March 30, 2020

96 thoughts on “How to write TEST CASES in manual testing with example | login page test case

  1. Sir superb sir..i am knowing newly about manual testing..I don't know what is the environment of Manual Testing.but ¬†now i ¬†got ¬†few things about Manual Testing When i learnt your "HOW TO WRITE EFFECTIVE TEST CASES QUICKLY" video….
    Thank U Sir.And your Voice also Clear voice.Simply Superb.once again THANK YOU.

  2. Hi Sir, I and my colleague got a same a defect while we are testing application.He already logged defect using ALM. I also want to log same defect.Can I log or not? Please help meÔĽŅ

  3. I'd be expecting the expected results to display information on what the correct (expected) error message to be displayed is Рespecially for the future compatibility and/or if different people will be running the test than the person who wrote it,  Thoughts??

  4. Hi Inder, You have some interesting test information posted here, really liked it. Even at this basic stage i thought it would still be good to add the location of the test (like webpage in web apps) coz the same test can have diff expected results depending on the location of test. What's your take?

  5. Hi Inder; If we a testcase for just invalid username and another testcase for just invalid password, is it really necessary to have a separate test case for invalid username and invalid password? IMO, it is not necessary.

  6. Your teaching is simply awesome! So far, you are the best guy on the internet to learn Software Testing from!  Thank you so much!

  7. Really effective video easy to understand and easy to learn. Thnx forgiving better idea for writing test cases

  8. is there an availible program to write and run our test cases, if it not exists can you give as or make a little program for testing, thanks

  9. Can you make a video of a day in life about what QA does everyday PLEASE. Because I am really interested in this and I am wondering what is the day of a QA like.

  10. Hi I stumbled on this video and had to comment.  Sorry, but this test case example is no good. its a typical example of quick and dirty testing but not very durable and long lasting.  if you hand this test case to any tester he would not know what to do.  What is Valid data and what is invalid data what is the (error msg text), does it change depending on the length of the pswd or username.  the tester should never have to reference another document during the execution cycle.  it slows down his effort.  sorry to be critical.

  11. Dear sir, i learned lot of things by this video and also i would like to know the test cases examples for some other functions except login page or enter homepage.

  12. Amazing! Though I have done testing course, I found this video a wonderful lesson.. kudos to the teacher..

  13. Hi
    Thank you again for your useful information,from your point of view what is the topics /outline for new tester (fresher) groining Agile testing department.Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi,

    Thank you for your response, currently I'm preparing training programe & material for the new fresh team,my topics will be as below,do you suggest extra topics.Thanks in advance.
    The Project Life Cycle (SDLS)
    Project Management Concepts and Methodologies
      Brief overview of Agile Methodology.
    The Fundamentals of Agile Software Development
     Aspects of Agile Approaches
       Example of Agile Software Development.
      Difference between Agile model and Non-Agile models.
     Advantages/ Disadvantages  of Agile Methodology.
    ¬†Terminologies used in Agile Scrum process (Scrum Team, User Story, Product Backlog,…).
    Roles & Responsibilities of tester in agile projects
    Tools & Techniques for agile testing
      Overview of testing types that will be covered at this phase for the female section.
    How activities done in during different phases (from Test Planning to Test Closure ).
       Test Planning & Control :
       QA role (start to end cycle at this phase).
      Required documentation /templates.
     Interaction with other departments.
      Tools/ system used at this phase (step by step ).
    Test Analysis & Design: 
     QA role (start to end cycle at this phase).
     Required documentation /templates & environment preparation.
       Interaction with other departments.
      Tools/ system used at this phase (step by step ).             
     Implementation & Execution:   
      QA role (start to end cycle at this phase).
    Required documentation /templates & environment preparation.
      Interaction with other departments.
     Tools/ system used at this phase (step by step ).             
     Evaluating Exit Criteria & Reporting:        
      QA role (start to end cycle at this phase).
     Required documentation /templates & environment preparation.
      Interaction with other departments.
     Tools/ system used at this phase (step by step ).             
      QA role (start to end cycle at this phase).
     Required documentation /templates & environment preparation.
     Interaction with other departments.
     Tools/ system used at this phase (step by step ).

