April 7, 2020
How to write an “About” page for your ecommerce website

How to write an “About” page for your ecommerce website

You’re listening to the E Commerce Success
Show: Tips, Tricks, and News to help you make more sales online and now your host, Nikki
Purvy. Hey, it’s Nikki Purvy, your host of the
E Commerce Success Show, where we talk Tricks, Tips, and News to help you grow your E Commerce
business and this is episode 12. And on this episode we’re gonna talk about one of the
most visited pages on your website, the best way to get the most out of your Facebook efforts,
and a great trick to have a more effective website. So, let’s hop right into it. The first thing we are going to cover is your
Ecommerce Tip and your Ecommerce Tip is going to be about something very important that
most ecommerce businesses overlook and that is how to write an about page for your ecommerce
website. How to write an about page, yes, it sounds very, very, very easy, something
so simple, why am I even covering it? Let me tell you why I’m covering this. You know,
we are Lidyr Creative. It’s the company that I founded and we are a web design company
and we help a lot of ecommerce businesses, which is why we have the E Commerce Success
Show.and a lot of brand new businesses or businesses looking to rebrand themselves,
they come to us because they want to do a new website and this topic of the about page
is the thing that holds up the process the most. A lot of businesses come to us and say
“Okay, I have a business idea, I’m going to pay you this money, which is a good amount
of money, for most people. I’m going to pay you this money, so I’m going to pay
you this and off to the races you go,” but we still need pertinent information from you.
And that – One of those things that we need is the about page. And so many entrepreneurs
get stuck, the process gets stuck, at this phase, because what I truly believe happens
is that, I say “Send us over your about information” and it sounds very simple.
They ask us, even beforehand, before they’ve signed any contracts, what do I need to give
you, and I tell them the about information and they think “Okay, that’s super simple,”
and then once we start, or once the contract has been signed, and they sit down at their
desk, and they try to write an about, and they just feel so lost, but they feel a little
embarrassed to come and talk to us. So, we have certain tactics and measures to
kind of pull that information out, but first of all, never feel embarrassed about not knowing
how to write your about or not even being able to express what it is that your company
is about. Because if you are not a writer by trade, this just doesn’t come natural
to everybody. But, when – during this process of writing your about page, this is your first,
especially if you are a brand new business, this is the first thing you’re going to
do in a long journey of business development. This idea of business development is going
to haunt you throughout your whole entire business, the life of the business, but this
business is the very first thing. It – in writing your about page, if you don’t have
it all kind of mapped out in your head, you will learn so much about your business, that
hasn’t even started yet. You’re going to learn so much about your business, this
brand new business, and you may find new business opportunities, or come up with new ideas when
writing this about. It’s gonna be so influential on everything
else on your website. Everything else about your business, so be sure to take you time,
don’t feel bad if you are having trouble writing your about. Just take your time. Reach
out for help, reach out to a business development specialist, fortunate for you guys, Lidyr
Creative, we are a web design company as well as business development specialists, and we
can help you write that as well, but there are people, there are resources out there. So, let me go into the tips to help you write
a very strong about page. The very first thing you need to do is ask yourself a couple of
questions. This will help you kind of clear out your thoughts. What kind of company are
you? Describe how you want your customers to see your business. Use adjectives like
big, small, affordable, family-owned, minority business, boutique-sized, luxury, exclusive,
eccetera. Who runs it? What are their – What are their credentials? What makes them qualified
to run this business. Where are you based? What makes you special? What are your core
values? Why should customers buy from you and not your competitors? Jot all this stuff
down. It doesn’t have to be in some formal language, but it does help you clear your
mind. The next thing that you’re going to do, when writing your about page, is be sure
to celebrate your business’ accomplishments. You need to stand proud when people ask if
you’re the best. And you need to be able to say “Yes, I am.” This sounds so simple
but I can guarantee you that probably 90 percent of small, start up, businesses; that’s businesses
