs with MS Office suite that has more features than the online editing.

  29. I am building up a new recruitment company up to 5 people so far and my biggest question is how i can see if information is being stolen – my database?

  30. 2:00 WTH whatever happened to privacy, you can tell they’re working by seeing if they logged in you don’t need to spy on them

  31. Hey Alex,
    Is it worth utilizing G suite basic to create a personal domain in order to look for a management job? I have my own real estate business, but also looking to supplement my income by working for a local developer.
    Let me know what you think. Love the videos!

  32. This video is already outdated with many of the new changes that G Suite has made. Some relevant many others not relevant.

  33. Dude, if you were alive during midevil times, you be jumping into the slave trade without remorse. It is called ethics. Young entrepreneurs like you get to successful to young. You still to young to understand ethics. You sneaky little weasel, creeping up to it's employees like that. Thats what you call building a trust relationship with people, you treat people like assets. Have you seen the negative responses in the comment section. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  34. I’m new to gsuite I have a ?
    Could you create a user then de-select “create password on next sign in” and issue the user gsuite’s generated PW for said inbox leaving the PW with the admin

  35. Hey, thank you for this very informative video. Could I take two minutes for your time to ask you your thoughts on the following:

    Presently I have emails with two extensions "dot Com & dot CA"

    How easy will it be at a later date to change the email of the account from dot CA to dot COM but still keep all the documents, project s, etc.?

  36. It is from Google, I am 100% sure Google uses all that information to create your "profile". Google spies on people like no other company

  37. I have seen you with your ads i don't care,. No one would buy or sale with an African leave me alone i don't care about you G. Suite. Imagin if this is what would bring money to me a white man would not let me have.
    Grammerly people have come, collected my password now is this man.

  38. I have a g suite account I created its billing me $5 /month I dont know why I have it or how to get rid of it. Please help!

  39. hello, good video, I need to send 4000 emails, can I do that with a g suite account? is there any limit on sending?

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  41. I jate that i cant share my public calendar with google AT ALL… It wants me to sign in? Arghhhhh, now I have to pay to shout at them? Why is this happening?

  42. Hey Alex, we have a gsuite basic but it doesn't allow more than 500 emails. Actually it should be 2000 emails per day. What should I do to make it 2000 limits per day? Please advise…

  43. Straightforward and to the point. I had overestimated how complicated G Suite would be to learn about.

    (And other people here are overreacting. LOL to those who think they have any sort of privacy when using business-managed resources and devices.)

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  46. Thanks for your review. I signed up and also got my domain. Many hosting services were too expensive and charge yearly!

  47. 🔔 Guys, 20% of discount with this code for Gsuite: 779KQJLY9MJJPY3 – Thank me later! 🙂

  48. Alex, I'm wondering how to have all users share the same password … I'm having a hard time with this … thank you

  49. Maybe someone can help me here.

    I made a G Suite test abo 11 days ago. Now i tried to quit it. I am not sure if i succeeded. I followed the steps how to terminate it. Then i deleted my Admin account. Now i cant login anymore, google says the account is deleted.

    So did i terminated G Suite, so i dont have to pay?

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