April 4, 2020
How To Use Motion Graphics In Your YouTube Advertising 2020 | Flexxable

How To Use Motion Graphics In Your YouTube Advertising 2020 | Flexxable

– Hi everyone, how you going? Today I wanna talk to you about YouTube ads, the creative, i.e., the TrueView skippable videos that we’ve been talking
about over the last few weeks and how you can use graphic overlays to make those videos pop. If it was just me talking
here by myself the whole time, you might get a little bit bored so it’s always nice to
have some kinda call to actions and different bits and pieces that kinda brighten the video up a bit and make it a little bit more interesting. And there’s a few things that we’ve learnt running a lot of YouTube ads that work. And the first one is
bouncy arrows like this. And what these do is they
show people basically where to click and it’s a tactic that’s been
used for a very long time and it just flat out works, okay? So bouncy arrows are good. The next thing’s a countdown timer. If you have an offer
that requires scarcity or a countdown, then you
can do something like this which allows you to introduce
scarcity into your ads. The next thing, obviously is the click here type call to action. So telling people to click here like this will work pretty well too. And relevant B-roll footage. And B-roll footage is related to what you’re doing and it
might be some pre-shot stuff that you’ve done in the past or it could be some stock videos or whatever that’s related to your offer. And what else have we got? Consistent brand colors. That always helps because
if there’s a disconnect between your ad, your video ad and your landing page where
you’re sending the traffic, then people aren’t gonna convert. So having it all consistent
makes people feel safe and it’s smart to do that. And the last thing is
obviously have your logo on the video as well because there’ll be
consistency between the ad and the landing page where
you’re sending the traffic. Okay, so pretty simple video today but it will give you an idea of what you can do to make your videos pop if you’re running a lot of pre-roll stuff. I will have a list below of where you can find all of this stuff. We’ll give you a little
resource guide, I guess, below the video which will tell you where to get all these things. Motion Array, Adobe Premiere,
Stock Footage, et cetera. That’s about it, guys. If you wanna know more about YouTube ads and building a pay-per-lead agency, then there should be a call
to action button right here that you can click or
below this video somewhere and you’ll be able to watch it and learn how we build
a pay-per-lead agency. Enjoy.

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