April 9, 2020
How To Use Instagram To Grow Your E Commerce Business (With Zero Budget)

How To Use Instagram To Grow Your E Commerce Business (With Zero Budget)

how to use Instagram to grow your
ecommerce business with zero budget ins tag Ram has over 800 million monthly
active users and the platform is a great marketing tool if utilized effectively
even though it has seen massive growth it’s still fairly easy to increase your
followers and reach your target market organically on the visual based social
media platform let’s take a look at ways you can use Instagram to build your
brand and grow your following without spending any money on advertising make
sure every post exudes your brand image Instagram is all about the aesthetic the
images should be impeccable it should defeat so it’s important to take time to
plan out what your feed strategy will be and then published photos accordingly
for example many companies will alternate images from a product shot to
a lifestyle shot or will pick one filter that they use across the board whatever
your artistic vision it’s important to stick to it religiously so urines tack
ram feed tells a compelling story and conveys the lifestyle of your target
customer as a women’s apparel company for us it’s about showing real women in
our styles at first we focus on polished controlled images with hand selected
models and while aspirational is still a strong tactic for Instagram
user-generated content is just as important if not more says Kristen
Solano founder and CTO Jacobsen followed rule of third in order to convey a
balanced message to your followers and not to be overly promotional it’s
important to pay attention to the rule of thirds which includes promotional
posts this includes product posts for anything that is company related
conversational posts this includes posts that encourage your audience to engage
in a conversation it can be anything from asking your followers a question to
giveaways and contests sharing posts this includes sharing industry news or
cross-promoting with bloggers your audience or other companies as a small
business Thunder I had to figure out fast what worked most effectively the
two most effective hacks that worked too quickly rode my following and build
awareness was to cross collaborate with influencers in a similar space and load
up on giveaways shares Jen a doughnut II co-founder of organic bath company and
organic skin for company finding the right balance is key to increasing your
engagement and your following tag products to make them shoppable tapping
products is critical because it allows you to have a clear call to action and
simplify the purchase process for the customer since tangram now allows
business accounts in select countries to tan products in their post just what you
can’t tag people the set off process is fairly simple and you can transform
their social channel to a sales channel with a few clicks of a button these
simple steps will get you started set up a shop section on your business
Facebook page that is connected to Instagram and add your products to it
tip I would recommend selecting the options that allows the customer to
check out on your own website rather than on Facebook this way
your inventory management system is always up to date also this is not
something you can’t currently change within Facebook settings if you change
your mind so it’s important to set it up correctly from the beginning wait until
you get a notification on urines background account that you can start
tagging products which can take up to a few days when posting an image select
the tag the product option and you should see a list populated in all the
products you uploaded on your facebook shop curat hash tags and save time hash
tags are very powerful on this platform because they allow your content to
appear in search results and attract new customers do some patch tag research in
advance and save yourself time on a daily basis I simply have a note saved
in my phone with three different lists of
tags one for each of the most common types of images that my company posts
for example we most frequently host product shots quotes and lifestyle
images so I have a list of relevant hash tags for each of those categories and of
course we have a few applicable hash tags to each post at the time of posting
as well periodically we go through and update a hash tag list since trending
hash tags can change quickly be sure not to overuse hash tags and only use
relevant one always keeping the user experience top of mind using Instagram
to find your audience take some pipiens but can pay off we
search hashtags relevant to sustainable fashion and recycled clothing to connect
with users who have similar interests and may be interested in our mission
says list Punk co-founder of M we evolve an online store and subscription box
service for recycled clothes it’s very time intensive but it’s also really
gratifying to make ins tangram friends who often convert into a customer’s use
apps to create the perfect and it’s tag Ram feed using third-party apps can help
you manage your time since growing and maintaining the popular Instagram
account can be quite time-consuming social media letters like plain ol e and
later allow you to arrange the look of your Instagram feed using updraft and
drop feature which is very useful in creating a visually appealing layouts
writer to posting and tag ram has rules about using third-party apps so it’s
important to familiarize yourself with the rule and only use apps in a way that
complies with instagrams Terms & Conditions pay attention to analytics a
simple review of your analytics with Intimus diagram gives you useful
information that you can use to increase engagement under the audience tab you
can feat when your followers are on Grahame down to each hour and then plan
your future posts at peak times to get the most mileage out of them also paying
attention to which photos get the most flex give you insights into what your
audience refers you can use this information to post more of what they
want and increase engagement that way engagement is the key when my company
was first starting to grow our integrand account we spent a year at commenting
liking and following posts and accounts of our target audience this led to
organic growth of almost twenty thousand followers in a 12-month period
commenting on other people’s posts especially those of your target
customers often leads to them visiting your page likes are a dime but doesn’t
but engaging in the more meaningful way gets attention if you engage with your
target clientele they will often check out your page reciprocate likes or even
start following you purchasing like for followers is not in
your best interest while it may seem like a quick fix to get your metrics up
in the long run you could be doing more damage than good
while Instagram denounces algorithm changes they don’t reveal their criteria
for suppressing or deleting accounts it’s safe to assume that accounts with
high numbers of followers and low engagement would be an obvious red flag
and could have negative impacts within tangrams priority being an excellent
user experience fake accounts or accounts that have purchased like our
followers are likely to be shadow band meaning photos or accounts are

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