within their first 3 years, they don’t really feel confident. They can not say they’re
the best, even if they know that they are. That’s something that even we struggled
with in the early days, but now we know we’re the best. Be sure that you believe it and
be sure that you convey that in your about page. The next thing is be sure to toot your own
horn. If you’ve done something, if you’ve received an award, if – anything you’ve
done that’s noteworthy, be sure that you mention that in the about page. Be sure that
you tell people, kind of puts everything into perspective, it obviously tells about why
you’re great. Make sure that you incorporate client testimonials. It seems very simple
but even though you could very well – any business could make them up, we know that
you’re not going to do that, but just to see that someone else has used this service
and they’re happy with it? That’ll convert prospects into clients or into customers for
you. Be sure to list your services. This is something
that I know that you think is very, very simple but a lot of businesses 1) They’re not even
sure what their services are. They kind of have a loose idea or, I should say, new businesses
and even some businesses that may have been around for a while. They may have a loose
idea of what they’re – what they do. They may focus on one thing, but they really want
to offer some other things, they’re not quite sure about any of this stuff. Be sure
to list out you services and commit it to memory because that’s going to go into your
elevator pitch. One of the things that I want to spend a lot of time in talking about this
because this is something that we encounter a lot. If your business can not be explained
in a quick one, maybe two sentences, list of services or description, then something’s
not right. If I can’t understand, if I walk away from the conversation or any normal person
walks away from the conversation not knowing what your business is, then my Spidey senses
is up. To me, you’re not doing something very honest or you figured out some strange
way to make money and that’s not cool. So, be sure that even if you have simple services,
you haven’t quite figured out how to communicate that, be sure to figure out how to communicate
that in one to two sentences. What do you do? I do blah blah blah blah blah blah blah,
and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That’s it! That might need some other explaining. You
know, people may have questions about what does the second blah mean. You can certainly
explain that, but your business needs to be able to be explained in two sentences and
that should be incorporated on your about page. Now, be sure that you don’t allow your about
page to go miles and miles on. Noone’s gonna read all that. Like I said, people like to
keep it really short, no one wants to read your entire life story. When people are visiting
your about page, they’re mostly checking – they want to know if you can help them with
their problems that they currently having – that they currently have or trying to solve
in their life or in their business. So, keep it short, make it so that, y’know, anybody
with any sort of attention issues can read it and just understand what you have, what
you’re offering and keep it going. Next one is Don’t Lie. I don’t need to
tell you that, guys. That’s Business 101. You have to have integrity, you have to be
honest. If you’re lying about the services that you have on your about page that is a
major problem. You won’t succeed in business in the long grand scheme of things because
you’re already starting out with less than high integrity/intentions. So, do not lie,
be honest. Despise not the day of humble beginnings, guys. Check for errors. Be sure that you double,
triple, proofread your about page. If it has errors, people won’t take you seriously.
So, you read it over, you read it 3 or 4 times, have someone else read it over, have your
mom read it over, have your dad read it over, have your daughter read it over. Just double
check, triple check, because this is something that’s gonna go up and it’s gonna stay
there, and you’re not even gonna be able – pay it attention, because if it ends up
having some sort of grammatical error you probably won’t – you won’t even notice
it, because you’re not checking your about page, often. So, those are my tips for designing a great,
or laying out the content for, a great about page. And the next section we’re going to
move to are the Digital Media Tricks. So, Digital Media Tricks, as you regular listeners
know, they are coming directly from our Instagram page, @LidyrCreative, and we do Digital Media
Tricks of the day, and I just pull out some great ones that we’ve done over the past
week, to feature here on the podcast slash webseries – webshow. So, let’s jump right
into the first trick. Pump up the contrast by adding the brightness of your background
image by – I’m sorry. Pump up the contrast by adjusting the brightness of your background
image so it offsets the color of your text, making your design clear and easy to read.
