April 6, 2020
How to Use Steal Your Competitors Customers Using Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool (SPECIAL GUESTS!)

How to Use Steal Your Competitors Customers Using Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool (SPECIAL GUESTS!)

Because of y’all showing you two very
special guests you guys recognize ODI Productions and the boy Micah still
making a appearance from Bali so what’s Good we’re gonna bring you guys and not
only my knowledge from Facebook Ads But also from these two killers right
here 100 thousands hundred thousands per Month using Facebook Ads see you in a
second I won by the way ninjas we had five
winners here here here here and here for Our giveaway gave away $10,000 worth of
courses and a bunch of cash and we’re Doing it the rest of this week so make
sure you don’t miss out Hi guys while we’re waiting for Mike and
Odie to figure up a little interview We’re gonna jump right in
and as you guys can see there’s a little Addition to the backboard here the
YouTube plaque seriously thank you guys So much I love you I can do any of this
without you I really really appreciate You all so much so what we’re gonna talk
about today is how to find your perfect Customers on Facebook so this tool is
one of the most important tools that People are just not utilizing and it’s
called audience insights so how you find This is by going in business manager I
just go to all tools and audience Insights here and you can also his
google audience insights I’m an audience Insights allows you to do three really
cool things right so you can do you can You know choose an audience that is
everyone on Facebook you can choose you Can see demographics related to people
who are connected to your page or you Can see demographics related to any
specific custom audience of people let’s Say you have an email list of 10,000
people and you want to see how many of them are men you could do that with
audience insights right and so we’re gonna is gonna do everyone on Facebook
to kind of demonstrate this and we’re gonna show you a bunch of cool ways to
kind of do this right because what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna play around
with interests so we can create perfect audiences FIA’s audience insights does
two very important things it tells you what people like you know who also likes
something so for example if someone likes Oprah let’s just use that as an
example so as we can see is 54% women this is Facebook just as a whole right
Facebook as a whole has 54% women 46% men in these specific age ranges right
we could go and see where that where they are located location wise and etc
etc so if we wanted to do Oprah for example we can type in Oprah Winfrey and
watch this 54% right it’s gonna change 83% of people who like Oprah Winfrey are
women and that’s a very important point right cuz if we’re gonna sell a t-shirt
for example with Oprah Winfrey’s face on it it probably makes a lot more sense to
target women primarily rather than men because only 17% of people who like
Oprah Winfrey’s page actually are men right and so this is a really really
important way to be able to kind of hone your audience especially if you don’t
really know what your audience is you know for example comprised of and so one
of the other things like let’s say that you’re you know you’re starting a brand
new product and you just have no idea where to start like you know like if for
example if I was selling like a pitbull related like maybe like a dog collar
specifically for pitbulls that says like pitbulls are the best right I could type
in pitbull here and make sure you don’t choose the rapper but if you choose like
I love pitbulls like a fan page related to pitbulls
you can see demographics about these people but let’s say that you’re selling
a product that you like just don’t know like let’s say that you want to get into
the weight loss niche but you just don’t really know you know what people who are
interested in weight loss also like so there’s a couple of ways to do this
right you can do this within audience insights or a way that no one talks
about right is using Facebook’s autofill feature so in the actual just normal ad
creation section here you know if you’ve ever made an ad before this is kind of
the first screen that you see when you do go to set up an ad so I guess let’s
go back just so we can see it so if we go to create ad and then we’ll start
again traffic right let’s just choose traffic for example this is the screen
that we’re gonna see next right and so detailed targeting so let’s say that
like I was gonna choose Oprah Winfrey you know I could type in Oprah Winfrey
right here the point of audience insights is actually to like find
interests to put here right if you don’t know things about your audience and so
let’s use this for example let’s say that we were gonna sell like weight loss
but like we wanted to sell a weight loss product or maybe we were passionate
about weight loss but we just didn’t really know much about the niche so I
could literally type in weight loss and Facebook is gonna auto populate all of
these different things right like extreme weight loss a lifestyle coach
mind you weight loss drop away weight loss
let’s try extreme weight loss so extreme weight loss right here so I could type
that in but if I type that in I wouldn’t really know like are most of the people
who who like extreme weight loss men are they women how old are they like what
you know what locations are they in because I want to target as closely as I
could right because I don’t know what to put for age here I don’t know what to
put for gender and so what I would do is I would jump into audience insights and
let’s just use extreme weight loss for an example right so we can literally
type in extreme weight loss shoe and now we see that 90% of the people
who are interested in extreme weight loss are women right and so why would we
ever waste advertising dollars advertising to men here when we know
that 9 out of 10 people are women who are interested in this particular page
on Facebook and we can also see some other very important things right we can
see that that age range is here 25 to 34 and 35 through 44 comprised you know
over almost 60% of the total people who like this particular Facebook page and
so we know our age ranges and we know our gender now just from like to using
audience insights for literally two seconds right and so what we would do is
we come in here and we go you know 25 through 34 right cuz that’s a big one
and then also 33 35 through 44 but we do see 24% of them up to 54 so we probably
just go 25 to 54 just so we’re not advertising people who are gonna be a
waste of money right cuz if they’re under 25 they’re
not interested in extreme weight loss and if they’re older than 54 right maybe
