April 1, 2020
How to use social media to find a job in tech (Ep. 04 ft Kate S and Matt Bardeleben)

How to use social media to find a job in tech (Ep. 04 ft Kate S and Matt Bardeleben)

Welcome to,
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Real tech professionals. I’m your host, Matty Bv3, and it’s about to
get real. So I’m here today with our Business Relationship
Manager, Kate, who’s going to answer the question we got on Quora.
The question relates to social media and it asks,
“What other social media sites, besides LinkedIn, could be used to find a job?”
So, Kate, let me ask you; Are there any other sites outside of LinkedIn
that a candidate could actually directly apply to or a company can actually post their jobs
on? Yeah, well, there’s many social media platforms
out there that you can use depending on your expertise, the job, or the field that you
may be in. LinkedIn, is obviously the number one. Everyone
uses LinkedIn. It’s blown up in the past couple of years. Even when I graduated high school
I didn’t know what LinkedIn was, but, now I definitely know what it is. They have a specific tab that says “jobs”.
Obviously, candidates use it, recruiters use it, hiring managers use it, CEOs, executives
use it. Facebook is another one. LinkedIn and Facebook
use specific tabs for you to go click on and say, ok, there’s a jobs tab, great, what location
do I want. What skills do I have that I can insert into the field. Also, searching companies…
you can say “Google” and all the skills that you have will come up and you can click on
the job that best suits you. And that’s a fairly new feature for Facebook.
That they’ve added where companies can actually put their job posting or requisition up online
and you or I or anyone could just directly apply with your profile like you can on LinkedIn.
That’s new and they’re the first one outside of LinkedIn to do it. Yeah, and now, on Facebook, you can recommend
places to go. You can sell anything on Facebook now through a marketplace. And you can ask
for jobs, like I said you can recommend, you can give advice. There are groups on there
as well. There’s networking channels on Facebook that connect to other social media outlets
that you can go on. You can apply, they’ll come up on your phone, you can go “oh, ok,
I want to apply to this JavaScript position” and it’ll automatically be there. You can
just go ahead and put your resume on it. Good, so, Facebook and LinkedIn, obviously.
Anyone can use their profile and they can actually apply directly for jobs.
So, what about the other platforms that you can’t do that on. Say, for example, Twitter
and Instagram, a couple of the largest ones which a ton of people use.
But there aren’t job postings where you can actually apply directly to.
You may see a posting about some jobs, but, not apply.
So how could somebody use or leverage, someone who is really into Twitter or Instagram, who’s
using them often, how could you use that to help you out with your job search? So Twitter and Instagram, everyone knows.
Twitter, you just send a tweet, and everyone and anyone can see it.
If you hashtag it, and someone’s following that hashtag, it’ll bring them straight to
that post. There could be thousands of posts under that
hashtag and, let’s say, you’re in Massachusetts and I’m, obviously, in Chicago.
And you’re saying, hey, I need someone that has this skill and I have a team or a project
and I need someone to come join it. And let’s say I’m following that hashtag.
What do you know, your hashtags there, I click on that link, it brings me to that, and I
have an application right on my phone that I can fill out within like 3-4 minutes. Companies can even use that, too.
They use hashtags in basically every post because that’s how they brand and that’s how
they get people’s attention. People on Twitter tend to follow what’s trending.
You know, Twitter’s platform, you can connect to HR professionals. You can connect to recruiters
that say, hey I have a tech position available. Next thing you know, hey, I have this opening
or this role for you. If you are A, B, and C, great, click here, apply, and it brings
you to an app that you’re filling out. So that’s a great way to use Twitter. Good. I think it’s also important, like we
recently wrote about, that the interview process is a 2-way street, right? Yeah. The candidate should be interviewing the company
as much as the company is interviewing the candidate. Mmm hmmm So, places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
or whatever platform that company happens to be posting a lot on, they’re a great way
to get an idea of what the company looks like. Especially the company culture. Yeah. And, you can tell how a company is by
the way they trend. What people post about them on Twitter or even on Instagram because
everyone posts about someone on social media. It’s so easy for people to go, What’s Walgreens
up to, ya know? And then find all the things that are trending about Walgreens. Or CDW,
or any Fortune 500 company. You can find out so many things about a company
just by their social media. Good, awesome.
So, in answer to the question… Yes, there are other social media sites that
can be used to help you find a job. Facebook recently added on the ability to
apply directly so that’s kind of in a similar bucket to LinkedIn.
But, any social media site that you’re on, be it Twitter, Instagram, or any others, can
be used to help benefit your job search. And, social media works wonders, depending
on how you use it. If you’re targeting the right company or the
right roles that you want. Just like we said, I mean, always update your
LinkedIn profile, attach your resume so your profile automatically gets sent to that employer.
And that’s how you can use social media platforms to apply for jobs. Awesome, Kate, thank you so much. Thanks.

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