April 2, 2020
How to use Shopping cart in Laravel 5.7 || E-commerce website in Laravel5.7

How to use Shopping cart in Laravel 5.7 || E-commerce website in Laravel5.7

okay guys in this video I will introduce
you new library for shopping cart which for in very good weeks our laravel
version 5.7 ok let me show you what I installed new laravel five point seven
point one five typically we use here this library every time in my series la
rush of five five okay so phone that is not working on five point seven it’s ok
with five point five and five and six but not four five and seven so second
one is this is so much similar with over this old library everything is okay just
installed it and let me show you how it’s working so for that first of all
let me create I already installed it so let me create a controller size my new
install the Donovan it will occur controller a control the name is over
control and go to your route here we will say route creative form I for
inserting a data here we will say function and we’ve done we would just we
will create a new small for this new blades by lightning okay so inside
resources view we will create here form palm Glade put PHP so first of all just
think we not putting any putting any SP ml so here I will say action so inside
the action we will say yes I can say add a DS of a function
okay after birth here in the metro okay my sweet boys and we are using post
method we’ll miss broken so let me input type X you see my top con is working
fine so here is open name and value will be its function it’s ten o’clock
so let me see go to here and put the ball okay it’s open okay
token is working make it hidden now here you will say mean post I something need
I be a product name price so for here’s its text you will say name it ID okay
value we will put here to that time just copied it
Oh pit it and paste one trying present name here you will say name empty and
your price and quantity at which countries you can use for now empty air
put here number yes fine and eyes also MC reflects the whole line and last not least is button input type here you will say submit yes and vibe
you also submit after that let me put a simple label or what is
called it it’s name of it it’s name is price and that’s fine
it’s your fault and input x button that’s fine now it will go to add so we
need a force to route for add add will be go to your cut controller so we will
say here car controller controller add the weight function image add that’s
fine open it our controller where is my car
controller is inside here is that controller I think is spelling is not
wrong so put here inside this create a
function call it art no add and request request here or return let me try name
let me my name try the Underdark want P to and here is our data now means
function is he you can read all things let me do what I
remember here is variable act and function is God what this is a function
inside this you need ID this is coming from it’s aunt named requires name rise request prizes for eyes I int 1 e 1 city
where yes 3 chords will evolve and quantity that’s okay
it’s its add we just equal MX e dun dun refresh and for any name any price any
quantity ID will be to submit ok use car air is name space or use it
mules refresh is done so how we can show that just great here function everything
is fine with our tutorial series la la la la paura shops 5 5 so you can use
this library it’s pretty much very very good and similar to our other than here
you will say return our our last library is using this
function but here use get content so if I click on the card it will go to route
so we will create here get route get out and God controller function is start so
it will get to car control and and return another list of arrays your car
so here is your daughter okay is already done with let me okay Oh mom
this one fresh one okay here you go shopping public rest
fine and my function is form if I go to card is card is empty
so now form and third price quantity for submit done now we can read that to our
car okay return view is fact okay as a cop is not fun okay it’s not found
because we are not creating hair form so new file is part load played your PHP
here just put dot a variable and here you will say this and after this you
will say return view your car named car and your arraign lesson of Eddie gotta
deal with his blonde to your card content save it reload
okay data variables not not not found let me get me the police mm okay here
should you need to change is to go to cut yeah okay please go to let me return
here yeah I am going to heat the but let me note here go to car
okay here is a card so anybody click on the card it will go to car to variable
is not a car to video but it’s gotta be able so refresh okay that’s fine oh go
through your phone again swamp add in you change ID name God’s name it’s not
good manners so don’t mean to want to be three submit cuz we are returning here we meet to
pass over that again with your collection of car data
so cock get on end that’s it
refresh ok here is the first rise everything you can see this quantity mmm
that’s fine if I gives you one more thing in the form you can add color and
size also pretty color let’s make it color a lot and text yes
make the text and it is a size midsize you will fill and it will go to here and
here you will create new Eric it’s called at reboot at leave use okay attributes I think I am NOT around in
spelling here we will say color and you will say reports hello okay and size you
will say so you can use anything like a description in for everything and here
is size save it go to your form yet you can say anything any price okay quantity
Creek and a color red gets read size XL submit and you can see its color red X
now need to update so for update there’s everything is simple go to form let me
which you need to suppose I need to change the color red and size red to
yellow and size XL to L so we remember just IDs – okay so not change ID
everything’s okay but you need to change just put here yellow and to share and
submit now color is yellow sizes so that’s it it’s pretty simple just follow
this tutorial let me show you it’s tutorial series very similar to
this library you can follow this tutorial and this is the library we can
use him latest laravel okay here is the yeah this one this is the playlist okay
you can use for shopping cut okay this latest video and this is the
library so ok see you in the next video thank you

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