there’s a little bit too old to exercise or be interested in extreme kind of
weight loss things which makes a lot of logical sense right because you always
want to give it kind of a logical fact check and so now we’re gonna be
advertising to the correct age range because of audience insights and we know
that we’re only gonna target women right so now our audience is much more refined
which means our total reach is people who are significantly more likely to
actually be interested in something that we were selling that was related to
extreme weight loss so that is one of the amazing ways that you can use
audience insights and if you have no idea like you know even where to start
you can use Facebook the Facebook interest section right here and you can
start typing a word like you know dog and you can see what other things
Facebook is suggesting so like dog collar or dog you know it doesn’t really
matter what it is because Facebook this has so much data dog collar boutique dog
owners and we can take any of these things no matter what it is plug it in
to audience insights and then get out all of this extremely valuable data that
we can then further target and become you know create more of a focus and
create a more laser targeted audience that’s going to be that’s gonna prove to
be much more profitable in the end all right guys and we have a very
special treat coming for you right now from the mind of two millionaire
entrepreneurs first up is the boy and Mike misdeal about to drop some
absolute facebook bombs on you so here he goes yeah okay guys so yeah in this
video we’re gonna we’re gonna go over some Facebook ads so one of the things
that we’re gonna go over in this specific ones are how I find interests
that no one really ever targets now one of the biggest things the problem with
most entrepreneurs especially like people that are in a job shipping write
whatever is they all target the same damn interest right and the problem with
that is it’s cool if you got in early right like say if you started Facebook
Ads 2015 2016 you’re selling cap bracelets you’re targeting dentists in a
specific region or whatever location you’re in it’s cool because there’s not
that much competition right but as more people started flooding the space it got
harder because I mean think about it dude it’s like banner blindness when you
see the same ad over and over again it doesn’t matter who’s running that ad
right that 100,000 people in the like elephant niche has seen that exact same
product now the thing about marketing is you got to be like very creative and you
got to think outside the box and how to reach your target demographic faster and
this is like one way that I found it because at them of the day what you guys
can understand is these people they’re not just freaking interests on your
audience insights right these are real human beings with real problems that
they need to solve that your product can be the solution for right so what you
got to do is actually dig deep into their psychology and what it is that
they’re actually like you know develop more of like a rounded character and
then target that person as a whole okay so this is exactly what I mean let’s say
you wanted to sell something in the cat nice right like we’ll go in and normally
people go over here and then they’ll type in something like I love cats right
and then everyone and their moms will literally create a Facebook ad with like
some freaking screenshot being super lazy about it without even creating
their own creative and they’re gonna come up here and they’re gonna target
all these interests that have similar I love my cat shit and that I could swear
right yeah okay cool and then let’s let’s just put like cat
because this needs to be bigger will do
cat love cat lovers as I said and see how this is yeah okay so normally people
will come up to here they’ll put an interest there then they’re gonna go
over by the page likes they’re gonna short it sorted by affinity and then
they’re gonna run an ad to this and most of the time back from that you would
work really well in heck it can work well right now but you would have to
focus on the AG creative side for this to work to really you know pattern
interrupt all these people looking at your ad so if you’re starting off and
you don’t have the budget to create your own ads to hire on video people to
really get in a photoshop and create like those click baby images the second
thing you could do is just make a simple ad but target the person more
specifically so it’s almost like you’re talking to that person you know really
hot ad is when you get the right product in front of the right people with the
right messaging so what I like doing say let’s it’s gonna be like a little
stalkerish so if you’re like okay with that right you go over to Facebook and
you type in something like I love cats so ideally what happens when you
organize things by post you’ll see all of your competitors most of the time and
you’re gonna look for something with a bunch of engagement all right so we’re
gonna scroll down look for something with a lot of engagement so that you’re
letting other people’s money basically spend for you so that you don’t really
have to spend it yourself well let’s go with this one right pretend this was
like a cat product or whatever so ideally what I would do right and for
just the sake of argument just pretend this is like a cat t-shirt I would go in
the comments and I would just like literally view all these comments open
it as much as possible right we can actually do something else like love
skulls because I know skulls are for me like really popular in Maneesh okay
perfect this is this is literally like alright
we didn’t plan this out guys like Sears are seeing this shit live right so love
skulls so what I would do 1000 comments right you would view all the previous
comments right here and I’m talking about like you know keep on going like
you know that analogy like oh you’re only six feet away from gold you got a
thing about how lazier competent right now but and they’re not gonna view
all the previous comments until all the 1000 are basically shown right they’re
gonna give up right away so I would just keep on going until all these damn
comments are like up and like I mean like seriously it doesn’t matter if
you’re sitting here for like five to ten minutes you better best be damn sure
that if you’re not keep on pressing you previous comments your competitors are
gonna get further and further further in it okay so once you did it you know even
though now I’m gonna sound like a hypocrite
because I’m not gonna go over all the damn comments right this is just for the
sake of argument what I do is I’ll do command fine if you’re on Mac and look
for people that have actually bought it because at them today you’re looking for
