April 5, 2020
How We Send Cold Emails to Get Clients | Step by Step Tutorial w/ Templates

How We Send Cold Emails to Get Clients | Step by Step Tutorial w/ Templates

– I’m Alex Berman from Experiment 27. Most of our sales still
come from cold emails, which is completely
opposite of most agencies who get a lot of their
sales from referrals. Referrals is the number one channel. We get most of our sales from cold emails. And today I want to jump in
and show you exactly what I do when I send these cold emails out. I’m about to go in and show
you the exact email script I’m using right now to get clients. This has a 15% meeting book rate. I’m probably gonna have to
re-write it after this video. The exact channels I go
in to find my clients. I’m probably gonna have to change ’em after this video, as well,
because this is so valuable. So let’s jump into it. (techno music) So it all starts with the
lead generation document. I like to go into Google Drive doc and just create a few different columns. So here’s company, website,
name, email, portfolio item, and channel. You also want to write
your email template here. Here’s mine. Question about company. Hey name, came across
company on channel recently and I’m seriously impressed
with what you’re doing. Congrats on working with portfolio item. I run x27 and I’m in charge of
growing the number of clients agencies like company get. Then it keeps going, you can pause it, you can read through it. So we have a few different
points we customize in the email. Company name, first name,
the channel you found them on are the only points. So I found all of these guys on Dribble. You go to where your clients are, right? If you’re looking for
restaurants, it might be Yelp. If you’re looking for
financial consulting firms, maybe it’s a Forbes list. Anyway find a channel
where these guys hang out, even if it’s just a big list of clients. And copy paste that into
your channel section here. So for today, I’m going through Dribble. There are still a lot
more agencies on here that we could reach out to. Next, you want to find some things that the people can relate to. So I’ve got company name,
we’ll pull the website, the name of the contact. For us, it’s normally
reaching out to the founder or the CEO. For you guys, it could be the director, if it’s a slightly larger company, or even the founder themselves. And then the portfolio item. I’m gonna send 40 emails today. So I’ll copy this 40 times. Next, you go over to where
your clients hang out. For me it’s Dribble. And you have to create an
account here to find the people. So then I’ll go over to all
the design teams for hire. If they’re looking for design
work, they’re most likely looking for leads. Alright, so I have a bunch of these open. Next step is to put them in this doc. So I use this tool that splits the tabs to two different sides. It’s called Tab Scissors. You can grab that for free. So let’s do it. (techno music) Alright, we’ve got 40 in the doc. Company names and websites. Now, we’ve still got these three things, name, email, portfolio item, to do. So how do we get the name of the contact? So I’ll show you right now. There’s another plugin
called, Open Multiple Tabs, that will basically if you
paste in a list of URLs, will open them all in different tabs. Lazy loading style, which is super cool. So paste ’em in. Don’t load tabs until selected. Open URLs. And then we’ll use that
same plugin to split. We are Brotherhood, a new
design studio based in England, with Jamie, Fabio, and
Cassius at the helm. So Jamie. Boom. And it’s actually Cassius, not Jamie. We’ll also find a portfolio
item from their site. And for the email address, I like to find, first I find their first and last name. So it’s Cassius Kiani. Found him on Twitter. And basically, there’s this
thing called emailhunter.co. Hop on over to it. We’ll type in, first I like to type in the URL here. And Email Hunter will show
you if any of these URLs have been published online anywhere. For this, it’s [email protected] but that doesn’t help us. So if that doesn’t work,
I go to this website, thrust.io. And it’s Cassius Kiani, company website, and then it’ll look for
the email address for us. And there it is, [email protected] So perfect. Now I’ll do this for all 40. Alright well that took a couple hours. I had to remove about six of them, so I’m gonna have the
six that we’re missing. And then we’ll jump into the mail merge. Okay so I have the script in Streak CRM. And I just look through it one more time to make sure it works. And it looks like it does. So we’re gonna send it. Alright the emails are sent. Looks like we only have one bounce. So I’ll resend this one to Think Mojo. Otherwise, it looks like it’s working. And just so you guys know,
the email script does work. Here’s one I sent four
days ago with a reply. And you can see, Streak’s tracking. People are already opening ’em. I’m Alex Berman, from Experiment 27. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up. If you want more content like
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for more tutorials. And if you need marketing
support for your digital agency, check out experiment27.co. Thanks.

100 thoughts on “How We Send Cold Emails to Get Clients | Step by Step Tutorial w/ Templates

  1. Just wanted to say thx in here. I tried your system and after 4 days a get many positive responses (54 from 200 sent) now i can start the talk with clients and see who i can help with my product 🙂 your shares are highly appreciated!

  2. Hi Alex,

    I gave a thumbs up for the grind music alone. 🙂

    Here are my notes everyone (with email & excel sheet template):


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  4. This vid made 4k€ for me~ very positive 53 "Teach me master responds" of 155 sent. 108/155 opened , 30% response rate. 3 folds above the usual 10% interaction rate.
    I had the most client calls ever. Today I was completely filled with meetings every 30 minutes I had to interview my new students. Absolutely insane. I can basically choose now who my clients are. I can life from this now :´)

    Never stop doing this man! Your videos are so useful. Especially the latest ones with the Buildup of a team. :>
    I might scale it up.

    Will email you asap about mentorships, Alex.Hope you would Invite me into this world . Stay humble like this and open to public. You can change a lot of lifes.