    Final topic will be dummy project handled by the new member

  15. Hi,
    Thank you for this great video, Is there difference between writing test case for different type of testing (ex: system testing or unit testing)? or we use the same test cases

  16. Hi,
    Thanks for your replay. Not only the format, either the content should it be different  based on the testing type ,or the test cases should be the same for all types. and based on that ,during the testing preparation the team should create test cases based on the planed test type.

  17. Thanks you, teacher. You made my day, you've made an awesome lesson!!!
    I'm going to have a Tester Interview tomorrow. I'll apply what I learn from you for that.
    Thanks again!

  18. @ 3:00 Why do you add logout in your step3 when you should have already logged out on step 1??Steps 2 and 3 are of negative input,which means that you would have not logged in when you give negative inputs??

  19. hi, sir thank you very much for providing these videos, it help's a lot to me.
    Is this quick to write test cases can we write in real -time applications???

  20. hi,sir how to write test cases for DropDwon list.for example Date of birth.pls send for me for this step.
    thank you.

  21. I have biology background but i want to change my field to QA. Can you please give me a guidance? Where can I post my questions?

  22. Hello sir, I have a question… I was wondering as a tester do you have to locate the issue when testing? By that I mean say if there is a requirement and let's say this requirement involves the backend database and when you test it you have 500 data fields being added and you found 480 do you have to locate all the missing data ?? Or is that the job of the developer who is querying. If you can please assist me with this question. Hopefully I wrote it to the point it's not confusing. Thank you! So much..

  23. Hello sir,For login page this shortcut surely will work.but in my company we have to write each and every thing .Like what error message/alert to display.Which button is to be placed where.

  24. I Recently Finish my QA Tester Course and I am Desperately Looking for Job ASAP. Can you please help me for Any guidance

  25. not all tests are going to involve the log in button. What happens when you have a pre set scenario with the test cases.

  26. Good video that covers a lot of the basics. I strongly suggest to not use "should" when describing expected results. It is unclear wording as it suggests that it might be OK when the result does not occur. Further, be far more specific when it comes to inputs. As a tester, how do I know what constitutes a valid or invalid user name? I understand it is an example, but using such vague language in test cases leaves a lot up for interpretation. Test case 2 lacks detail as to which error message is to be expected.
    One good option for cutting down on test case creation time is writing generic test cases that need minimal editing for each test scenario. Keep those generic tests in a easily accessible library. Copying and pasting followed by some editing is not only fast and easy, but it also adds consistency to tests. Keep a reference in place so that finding all similar tests is easy in case all of them need to be changed.

    Some other things to consider and outside of what the video is about:
    Using a spreadsheet is simple means to document test cases, but it makes linking test cases to changesets, work items, and bug reports difficult. Use a test case management system instead.
    Also include any security related tests as test cases, at least SQL/HTML/JS injection.

  27. Hi! Very nice tutorial. In your example you only have two parameters username and password. How about if the parameters are more than 3? Like registration page. How can i do this?

  28. great video!! anyone can fall in love with testing after watching this .. At least, I am.
    Could you please guide me how to prepare questions on Manual testing Interview questions. I am always stuck in the interview on manual testing questions (i was asked that how will you write test cases for mobile, what do you do in non-functional testing, what will be my approach to test (as a junior tester), what will you do before starting testing? ) I was asked these questions in last 3 interviews. i think my concepts of manual testing are very poor. please help me.i read your videos on Test plan and test strategy but its for the Team lead.

  29. Sir please help me.. i want a write a test case for multiple textbox, radiobutton, Checkbox, etc.. how can i write the a single testcase mentioning all the data for above components..

    I had learned about pairwise testing but it doesnt cover the invalid values.. please help on this.

  30. I just have started learning testing, so my question is : different companies have different fields of work. How can I be aware of how to work with some kind of field? Firstly I'm given some documents about what is company are working with – like this? Because testing is using in many ways…

  31. Hi request can you plz make a video on test cases other than login functionalities.. like booking a ticket in online booking apps, add to cart like flipkart ecommerce sites– because I see many videos only on login functionality.. so please make a video on other functionalities too.. it will be really helpful.
    Thank you in advance..

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