people that have buyers intent so if you like typing like bi or bought sir
it’s typing by Rick Raymond JD said you have to buy this lol I was dreaming okay
that’s one good one let’s go back to that actually or have
got this send in that woo I got one okay Vivian thanks Vivian you just bought a
necklace you spot a ring so the next thing you want to do and this is when it
gets a little weird but I mean for marketing you have to do whatever it
takes to get into your niche audience right you have to like like I was in the
I was in the yoga nice I was doing yoga I was like getting deep in there to see
what is it these like boozy girls like really loves and you find things that
they like that no one else is targeting so look at that I’m gonna low key stock
Vivian Lomond right now go to her likes the exact same thing you know I’m gonna
keep on scrolling all the way down all the way down until oh she doesn’t like
that much pages usually like you’re scrolling for like 30 minutes men okay
seriously like I hired a virtual assistant I keep on scrolling so you
could do write its thing about this man like people are well rounded so they
don’t just like freaking cat stuff and most of the time they’re not even to
like the cat page because it’s obvious that they like cats but what you could
start targeting or all these other things and then also use these as
filters right so you could like say you could go to audience or the ads manager
and then you could do like say cats and general and this would be like 40
million or some yeah 20 million then you go back to your homegirl Vivian and that
guy Vivian what else do you like and it looks like she’s in Australia you could
look at any one of these skull obsessed so that’s like an interest oh no we were
searching yeah we were searching skulls never mind so you can even grab this
skull obsessed go back to audience insight plug that in there and you can
go in here and plug it into there and then all these interests will pop up as
well it normally they do I think this is just super nice but like look at this
dude 4,000 infinity glory details skulls and shit like you could tech you could
do all of these okay I’m serious man there’s like so much money being made
and you gotta think about your competitors as lazy as hell and they’re
just over here like doing an ad the same damn ad from like Aliexpress and they’re
all targeting like skulls in general while you’re over here stocking Vivienne
and seeing what it is it that she likes and you could also target all of these
especially when you start scaling you know because like those 100,000 people
and when they see the same ad only a sugar skull culture these are all ads
that no one is really going to be looking at but since you guys follow
Dave and you guys are lifestyle ninjas and you guys are smart entrepreneurs and
you guys are stalking the girls like Vivian and see what it is that they like
you know you’re gonna be your competition man so that’s really it that
that’s like two cents right there yeah yeah that was the boy Mike Bastille and
now we’re gonna bring in another boss all right hey what’s up guys on the air
productions here I may give you guys a quick quick Golden Nugget hurt what was
this behind my back um so I’m gonna give you guys a quick
tip this one’s about social proof which is so important especially if you’re
trying to sell a product or service you need to get that social proof to you
know make it appear like people are raving about your product that you have
tons of happy customers so one way that you can do this first off um you know I
prefer to use video advertising for Facebook just because I I do a lot of
YouTube and I believe video is just just the future it’s more easily digestible I
think Facebook is moving towards you know promoting more video over just
simple on display ads and SEC image ads so in this example if you’re gonna
create a video advertisement what you want to do first is you want to post it
so this is a company that I did some ads for for Facebook and what we did is we
actually posted the video rather than just uploading it to use it as an ad we
posted it to their page and once we posted it we then ran that post as the
advertisement rather than creating an advertisement that just happens to have
a video that we upload now as you can see here massive massive social proof
from running this post as an ad and the plus side to doing it this way is that
anyone who goes on your Facebook fan page they actually see all of the social
proof so for this post that we did you can see over three hundred thousand
views over a thousand shares over a thousand likes just crazy crazy crazy
engagement and the thing is you guys get to see that now if you want to take
things a step further you can add instructions to increase engagement like
telling people to tag their friends you can include that at the end of the video
you can include that in the description of the video but basically you just want
to hype up this piece of content and get as much likes as much shares as much
everything as possible you know get them the type of friends and just create
something that has this viral effect because things that you know loads viral
or appear to be viral you know insanely popular crazy social
proof and it just makes it that much easier to sell your product or service
when so many other people see other people
you know using your product or you know engaging with your content so that’s all
I have for you guys it’s pretty quick but honestly it’s a game changer if
you’re going to do video advertising or any sort of ads on facebook you want
to get the social proof so other people who discover you in the future get to
see all of that how’s that that is ODI productions and Mike Bastille coming to
you live from Kevin David channel in beautiful San Diego so that guys is
audience insights you know that’s how there’s a you know a couple of really
cool tricks how to get social proof how to actually dig deeper on specific
interests and then how to use audience insights to find out a ton of
information about your customers right to find out what pages they like to find
out if somebody likes Oprah Winfrey’s page what other pages are they much much
more likely to also like so that we can then target them more and more narrow
more and more targeted audience and more and more laser targeted means more and
more profit on Facebook Ads guys so that is how to steal your competitors
customers by targeting those pages right narrowing your audience based on those
interests and then making a bunch more money once that you’ve really laser
targeted your audience to only show advertisements to them if they’re
significantly more likely to be interested and if they’re interested
then they’re significantly more likely to buy guys so we will see you on the
next one

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