  5. hi alex . im a beginner and i have a question : do i have to pay money in dribble to make an account so that i can get a team's website and email addresses in order to contact ??? or there is a free way ?

  6. I'm a new business owner and so confused with all the information about the best way to do this and that. Now, looking at this cold email, it goes against everything I've been taught with it being so long. Oh well, I guess I'll just try it all and see which one works best for me.

  7. Hi Alex thanks for the share. Could you please tell me the name of the app that is email tracker to see who open and who haven't.

  8. Hi Alex. Been following your email for about 1.5 years now. Thank you for sharing.

    Question… That 15% Meeting Booked Rate is out of 100 Cold Emails Sent? Or from say 70-80% Response Rate to the 100 Cold Emails Sent?

    Thank you.

  9. That email is the worse… You start by talking about you, business owners are is not interested in you, they are humans and so they are selfish, they don't give a shit about you, they care about themselves and about their company and you start your email with babbling about you and your company, the first two sentences should be about them, for real yo…

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    Thanks much for very helpful video.

    Can you please write down the list of extensions you are using for the Google Drive Doc.?

  11. Hello Alex! I discovered your channel just this week and I'm really impressed by the amount of high-quality value you're sharing here. I have few questions about the template you use. I watched some of your videos about the cold email strategies and they are a bit different one from another. How about adding a case study or other portion of value for the lead to this template? I work with a company that already has a lot of social proof and a lot of content generated that I want to use in my cold emails. Thanks in advance!

  12. Question I have a customer that is attending a trade show and has a booth.What additional pointers might you have in getting potential customers to book an appointment at the show??One more thing how many emails does g-mail allow a day?I believe you suggested around 200 to 400 per day?Fantastic instructions keep them coming.

  13. Hey {Name},

    I came across {Company} on {Chanel} recently and I am seriously impressed with what you are doing, congrats on working with {Portfolio item}! I run x27 and I am in charge of growing the number of clients agencies like {Company} get.

    We do this by putting together a team of specialist marketeers with interest and expertise in your niche. So in the case of {Company}, we’d get the best marketeers in design & development to sky-rocket the number of clients you get – even if you don’t have a gazillion dollars to spend on marketing.

    Our service has been carefully designed and tested rigorously so that firms yours can sky-rocket their inbound leads. To date, we’ve helped our clients reach over $10 million dollars of business.

    I’d love to learn what you’re doing right now to find clients – you’re strucurted very closely to our other agency clients – I’m sure we can help you double or triple the amount of clients you’re getting (just like we helped Dom & Tom get McDonald’s as a client in less than a month – we’re also working with Fueled, Fraction, BlueWhale & Maxburst).

    If you are ready to start getting more clients, just get in touch with me directly and I’ll setup a quick call 🙂 I’m also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about agency marketing.

    Thanks and have an awesome day!

    p.s. I love your website it’s really slick!

  14. Hi Alex how company websites auto inputted in cell when you type company name at 2.54? Can you please write down the list of extensions you have used in this video?

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    Thanks for such an informative post . I have increased my clients 🙂 and thanks for your video .
    I have made a ppt on “ how to get clients by cold email ) here is the link “ https://www.slideshare.net/RohitKadian7/how-to-find-clients-by-cold-email “
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  17. Hey Alex!

    I am currently looking into differnet email automation tools. I've narrowed down my search to Yesware and Boomerang. I am aware that you and your team utilize Yesware but I'd like to get your thoughts on why Yesware and not Boomerang?

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    You are the best Coach for Cold Emailing 🙂 Btw, What's the name of the extension for open multiple tabs?


  19. Hey Alex, LOVE your content!

    Quick question: the part (6:00) that says "40 lead… 160 email sent… 27 negotiating, etc." how do I see/get that for Gmail?

    I downloaded Streak for Gmail and it's working, but I don't see that part…

    Thanks man

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  24. Why not use Linkedin to find the names and titles of the targeted employees? Seems easier than manually going to the prospect's site

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  29. Hi Alex! Thank you for the tips to cold email. It just takes A LOT of time, but so worth it if you get responses. I'll keep grinding on!

  30. Cold email without permission can be well illegal sad to say, can spam act. Can’t use email services like constant contact.

  31. The best email source is contactout. You get 50 per day. Also, data.com once called jigsaw. Hunter.io is also good. Hoover’s.com subscription based though. Thought I would mention these. I put together email campaigns for a living.

  32. Hi Alex, thanks for creating this. This is very useful. I am wondering, does the GDPR rules/law have to be followed for any of these?

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  42. If you want to grow your business and start working with clients that can afford you, check out our free presentation at Email10k.com

  43. Very useful. I'm not a fan of most youtube channel owners that eventually try to sell their courses, but yours actually seems to have some value since your YouTube video's really help people with their sales. Keep up the good work Alex! Also appreciate how you are honest and transparent about how much time every task takes.

  44. Alex. Appreciate all of your work. Question about the email template used in this video, specifically the first line. It is "custom" enough these days, from your experience?

  45. For 3 years all I did was to collect emails and build targeted list for entrepreneurs and startups and its a win win for both sides!

    I get to work at $3/hr and my clients spends more of their time talking to prospects, closing deals.

    I have established a team now and we are ready to take on additional clients.

    Anyone wants to give us a try? We will build you a list based on your specifications for FREE.

    Pay only if you feel like it. 🙂

    You can check some samples of my work here:


    Email me at: [email protected]

    (This will still be my line of work 5 years from now. Feel free to contact me)

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