This is for social media fliers or posts or whatever. Be sure to pump up the contrast
and make your text easy to read. It’ll grab attention and probably convert it a little
higher as well. The next trick is the most effective sites
feature clear and concise messaging and no more than a few words. The old adage, “Keep
it simple, stupid.” And the last trick is don’t spend precious
text, add character count on your business name. It should already be in your optimized
URL. This is for your website. So, you don’t need to mention your business name over and
over and over again in your home page copy, your about copy, because guess what? It’s
in the logo, and it’s also in your URL. People know the businesses that they are at,
if your site is designed properly. So, be sure that it’s in your logo as well, legible
in your logo, as well as in your URL. So, the next section we’re going to move
to is my favorite section, which is, The News Section. The Ecommerce News Section. This
is…I’m going to dedicate this section to a report by locowise – locowise.com. L-O-C-O-W-I-S-E
DOT COM. They are a social media analytics tool and they fund this report where they
analyse the performance of five thousand different facebook pages and present the results. so,
this is really cool because Facebook is, just a, you know, very unique space for a – a very
unique opportunity for businesses and I hope that you guys are using it to your advantage,
but I’m just gonna read off some of the results that they got from the report from
October. We’re a little behind, two months behind,
but that’s okay. It’s December 2015, in case you’re listening to this way after
the recording, or after the recording. I’m gonna read off some of the findings in the
report. Organic page likes growth in the month of October was at .2%. This is a slight decrease
from .4% growth that was reported from the previous month of September. The largest pages,
those with more than 1,000,000 page likes are in even worse positions and grew by .04%
only. So, what does this mean? This means that organic page likes are shrinking and
might even go down to 0. I mean, .2% is really almost 0, and if you have a really, really
large page, it’s even less. So, you’re gonna see with a lot of these trends that
I’m gonna mention that large pages that have over a million likes, their results are
worse off than regular sized pages and I think – I feel like it’s because Facebook wants
to give smaller pages with a little bit of money, just kind of give them a taste of what
they can experience but these larger pages, they know that they have the money, so it’s
like “We’re really just gonna hold you hostage,” but the smaller pages, we’re
gonna give you a taste, and let you see how Facebook can grow your business and – but
you still gotta spend some money, but you know, we’ll give you a taste, and then hopefully
you’ll come back – which you are, you will come back but these larger companies, they’re
like, they have – they probably have a huge team of people, they have dedicated people,
they already know what the deal is: “we want your money.” So, that’s my take on
why large pages have worse analytics than the other pages. The next bit of data is,
the average post reach 7.25% of page likes. This is 8.34% lower than the 7.19% reach we
saw in September. Even here the largest pages perform the worst by only reaching 4.42% of
page likes on average. Okay let me, there’s a lot of numbers, let me just sum that up.
The average post only reach 7.25% page likes which is down from the previous month of September,
this is has been a trend – a steady decline month over month, and the largest pages have
almost half of post reach. So again, they’re saying “We want your money, we’re not
giving you any slack, at all.” The next bit of data is the engagement rate is at 5.8%,
7 percent of all reached, this is declined, compared to 6.15% from the previous month
and the largest pages had lower engagement rate by engaging 5.6% of people reached. Same
thing. But fortunate for you, Facebook is testing a new way for people to subscribe
to updates about events and other trending topics in the Facebook Messenger. Facebook
Messenger has over 700 million users per month, and Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook has
900 million users per month. So, they’re gonna figure out another way to get – make
money from you on this separate app. This one is actually, I dunno, I like this bit
of data the most. Videos continue to be the best performing post format with a rich of
9.45%, links second best with 8.53% reach, while photos reach 6.84%, and status updates
by only 4.44%.Let me read that over again. Videos was the best performing, with a reach
of 9.45. Links were the second best with 8.53. Photos, 6.84, and Status Updates, 4.44. So,
videos guys, Videos on your Facebook pages. That goes for your personal pages as well.
Videos, direct videos right on the page, not a Youtube link, not an Instagram push through,
a direct video upload, right to Facebook. Facebook likes it. Got it? Got it. Okay, photos were the most engaging post type,
with an engagement of 6.23%, the second best were videos with 5.98, status updates with
4.19%, and links engage 3.93%. Okay, be sure – actually, they have a thing where you can
benchmark your own Facebook page at Locowise.com. So, go to their website, L-O-C-O-W-I-S-E DOT
COM. So, that concludes episode 12 of the ecommerce
success show. If you have any questions, be sure to email us at [email protected] and be
sure to like, rate, and review our podcast or – and also subscribe. Like, rate, and review?
Yeah, subscribe, rate and review. Sorry. Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast and do the same.
Subscribe to our Youtube channel, we’re just giving out tons of free information to
help you grow your ecommerce business, so thank you for tuning in and happy entrepreneuring.

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