April 1, 2020

84 thoughts on “How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business — 3 Video Marketing Tips

  1. Love your videos. I am asking for a MacBook for Christmas for video editing. I have a pc. Should I get software for editing on my pc instead. If so what is good software for editing on PC

    And I requested the last time too that please me a Shoutout.
    It'll be an honour for me, please…

  3. Just with the fact that Youtube is such a highly utilized search engine, it can, no doubt, be used to promote and multiply potential for increasing business. As with any business, customer service should be a priority and in the case of Youtube, interaction and engagement should not be lost on creators.

  4. I think YouTube is a great way to promote businesses. It definitely is consistently and learning the strategic methods to grow. I find myself looking to your channel a lot to help my small business and channel grow. Thank you for the great videos and strategies!

  5. Sean, what software did you use to create the presentation for the webinar? It was very nicely put together. I also love the super close up camera angle!

  6. Using your ideas, I have customer from both coasts for my services. I do this by providing content showing how there golf clubs will be completed.

  7. Great video, actually nowadays it's must to add other income stuff rather than only depending on ads, so my question is if I am just starting out on YouTube , should I create a blog along with same topic and attach the videos there ?

  8. QOTD: Do you think YouTube is good for Business? YES? NO? And do you have any tips for using YouTube for business? LMK! 👇👇👇

  9. Just checked out the vidIQ website… They make software but their own website isn't optimised for mobile view?.. tried looking at price list and it's all over the shop jumbled…Nope. And not enough value for the price imo.
    There is a market there for someone to improve on that software idea and offer more value, it would massively take off .
    Thanks for the video!
    Put your aff link in the description bud. 🖒

  10. Love your videos! I have TubeBuddy and am curious if vidIQ offers more features or what. Anyone know which is better? I’m paying for the lowest tier of TubeBuddy.

  11. Hey I need help I have a tech Chanel but every time I upload it there black boxs on the side. I use the same editing software
    as you and I use canon. Even if I do not edit it. It still a box. Think Media go to my Chanel and it shows you. Please help I want to be a youtube like you.

  12. Love your videos and great to see matrix comparison. Try to make a video comparing vidiq and tubebuddy features showing which is more beneficial

  13. You are smaaaart… I want to start my chanel, actually we are filming the demo next week and I also had a similar idea for my business… but this video OMG… game changer… my question is: To get in to the suggestion box… i need to have a higher view rank? OR it's enough the title to be similar with a high know video? (even if it's my first or second video with 10 views)

  14. YouTube is a lot of work, but also a good opportunity for businesses. As a business I would start with facebook or Instagram (depending on the target group) with photocontent and then get into youtube providing free value to the viewers by making How To videos about the topics your business is all about.

  15. Hey Sean.I tried out premier pro and it was great but every time I edited a video there was a video or audio delay.Have you experienced this and do you know how to fix it

  16. Hey Sean,

    I have a quick question I would love an answer too.

    You mentioned embedding videos on your website. I have a website and YouTube channel (Midwest's TV, so not this username). I am trying to grow the YouTube channel, so is it better to put a link to the videos on the website (such as a watch video button) so the user ends up on my YouTube channel, or embed them directly into the website?

    I hope that makes sense and thanks for all the videos!

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  19. Yes! YouTube is good for business. In this time and era, video content is the new marketing strategy. With people (consumers) attention spans decreases and are more visual, videos are much easier to watch. But of course, YouTube is not good for business if it is not done correctly. Like proper use of SEO video description, providing valuable content, and having a clear CTA. Also, remember that your video won't be viewed by others if it is also not promoted to your social media platforms. Videos and social media go hand-in-hand! 😉

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  21. Can you talk about how this will work for a start up one car taxi service … Great great information thank you,

  22. Thanks for the info! Using your ideas as I begin to promote my small business through YouTube.

  23. This is cool thank if you do more on how youtube can help business in other difference way it will be great

  24. Thanks sean. I have been watching your videos and they are great. I run a animated video production house. What kind of topics you suggest, if i want to get started with video marketing for my own business?

  25. great video, business' need to get on board with multiple video! and understand about using video to get it seen!

  26. Lucrative Video Marketing Strategies — One Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words


  27. Video marketing can be great … WHEN you get the views and clicks.

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  30. If you're searching for ways to promote your products or services, YouTube is a marketing tool you should not disregard. Great video!

  31. Great video! The Promo team recently wrote a blog evaluating YouTube as a marketing platform, compared to Facebook, which could be helpful to people deciding whether or not to start their own YouTube video marketing campaign.
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